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  1. usually they trace all grounds first if they are getting an error code related to the ECM. Be patient as there is tracing of wires and then testing trying to rule out all possibilities. When ECM's go bad it is usually a bad "bus" within the ECM. Again, hope it something simple for you and they get an answer for you soon.
  2. sounds like a bad ECM...Ford had a 3rd party supplier for these back during the poor economy when it was save at all costs...they have since changed suppliers. If this is the problem, should be covered under warranty as part of the Emissions Control by Ford, however last I checked they had a backlog of 2-3 months. Hopefully, it is not the ECM and something simple like a bad ground or something. Best of luck...Craig
  3. response sent via FB and email....Craig
  4. ok, move completed and went from 6 car garage to no car garage.....ouch! PRICE REDUCED.....BUY THIS CAR NOW FOR $29,800.00!!!!
  5. not yet Dave. Several very interested but problem comes in if they need financing as finance companies know nothing about the GT/SC amd will only loan based on an 07 GT premium. Meaning buyer needs some cash to go with it. Hope you and family are doing well. Take care.
  6. sorry for the delay, in the middle of a move and it is now packed up...maybe later or Ebay...
  7. Cleaning out and ran across this book, signed by CS and the author. I was thinking about listing it up on EvilBay but wanted to give TS members first chance. PM me if interested. If no interest at a fair price I guess I'll go EvilBay. Book is in mint condition......
  8. probably not Carl. I am moving at the end of this month so my hands are full right now. I will give you a call.
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