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  1. Yeah, that thing would look killer with Snow Tires and a Plow on the Front...…………………………..
  2. That looks a LOT better except for the all Black Wheels. The Scoop Trim, Mirrors, Rear Spoiler and Side Skirts all look a lot better same color. The Calipers should also be red. The Wheels should have machined edges.
  3. OR, it wasn't meant to be and you were given a "NEW" Plan and just don't know it yet...……….
  4. "An adjustable suspension with a GPS-linked memory to recognize and raise the car’s nose when the Stingray approaches steep driveways, familiar speed bumps, potholes, etc. The memory can remember up to 1,000 places and raise the nose 1.6 inches in 2.4 seconds at up to 24 mph." Now that's pretty cool.
  5. I must say, I like it. It has the Corvette Lines and I like the Targa Top. Starting at under $60K is nice but I will bet you will be hard pressed to find one even close to that. I tried to stay up to watch it but I couldn't take it any more, I hate those Two Hours of talking to everyone for a 5 Minute Reveal.
  6. Here ya go Keith ……………….. Do you remember the "Players Challenge Series" ? I remember there was something very similar to that here where it was the 77-81 Camaro's and Firebird's in a Trans Am style Racing. 1989 1LE R7U Players Challenge Series Trans Am Is A Rare Bird Kevin Barr, motorious This low-mileage Pontiac is a rare and Canadian-only model. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, there were Canadian motorsports events known as the known as Player's Challenge Series, which was usually broadcast during a Canadian television program known as GM Motorsports Hour. The series consisted of 3rd-generation Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird Trans Am models that General Motors themselves prepared for the competition. Luckily for fans of the Player's Challenge Series, they were able to add the 1LE R7U option code to their Camaro or Trans Am. This package included various components from the racecars, such as a specially-prepared 305 cu.-in. V8 engine, 4-wheel disc brakes from a Corvette, improved power steering and suspension, a mandatory 5-speed manual gearbox, and more. With that being said, this 1989 Pontiac 1LE R7U Firebird Trans Am Players Challenge Series is one of the rarest examples of the Player’s Challenge Series third-gen models. This beautiful Pontiac is available in Gloucester, Ontario, Canada. This example has just 16,921 kilometers, which translates to approximately 10,500 miles. As mentioned before, it features a factory-modified 5.0-liter V8 engine, which pairs to a Borg-Warner 5-speed manual transmission to drive the rear wheels. The rear end on these cars is also an upgraded unit, with this Trans Am featuring a 3.45 ratio limited-slip differential out back. Additionally, the cabin on this car is very clean, featuring a light gray interior in practically flawless condition. There are some minor comforts, such as power locks and windows, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and a factory AM/FM radio, but this car mostly focuses on performance. Last but not least, this extremely clean Pontiac Firebird Trans Am is a Canadian-only model, making it an extremely interesting addition to any collection. Additionally, according to the Greater Toronto Collector Car Museum, there were only 497 total cars with the R7U option code, and only 109 of them were Trans Am models. This unique 3rd-gen Firebird is a conversation starter, and also a great addition to any collection.
  7. It's now Thursday SOOOOOOOOOOOOO I'm over it...………………….
  8. SO, they just showed them the same Video that EVERYONE else has already seen? WOW. I would have thought they would have gotten to see it uncovered. The Reveal is tonight, how soon before the Dealerships get them in?
  9. THIS IS SOOO UGLY............. https://www.hotrod.com/articles/mid-engine-chevrolet-corvette-prototypes-review/?sm_id=organic_fb_social_HRN_190717_sf215907942&sf215907942=1&fbclid=IwAR22uAE9dMwF9o860D57QBamx9ehJr-gelu9dc0JdX6qgiKzuiMidgOKPdY
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