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  1. Isn't 2021 supposed to be a new Body Style?
  2. Yeah, it is probably just as safe at Work now since 80% of the people are working at home and the Cleaning Crew keeps everything wiped down and we have boxes of Gloves and Sani-Wipes and Hand Sanitizers all over the place.
  3. Nope, at Work until 5;00pm, Saturday doing chores around the house, spending Sunday with my Dad and then back to Work on Monday...…...no rest for the Wicked.
  4. I believe I got an Email saying it was Canceled. Just like ALL the other Car Shows and Cruise In's.
  5. Morning Jimmer...…….. How's it going down there?
  6. Cool Idea...... I will see what I can find.
  7. This may not sound like much but, I got this idea from our Local Elementary Teachers from a couple of Schools here. Once a Week, they do a Vehicle Parade thru the Neighborhoods of their Students. Waving, Cheering, Honking Horns, just having a blast showing the Students that they care. I am looking into gathering up all the Cool Cars that show up to our Cruise In's and doing the same thing. Doing Driving Parades thru Neighborhoods that have lots of Kids, to brighten their Day.
  8. OK, so, you're saying there is a chance you will sell it to me at $45,652.27......OK, good to know.
  9. Since the 2021 Order Bank opens in May, that means yours will be obsolete very soon so, I will give you $49,102.38 for yours...…..after all, I have to factor in Depreciation for being a USED and ABUSED Car. Let me know by 12:22pm today (EST) or I will drop my Offer to $45,652.27.
  10. Doing GREAT. I love being back in a Mustang. All the Factory Stripes have been removed.
  11. https://www.yahoo.com/autos/c8-mid-engine-corvette-reportedly-132100199.html
  12. If not, he soon will be ...…………..
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