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  1. Happened, so 2019 timeframe.
  2. Fleabay usually has some now and then....
  3. Gots mine today (11/06/17) at Barnes & Noble.
  4. Yes, but on a different car. Problem was a paper sticker on the inside plastic housing of the steering column had curled up and came in contact with a part of the steering wheel. This would only squeak when the temperature was under 50 degrees or so. The fix was to pull the steering wheel and remove sticker. I would refrain from squirting WD40 or dry graphite cause the clock spring can get damaged. Plus it could set off the airbag.
  5. The VIP's were the KR's handed off to NASCAR Drivers, Owners and other fancy feet people. I think there was a total of 50 of these in 2008 MY.
  6. Go to the shop that will warranty all repairs for lifetime. That's parts and labor on anything related to the repair. I'm glad I did.
  7. Sweet, came close to getting a "C" but decided on the "KR".
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