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  1. What a fantastic event. It was great seeing friends and great cars. What a interesting speech by Peter Brock. Excellent job Jim!
  2. Hello from your BBQ team! We had a great time at the event. I am looking for suggestions on what you liked, what we could have done better and any other ideas you might like to add. See y'all next year! Russ, Mari, Paul, Shelia and of course the blended " P.T. Cruiser" man Phil!!
  3. 07SGT0470 has CS0092 installed at SAI.
  4. Thanks Jim, I wish I could have joined you guys. It looked awesome!
  5. Very cool, thanks! Russ
  6. You bet!!! People would be missing out not to enjoy the thrill that is SHELBY! Russ
  7. 07SGT0470 Paxton supercharger done at Shelby Las Vegas.
  8. Mine went from $345.00 to $600.00 for a 2007 shelby gt/sc valued at $60,000.
  9. Great job of photo journalism Jim. It was a fun event! It didn't rain until about an hour after everyone left. -Russ
  10. Come on folks, Jim and TSPR as put a bunch of work into this. If you can make it, please sign up or it is going to be cancelled. It will be a great time and it is the best time up here. The crowds are gone and the weather is still great. Russ
  11. Just ordered mine 2 weeks ago. Still available then.. Russ
  12. I'll be there. Gonna give the car show a try and if I can find a helmet big enough to fit my buddy (7 1/2) I will see if I can sign up for the track time. See ya'll there Russ
  13. Can't wait for the event. I will be hard at work at the BBQ preparing lunch for the folks who join us. It is going to be a great event. See ya there! Russ
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