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  1. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! it's the 2006 black painted brake calipers all over again.....now it's a tune that did or did not happen.......
  2. It was a good race. Blew away the previous record for the number of laps/miles. Only 4 yellows in 24 hours and none of them were for major incidents. My feet still hurt from being on pit lane for so long, but it was fun as always. Also had to help move the GT from victory circle out back on the track for a Ford photo shoot. That was fun!
  3. On top of that, this car had lots of rental abuse. Left front wheel was curb rashed bad, sticker on the left fender was missing a part of the stripe and the other was peeling, the carbon sail panel on the left skirt was broken off an missing. So on top of paying way too much, could have got a lower mile better car right down the street at the Hertz lot. Yep, that was an uninformed buyer. I would have been a buyer on this car at around 30-35K. I'll wait for a better one down the road.
  4. I spoke to quite a few of the workers there for Barrett. Most do not get paid. All the car attendants and bidder assistants in the crowd are there on their own dime. Most of the drivers are local guys who have been doing it for years and just enjoy being there with the cars and people. BJ itself employs about 60 people full time. There are part time people of course during the events. That is a huge amount of work by few people to arrange the auctions all year long. There are LOTS of volunteers behind the scenes. Had a pretty good behind the scenes tour this year for the Team Shelby group.
  5. Yes, there is a HUGE amount of work to go on the site. This is just a temporary state to get the base software to a more modern version which is supported. There are many changes to come. There is some very cool content planned.
  6. Since I wasn't down there for the Roar, I haven't had a chance to talk to my buddies about what is all going on with the different manufacturers. There are quite a few others getting into the GT4 game that I would expect to see later this year and then next year. Jaguar just announced a GT4 F type program in Europe today.
  7. I don't know, but I would guess that there is no collaboration with Revology on this project. Revology is working under the new small manufacturing rules that went into effect last year. They are using all new components with Dynacorn bodies and mondern fully emissions compliant drive trains as is required under the small manufacturer rules. These are titled as new cars. The KR's being put together by SA are not in that class. They are rebuilding original '68 Mustangs keeping original VIN's, so basically you are having your car modified into a KR, therefore, not being considered a newly manufactured automobile. This allows the use of similar to original carbureted engines. Again, I may not be correct, but that is how I'm seeing it.
  8. Awesome. I'll be doing Barrett Wednesday through Sunday, go home for a few days of work and be down in Daytona Thursday night to work the Conti race and then the 24. I usually go to Daytona on Monday to work tech and all the practices/qualifying, but have management meetings at work Monday - Thursday dang it!! Oh well, they need the most help for pit lane duties during 24 hours of racing, so getting bye with just working the races this year. At least I get to go!
  9. For the Round-up, the autocross is sold out, but you can register for the show at any time before June 1st at rockymountainmustangroundup.com. Bandimere is just a pay on the day deal.
  10. Sure would like to see these beasts at the Fun Ford Day at Bandimere on June 10th and the Rocky Mountain Mustang Round-up in Steamboat on June 15-16!
  11. Looking forward to next week! Going to be a blast!
  12. We had a little over 500 cars at Saturday morning cars and coffee in Lafayette, CO. It was around 28 degrees at the start. I was shocked how many came out. Pantera's, Lamborghini's and all the regulars.
  13. Yep, I'll be in Daytona for the Conti race and the 24. Looks to be a great time and the cars are looking good!
  14. All, try to be patient. There will be many changes coming to the site. This was just the first step needed to get on a new back bone structure for the forums. It was built on older, unsupported hardware and software. So what you see right now is not the end state.
  15. On the GT-H, I would say no. The tri-bar emblem and bar grill is a really cool throw back to the '66. I think that is a part of what makes it so special.
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