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  1. have a brand new set front and rear never been mounted- purchased from Shelby when they knew the 18s were going extinct- my 07 has 7000 miles on the original tires but nitto drag radials on the back- traction issue you know.
  2. Every year from 07 on Ford has done upgrades to the gt 500 and that is all good. Being from the 50s the 07 has plenty of juice for me. Also I think people sometimes forget the cost of insurance. My car is not a daily driver and is not old enough to qualify for classic car insurance. My 07 outruns anything I ever owned from the 60s and is a much better ride than any car from the early years. I see plenty of taillights at the track. However not many drive to the track and home with the air on. As a driver it is a joy and can lug down or juice up whenever I want. It can be a town car or a race car. Hard for me to justify a new gt 500. If I had this car when I was in my teens or 20s I often wonder If I would be in big trouble on the street. Got into enough trouble running a Ford flathead.
  3. Still like my 07 however due to my age and being a tad one sided I must admit I may be using blinders,. It seems the 07 is more like the traditional Shelby of the past and I think Ford did this to start the ball rolling in the right direction. I am not saying the 07 is in any way a true Shelby from the past but a darn good upgrade for the years past. The first year for the car was a lot of fun and I can remember ordering from spy films for the color etc. Also dealers were not always sure how many cars they would get to up went the prices and a waiting list was at most dealers. The Shelby handbook in the early 07s showed the horsepower at 465 which was of course changed to 500 in the later runs. The 07 - 09 are still my favorites. When I park my 07 beside a new gt 500 the new cars look like mine on steroids. Still like the boxy look rather than the rounded look. As far as mechanical issues go the older gt 500s are way outdated and if I were a young buck again I guess those extra ponies and tech upgrades would make me bite the bullet and consider my options. When the 07 came out it was to be a limited production car. Well here it is 2013 and they are still going. Hard to stop a good thing.Thank you for the production figures and one must remember that there is no way of knowing how many of these cars are still on the road after this many years. I do see a few newer gt 500s and they do look ready to rumble but I still like my 07.
  4. I am having similar issues- tha code reads lean just like yours- have the cat delete and jlt intake and have three tunes to put in the car. I have had to leave the car in Tucson as we spend the summers in Wa. I also drag race the car so the check engine light and the lean code are a concern. My tune from Jon Lund has a bump up idle and it is annoying so I run the other tunes. The 02 sensors are turned off as I have the cats off and that problem was solved. I was told my jlt intake could have a leak but I do not believe it does. On the track I never got the lean code on the car but have been told that on wide open throtlle the cars tune can handle that situation better than street driving. I want to solve the issue before I believe the wide open throttle theory. I have to drive around 50 to 75 miles for the check engine light comes on and I can remove the code and it stays fine until another 50- 100 miles. We have 91 octane and that is what the tunes are set for. When I get back to Tucson this fall I will do more investagation. I belive it is in the tunes however I had no problems with the tunes other than the bump tune which I do not use. It is an 07 without the knock sensors so I want to be a little on the safe side. There must be a test that can be done however that I will have to look into. I could put the stock intake back on and go back to the stock tune and see if it happens that way. I have always cleared the code when I got the car back home so I do not know if it is on the next day if I start the car. It only started just before we left so I parked her and will have the issue to handle in the fall. This does not help your issue but I thoought I would let you know you are not alone. Someone may chime in. english is not my second language sorry.
  5. What a sad day! For some reason when I drove my car today and looked at the signed dash I had a strange feeling. He was and always will be a legend. Tis a sad day indeed.
  6. that is where we would all like to be! Satisfied and confident!
  7. OK were back to the I have more power than you have or that is not likely with the mods you have. My question would be . How long can your motor last with the hp rating you claim or have?. Does your tune support your hp? Even when my car was stock it was and still is how do you keep that hp on the ground? Not just turn a good et but know you will be back to run again. In my mind the tune rules. On the street and at the tracks be they straight ahead balls out or circles of any measurement.
  8. It is interesting. The folks who claimed that you did not have to follow the MAF curve as Ford suggests have left the conversation. A couple are big hitters with a lot of cars tuned in their manner. From this tune session the consensus is to follow Fords tuning stategies. That makes practical sense and good common sense. I do not believe for a second the tuners who do not follow the curve have or will change. I doubt they look any longer at this long tune issue. Almost 100000 people have looked at this post and must be thinking about their tune and if they should do some follow up calling to their tuner. I would and if the answer was not following the Ford curve I would have my doubts.On the other hand the tuning issues will go on and someone will try to find shortcuts to more power and performance. So we can still ask if they follow the true MAF curve. If they say yes we can feel we are getting a safe tune. If they say no we have a choice. A choice I knew nothing about until the whole tune issue came up. It is fair tos say a Ford tune is a safe tune but does it produce the performance it could if they pushed it a little? I would guess they could change tune for areas of heat elevation cooldness humidity or whatever but must write the tune for all the cars regardless of where they are. So by non ford tuners who follow the correct flow curve there must be some windows to open a little juice for our beasts. The bump idles tune created the best et for my car but not enough to merrit leaving it in the car if it was an idication of something else going on behind closed doors. One word seem to keep popping up and that is Safety. Will tuning change in the next few years for our cars?Afeter reading all thes posts the correct rune for my early 07 is the same now as five or six years later.Having old cars in the 60s there were always ways to make more correct horsepower. But as I think about it I never had a street car that could approach the power levels of this car.Never had a street car as fast even souped up.
  9. Yes I do have a new tune in my car. The MAF curve is untouched and the car has lots of power with no issues so far. An old pro who made a comment or two on this huge post e-mailed me and spent a lot of time talking about the MAF Curve and why it should be left alone. I may be older than he is so calling him old may be out of context. He does not sell tunes and was in the Ford issues for years. He is highly respected on this and other sites and has been mentioned as knowlegeable and a person he wishes would post more often. All my questions were related to two tunes in my car. The subject got technical and I kept asking who tunes the correctly? Fially an. E-mail " I do " and a nice explanation. What will it cost? I will do it for you because you never gave up on the issue of tuning my car correctly. Info on my car sent - tune sent-downloaded- put in my car. He even knew how the car would react when it first started it. Nothing I noticed. It is kind of like the new versus the old. We are the test and they are the doctors. I lean stronger to following Fords methods and do not believe the others are wrong but I have one car and one original block. If a safe correct tune is a little slower I really do not care. Safe is the first concern and that is what happened to this tune session. It turned into I am right and you are wrong. My tune in the car now was done without adjusting the MAF curve. When your a novice and a decision had to be made I took the old side. The expert and his knowledge were to hard to turn down. I wish I could say who it is. Not one tuner got on this whole topic to say I will tune your car without adjusting the MAF curve. This post plus the last post gave clues as to who he is. I think 68 fastback could make a guess. Likely he would say good move. I have my street tires on now but I have a feeling when I put the drag radials back on that I will likely run the same numbers or ever so close at the track. Not something I test on the street.
  10. I do know of one good tuner for our cars. Ford Racing. They made the stock tune and the whole car from stem to stern. Buy their products and get a tune written by Ford. So the good tuners follow the tuning perimeters of Ford. I think that is part of the whole problem and what a lot of people are saying. Do you Mr. Tuner follow the guidelines Ford has set for tuning? My guess is that the safe tunes are made off Ford information and practices. The problems or arguements come about when a tuner decides to change the Ford guidelines and create their own set of rules. Is that a decent answer to what has been the main arguement. Is that not the whole disageement on the whole tune issue? Ford guidelines and work from there. Common sense tells me the people who create a prodcut know it the best and set the starting point for others to follow. So isn't the question" Do you follow Fords guidlines in your tune" still another way of asking for a safe tune? If it is more complex than that I am sorry, I think I am at least half correct.
  11. . Tune in. Only the batman knows for sure. Tune in same time same station. And Dennis wherever you may be the best of luck with your delete button as you will not have to use it on me any longer. A wealth of true knowledge is the best medicine. Got the cure. Resume bullshit session or read between the lines.
  12. It is really strange- tune has had 8600 hits and 270 replies but not one tuner has signed in to say they tune correctly. Whoever Dennis is does not return e-mails so toss him out the door for us still looking. If someone cannot tune our cars properly where have you all gotten your correct tunes. It is a mystery to me. I will call some of the vendors and see what they have to say however most of the time if not all the time they have a tune they offer e-mail for our cars and I believe Lethals tunes are from Lund. Likely Evolution is by Lund as well. Must be a lot of cars running an incorrect tune. I put my old 08 Evolution tune back in my car because the Lund tune from Lethal has the bump up idle. That is not an issue to Jon Lund but it does not seem normal. With these computer operated cars and their tunes I wonder what goes on behind closed doors. In this case the tune in my car. Even my old tune was likely done by Jon Lund but I do not know for sure. Now would be a good time for someone- a tuner- to say hey I can offer the tune you want just e-mail me. Makes one wonder.
  13. Amazing how long this thread lasted. Not one tuner got on board to say he tunes without adjusting the maf curve. That is strange. Now to find a list of tuners is going to be a problem mainly if you live in an area that does not have a dyno or is familiar with our cars. Anyone know of someone in Phoenix. Lethal- Evoloution- Brenspeed- Ford- any others who offer e-mall tunes I could ask?
  14. Does anyone have the name or names of tuners who tune properly regarding the maf issue?. If all is wrong how do we go about changing back to what is right.? If the bump in my idle is a sign of a bad or incorrect tune I should be able to find someone who can offer a correct tune. I have unloaded my recent Lund tune and put in the old Evolution tune. A tune five years old on a sct 2. Called 91 octane race tune evolution. I still have the stock intake and pulley so I guess I can go back to stock. This is crazy!
  15. In your words my bump in idle is caused by messing with the maf sensor? Jon Lund- who did the tune said it is part of the tune- I would have to say he can do wonders with our cars and produces a lot of tunes but I must agree that the bump up on idle issue is strange. After driving hard or normal and coming to a stop the idles stays just a little high and bumps back to normal. I have taken his tune out of my car and put the old evloution tune-91- back in the car to see the results. If he was writing the tunes for evolution in early 08 that is what I just loaded off my old sct 2 . The idle is normal. Now the test will be at the track when I get my time slips. You have been an active poster and I have enjoyed your thoughts. Still regardless of what you say someone is going to disagee. I want a canned stage two safe tune I can put in my car and need the name or names of people who are tuning the correct way. No choices are given in any posts. How many of us can tune our own cars?
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