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    Anything automotive. Chief Engineer of the company that invented tilt adjustable and energy absorbing steering columns. Mustang & Shelby enthusiast. Currently own 3 Shelby Mustangs; 2 x 1968 GT350 plus 1 x 1966 GT350. Formerly owned Fords: 1968 GT500 Convertible. 1966 Mustang Sprint 200. 1978 Mustang - ASC Prototype. 1982 EXP. Addicted to Engineering; Past, Present, and Future. Special interest in vehicle crashworthiness and occupant safety. Also collect / repair clocks, watches, and antique telephones.
  1. Found this Shelby Dodge CSX Convertible Prototype listed on Craigslist Detroit. I have no association with the person posting it for sale. I thought it might me of interest to the forum. http://detroit.craigslist.org/mcb/cto/4624633010.html
  2. If you are refering to the park lock over ride cover .... the silver oval shaped cover, it is availible from your Ford dealer as a separate service part. When I bought #397 is was missing this cover. I bought one from my local Ford dealer parts department. I rember being "impressed" as to how much it cost. I think it was around $7.
  3. I appreciate the education regarding the difference between the GT-H and the deep draw hood; Thank you. I called Shelby Performance Parts as suggested. Regretfully, I was told that they do not sell the windshield wiper nozzles and no one there knows where I can purchase a set. No further assistance was offered. If you have any other thoughts on who to contact, I would appreciate it. Thank you. Rick
  4. I am looking to purchase replacement windshield washer nozzles (squirter heads mounted to the hood). I took my 2007 GT-H to the shop to have the hood repainted. When they were removing the windshield washer nozzles, the guys in the shop damaged them. We ordered Ford replacements, but it appears that the Shelby deep draw hood uses a different nozzle (not common with the Mustang or non GT-H Shelby GT) that the Ford dealer is not able to identify. If someone can identify the nozzle used on the GT-H or a supplier for these nozzles, I would appreciate it. Thanks! Rick
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