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  1. I can edit the Post, I just couldn't see where I could delete the Video. When Keith commented on it I looked for a ay to Delete it but couldn't find one.
  2. I really like the Lime Green Cobra. I would have left off the Fender Stripes though. I like the Falcon as well, I thought Ford would have crushed it. Was it privately owned or Ford Display?
  3. Try placing Heavy Duty 3M Double Sided Molding Tape under it, line it up and press it down. Use the Gray Tape.
  4. I like how he didn't swallow and every couple seconds there's a puff of the powder................ And that look on his face.....
  5. OK, sorry about it. I did look for a way to delete the Video but couldn't. Is there a way to add the feature for us to be able to delete our Videos?
  6. If Ford wont do a T-Top Mustang, they should do a Targa........
  7. Yeah, if they want to delete it they can, it's just so funny.
  8. The moment you realize you made a very BAD choice.....................
  9. They showed that Blue one from the Front yesterday and it does look like the Renderings. Not bad but I prefer Mustangs.
  10. Yeah, when I saw it, it was about being high up on a Ladder and it moved a bit so I saved it and changed it................................ I like my version better..............
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