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  1. About a week ago, saw a black SGT in St Charles, IL. I believe the license plate was ELNR 7 or something. Had a spoiler on the back. I live in Geneva, so am interested in who owns this car.
  2. On my old 5 Spd Thunderbird SC, the clutch pedal had to be pressed in order to start the car. I put a paddle switch on the line to the and hid the switch - that way, if someone went to start the car, it would not start. All of the other power on the car stayed on of course. Minimal cost as all one needs is a switch, wires and joiners.
  3. Just wanted to thank Adrian @ SAI for the factory tour on Monday, Jan 21. I was in Las Vegas as a birthday present from my wife and had to make the trip out to SAI. I'm glad I did - it was an experience to see where #2082 was modified. Adrian's enthusiasm for all things Mustang & Shelby really made the tour. Couldn't help spending some money on the way out of the museum! thanks!
  4. I drove a 1990 Thunderbird SC - my first car when I graduated from college. For 17 years I wanted stripes on it - never did it. Finally just got an SGT!
  5. Can someone who's used the HID kit from American Muscle comment on the installation process? Easy/Hard? Also, looks like some pretty big boxes to mount someplace under the hood - where would one mount the boxes?
  6. Did not get a chance to talk to him, so not sure if he had a Shelby or not. But looks pretty close.
  7. Saw this at the Pumpkin Festival in Sycamore, Illinois a couple of weekends ago. A custom trailer for a bike. Pretty close, but no scoop and wrong stripes
  8. MM, I will take an XL Shelby GT grey shirt if you have any left - just let me know how to pay. Thanks!
  9. South half of the course. I live in Geneva, Illinois. I'd be up for a meet sometime, just PM/email me.
  10. Well, thanks to a friend of mine, I was able to take my SGT out on the track at the Autobahn Country Club (http://www.autobahncountryclub.net/) in Joliet, Illinois this past weekend. Have to say I had a blast with the car. First, I had to get tested out. I was slow at first, but then came up to speed. Once I passed the test, I was allowed out on the track on my own. I was pushing the car through the corners squealing the tires, pushing out all the way to the rumble strips. There were a couple of high-speed corners where the car just drifted out - all four wheels, to the rumble strips. In the longest straight, I was able to get it up to about 105 MPH in third gear before hitting the brakes. After about 20 laps, the rear end started to get loose and the breaks seemed to be fading, so I brought it in. I was pretty amazed that I did not get any oversteer on the course. The weakest part of the car seemed to be the breaks - I had to break far before the corner, and in a few corners I was hitting the breaks so late that the anti-lock kicked in. I need bigger breaks :-) All in all, a great day. I have a few pics at http://www.flickr.com/photos/12467939@N03/. By the way, at lunch the track opened up for touring laps - i.e. anybody can drive on the course one-by-one. A Shelby GT-H went by - I wanted to stop and say hi and get some pictures, but he left after a lap on the course. Not someone from the forums by any chance?
  11. Congrats Adam - have to ask, where does one get a shirt like Adam is wearing?
  12. I thought the autolock (locks the door when the car starts moving) were not working on my car, but went through the procedure in the manual to turn it on, but it's still not working. I think it says that in manual cars autolocks are not supposed to work - is this correct? If so, why do they disable it for manuals?
  13. I checked alldata.com for TSBs on 2007 Mustang GTs - there are a few. Does anybody have access to these TSBs so that they can be posted: http://www.alldata.tsb.com/TSB/19/071917eu.html
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