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  1. I was not talking about Nitrous Oxide. I was speaking about the above mentioned Nitro Methane. Not Nitrous Oxide.
  2. Falken FK452's are great if you're looking to save money. They aren't top of the line, but you get what you pay for. And for 125-145 each they're great if your doing a lot of driving and just need some sort of all purpose tire.
  3. if anyone is looking for one of these, American Muscle has them for a very reasonable sale price right now. The neat part of this device is it will also measure 2 analog inputs, like EGT, Wide Band AIR/FUEL etc. Those sensors of course cost extra money. It's worth a look if you are looking for a decent data monitor and don't want to spend upwards of $600.00 on an SCT Livewire Device. I probably wouldn't have bought the Livewire if i had known this was going to be available for $180.00. http://www.sctflash.com/DS.php -Matt
  4. im in need of a new battery. My car has been sitting un driven for 5 months and now my battery will not hold charge. Ive got some refund credit from JEGS and they offer both of these brands. Ive got a 2 farad capacitor helping out the amps but id rather error on the safe side and go with a performance battery. If theres another brand out there, im open for advice/feedback as well.
  5. i enjoy the look of my billet grille, hood pins, support rods and "SHELBY" lettering. It all kind of fits together. but if i had a black SGT i might try to black everything out instead.
  6. my friend installed my JBA shorties in 3 hours with no problems. He told me he didnt have to lift the motor at all and everything was easy peasy.
  7. i went for titanium ceramic JBAs. I picked them up because my friend gave them to me for cheap. I also use a header wrap because my headers looked frosted after a year. I don't know that shorties really make a difference but i could be wrong. http://www.heatshieldproducts.com/header_wrap.php
  8. I do live in CA and have never been given a Fix-It Ticket in the past. No officer of the law has even mentioned it. ill try the alternative location and if that doesnt work, i guess ill have to drill into my bumper. I bought this car brand new, two years ago, in California and it had no holes drilled. Hell, the thing is even made for California, if im not mistaken, the center cluster of gauges was only put on the California edition right? Thanks for the advice. The splitter protrudes 2" and down there, that plate would be REALLY low to the ground so i dont think that would work either I may end up trying to find some sort of aluminum bracket at Home Depot and bend it to fit in the lower grille area to the side of the support rods. Or...just drill. -Matt
  9. i used to have an earlier model of the AVH DVD head unit; if i recal, it was the AVH2000DVD. I was told that it was FAR from flawless when in conjunction with the Shaker systems. I had no desire to keep the shaker subs and amps in my car so it wasnt an issue for me. Im not sure if Pioneer has worked these issues out with the newer models, nor do i know exactly what they are, but in the past they never worked right. If you remove the Shaker enclosure, the amps are right behind it, and mounted to the side of the trunk above the pasenger rear wheel well. Does your head unit shut down too? Or just the sound? Do the lights and accessories go weak or dim? If you have a capacitor around, try hooking one into the system and see what happens. A 1-Farad should be plenty to tell you if its a power problem. I dont know what else could cause that unless the amps are just getting driven too hard and shutting down. Perhaps there's a damaged but not blown fuse in the amps.
  10. flow matched 63's with 1% tolerance, i don't see anything wrong with that. 500+ hp on paxton 39lb injectors is pretty impressive. For some reason i thought you already had 60s. The guys at AED really recommended different injectors to me when i was looking into the Paxton Tuner Kits. Flow Matched 42 the novi1200 and flow matched 60 for the novi2200. Another thing highly suggested is a set of dual GT40 fuel pumps. I dont know what pumps your using at the moment. No doubt in my mind that all your smaller mods and the cams are helping a lot. Your Novi numbers are out of this world.
  11. My front plate has been in my window for 2 years now with no problems, but today my father took my car out for a spin and got a ticket for it. I've decided to fix this and really dont feel like drilling holes. i dont think i can use Craigs Custom Bracket and youll see why in the following picture. does anyone have the dimensions of Craigs bracket handy? I think my support rods may be in a really bad place.
  12. im waiting for someone to give a good review on the Agent 47 kit before i pull the trigger. I'd like to know if it's a good fitting high quality piece.
  13. -N/A with Mac Prochamber and Mac Longtubes. Imagine how yours would sound with the Paxton + Cams http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aH7SFbKjNw another option is just order some SLP Loudmouths and run the stock X Pipe. They are LOUD.
  14. Seeing the picture of your MMR install before you had attached the trunk entry gave me an epic idea. I think it may have sparked my next project. i think i can use the MMR piece as a base for the cab side of the outrageously priced Raceskinz piece and for a LOT less then 3500.00 dollars. -level out the front edge, find some thicker carpet, hood pins and a piece of aluminium to cover the top of the trunk entry...voila 3500.00 dollar rear seat delete for under 400.00 i can't use the spare tire part of the Raceskins piece anyways, I've got a W7 flush-mounted in my spare tire well, and id rather not add the weight of a full size spare in my trunk anyways. I've still got to wait until I can get rid of a childseat, so it's simply a pipe dream for now.
  15. i had to uninstall the Shrader kit pictured below. The Recaro Racing Childseat wouldnt work with it once he's old enough or i have another car, i want to buythe Agent 47 kit.
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