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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUSTANG. I hope everyone at the 55th is having a great time. Be safe and take lots of Pics to post here.
  2. Unless Jack was his Nickname and that's what every one called him...………………...
  3. BUT, since it is no longer owned by the Shelby Family OR SAI, then the new owners COULD, if the wanted to, Restore the Cobra back to "AS NEW", to the original Color, RIGHT?
  4. Looks like they drove to Florida and the Spoiler just melted. It was 90 here yesterday afternoon...……………..
  5. For some reason, as soon as I saw that top photo, I thought "1st Gen Acura NSX"...……..
  6. Since the Car has been repainted sometime in its life, check the Paint Code to make sure that Acapulco Blue is in deed the factory color. (Fender Bolts are painted).
  7. That Dog has the look of: "What the hell you FORCING me to do NOW?"
  8. I know the CSX 2000 was painted different colors when it was first built so the Media would think there were more then one built at that time. Is there a list of those colors and in the order they were painted? What was the original color before it got its first repaint? IF this Cobra even gets restored, should it stay Blue or should it go back to the original color?
  9. That hasn't stopped them before. Dealers were selling rights to the Raptor well before the order Banks opened and not sure if they would get any, same with the 05-06 GT.
  10. I am surprised that I have yet to see a Dealership posting on Ebay trying to Pre-Sale one of their allotted Shelby GT 500's like they usually do where people bid the ADM part.
  11. Because it's a Square Hole (Rectangle)? …………….
  12. Why Cops ask for your Drivers License instead of your Name..........................
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