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  1. I am selling my one owner 2008 KR #484, silver with blue stripes. Less than 4,000 miles. In perfect condition except for very minor ding to left front fender that I caused when I bumped another car moving in the garage. Does not even show on pictures, paint intact. $50,000. Located in Shreveport, LA contact for more pictures. Alan Sorkey asorkey@hotmail.com 318-207-6655 cell
  2. Did you find a car? I am interested in selling my 2008 KR, #484. Less than 4,000 miles, silver with blue stripes, $50,000. Located in Shreveport, LA asorkey@hotmail.com
  3. My silver 2008 KR is still for sale. 3000 miles, show room new. $6000 in spares (set of 4 wheels/tires, stripes, front spoiler...) for $56,000. Located in Shreveport, LA. Alan Sorkey asorkey@hotmail.com
  4. 2008 SHELBY GT500KR Shelby CSM Number 08KR0484 Single owner since new. 3000 miles. Silver with blue stripes. Approximately $6000 in upgrades and spare parts included. Installed: Center gauge pod and sequential tail lights Included but not yet installed: 1. Undersize supercharger pulley kit 2. Rear muffler deletes 3. 2010 GT500 steering wheel with improved sound system controls 4. Upgraded stereo/NAV system, direct replacement 5. Shelby Cover 6. Shelby Wall Plaque with serial number 7. Spare carbon fiber front spoiler 8. Spare floor mats 9. Spare stripes 10. Spare set of 4 factory tires mounted on factory KR wheels Located in Shreveport, LA Alan Sorkey asorkey@hotmail.com $54,500
  5. Any USAA members, they offer an extended warranty plan that does cover the KR. Very limited coverage but something is better than nothing. Alan Sorkey Shreveport, LA 2008 KR 0484
  6. Robert, I see the jackets are back in the new catalog. I am in no hurry to order, will any future Team Shelby discounts apply to these jackets? Alan Sorkey
  7. I find this issue very annoying. Who designs a unit with a "Phone" button on the front and then makes that button not function? The sad thing is that the NAV head is made by Pioneer for Ford and they offer a fix to add Bluetooth to the unit (and have the phone button actually work) but Pioneer will not sell the part to the public since the NAV head is "OEM" for Ford. I've complainted to customer service at Ford and they are "very concerned" but plan to do nothing about this issue. Here is my solution, upgrade to the Pioneer avic-z110bt. Has all the lastest technology. You can add either XM or Sirius Radio and HD radio. To make this work like it should, you will need to upgrade the steering wheel to the 2010 GT500 unit, which is a direct replacement for about $300 and has many more control buttons right on the spokes of the wheel. You will have to do some wiring to make everything work but there are kits for about $75 that make it easy. Very annoying that either Ford or Shelby does not offer this obvious upgrade as a kit, that would be "customer service". This is my only complaint with the KR design. Here is a link to the 2010 steering wheel: http://www.partscheap.com/2010_GT500_Mustang_Steering_Whee_p/AR3Z-3600-AA.htm Alan Sorkey Shreveport, LA
  8. Robert, I would like a jacket, if it takes several months to get it and it is of good guality, so be it. Alan 2008 GT500KR
  9. I did email him but he never answered, hoping to get his attention this way! Thanks
  10. Robert, What happened to the 2008 40th Aniversary GT500KR jackets? Alan Sorkey
  11. I had emailed Robert already, he made sure the problem was resolved and my oil manifold is on it's way to me now. Now I can have the pod installed before the Tulsa Shelby Meet in June! I'm sure it was just a problem with the change of ownership of the store. I'm a happy Shelby owner/fan once more.
  12. I ordered the needed oil manifold in order to install my center gauge pod for my KR (a part which should have been included with the "kit") almost a month ago and have never rec'd it. I have faxed and emailed the store and have never gotten a response. Is anyone at Shelby listening? Alan Sorkey Shreveport, LA 2008 KR 0484
  13. I was just told by Ford ESP that they no longer offer ESP coverage for the KR model.
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