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  1. I have a set of used rear Shelby fiberglass rear brake ducts that were on my Shelby GT/SC at one time. Car is gone and I know these are rare so if anyone is interested they are for sale. Price is $400 shipping not included. They are light so shipping will be minimal. I would provide the box, packing etc. If anyone wants pictures email me at usndvr79@mac.com. Please DO NOT MESSAGE ME HERE, I do not get notifications and rarely check here. You can also call or text me at 305 896 3243.
  2. For sale or trade for preferably pre 1992 diesel truck (4 door) or van. No junk. Second your trade could be a full sized gas truck (4 door) or Van pre 1992 in good shape. I am looking for 29,500 for my shelby. It is the first documented Shelby GT/SC Paxton, (have shelby documentation). 34,000 miles. Original owner. I have kids I didn't have when I bought the car and need something more practical for camping, kids etc... Car is in great shape, only issue is the hood pins have a little paint bubbling around them. Other than that it runs great and super fast. I now live in the Florida Keys. So send me your best offer or trade. Please contact me at usndvr79@mac.com or text me at 305 896 3243 if you are serious. No tire kickers or dreamers please. I can send pics. Also available are numerous take off parts, NOS Shelby Shifter, CRC Shelby radiator, brake discs from shelby, clutch, flywheel and much more from shelby , bought when I picked up the car in Vegas. I have many other parts as well. Have many pics to serious buyer traders. If you Have a trade send me pics and info on it and I will respond with same.
  3. Just wondering if anyone here has any info on what Shlby GT/SC's have sold for in the past 2 years or so. I am trying to sell mine and as most of you know they aren't any price guides for this car. Any help would be appreciated. BTW My car is for sale #198 GT/SC (1st documented shelby gt with any supercharger) Paxton, 36000 miles. No issues. runs like new. Hell it almost is new milage wise. 305 896 3243, please no tire kickers just serious buyers. usndvr79@mac.com Thanks
  4. I haven't tried hard to sell it but it is still for sale. Bump
  5. Sure plenty of pics send me an email address and I will send out some
  6. For sale here is the first 2007 Shelby GT/SC sold to the public. I have documentation letter from Shelby stating such. I am the original owner who ordered the car. Just a few of the other things this Shelby has is the following: Paxton Supercharger Shelby Razor wheels Brand new tires Upgraded Shelby Bear brakes all 4 wheels Rare 4 wheel Shelby Brake ducts Upgraded mufflers by Magna Flow Rear window aluminum covers Discontinued Shelby Grill with shelby letters Shelby aluminum Monte Carlo Bar Aluminum Shelby engine cap dress up kit Interior dress up parts, various Beautiful custom wood wheel steering wheel Shelby Gauge package Line lock This vehicle originally cost more than 60K Mileage 34k + Car looks and functions beautifully Never wrecked or involved in an accident Garaged it's entire life Willing to do a partial trade for an clean pre 1986 model diesel Mercedes Wagon or a 1990 diesel crew cab pu truck. No junk or projects Car # is 198 This is a once in a lifetime chance to own a Historical Shelby that was the first off the assembly line. Price $ 30,999 I have all original take off parts, wheels, tires etc that will be available separately. Also have other NOS parts available, Shelby 5 speed shifter, Shelby Radiator (all aluminum with Shelby lettering) usndvr79@mac.com email me for phone number or other information. you can look at photos here under CSM198 or email me
  7. Traction was always the issue for me . even with MT cheater slicks I spun wheels in the first 3 gears if I did not feather it.
  8. New in Box, 4.6 parts Shelby Extreme Duty Heat Exchanger $700 4.6 Shelby Shifter $ 100 2007-2009 Shelby Exterior Quarter Window Cover $70 Unopened boxes never got around to install. Oh yeah, 2007 Shelby GT/SC Paxton. Number 1 documented . $35k over $65K invested, low miles, very fast. Plus shipping 305-896-3243
  9. I just have to say this. Almost no one knows about or cares about a Shelby GT/SC unless you are an owner of a Shelby GT or a few others. Everyone thinks in terms of GT500. It just fact. That being said, we get treated like a red headed step child. Even though our cars were like the 1965 to 1967 Shelbys (built at Shelby) as opposed to a car bulit at for under license from the old man. I too have in the past considered selling. But gave it up when I came to the realization that there were just too few buyers of our cars. I was just not willing to let go of a real special car and then regret it after the fact. Way , wayy down the line maybe they will become more rare than they already are, and if there is any fuel left maybe then we may have something others will appreciate. The fact is, as owners of this bad ass car, we know how special our cars are and we need to drive them, just like the old man said. So keep the thing and drive it like you stole it. I am sure your kids love it as much as mine do my car. My 2 year olds call it Papa's race car. lol It gets me every time.
  10. I am still here. Moved from Cali to the Sunshine state down in Key Largo. No place to go fast here at all. Too many cops and other cars. But I have about 20 something thousand on mine. I take it pretty easy on her. I am interested in knowing more about that fuel rail issue if anyone can clue me in. I did not drive the car in the rain the entire time in California but I have gotten caught in the rain down here many times. Oh well, it's just a car I guess. Drive safe out there and keep it in between the ditches.
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