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  1. How difficult is it for you to sneak back and fourth across the Border? Do you have Tunnel?
  2. OK I will do that, thanks. When I talked with the guy their, he was really nice.
  3. The Local Track, is it "The FIRM" https://gorally.com/ ? I have talked with them about possibly doing a 3 or 4 Day Track Event.
  4. I know ONE person that is...…...Capitan Fantastic himself...…
  5. I would paint them on. You can clear Coat the Body Panels that the Stripes are on or, if you prefer, use Single Stage Paint and don't Clear Coat and they will feel like the Vinyl Stripes but not Fade or Crack with age.
  6. I would.........BUT change all the Blue, Inside and out to Lime Green and I just might switch from Ford to Chevy.....................
  7. I'm organizing the Re-Run Rally, right now, I have it where I accept Cash, Personal Checks and Postal Money Orders. I am thinking about using PayPal and Cash as the only way to pay OR maybe just Cash since they have to send in Forms, they can fold the Cash in with the Forms and Over Night it to me. Any suggestions? Each Car will have it's own Timer. It shows Hours, Minutes and Seconds. They have a way for me to mount them to a Board and each one will be Numbered. The Car pulls up to the Starting Grid, the Co-Driver gets out, comes over to the Table and witnesses the Start of their Timer then gets back in the Car and they leave.
  8. OK, tell the Truth, someone else took the Photos and THIS is really you...…………………..
  9. SHHHHHH, I just ordered the Adaptors to install them on my Transit Connect...……………...
  10. You can't make this stuff up...…… https://www.yahoo.com/autos/yikes-someone-stole-wheels-off-155100898.html
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