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  1. Doc, you are. PM me your address and I will get it out to you as soon as this storm lets up. I am located in Matthews, NC right outside Charlotte.
  2. I attended the Boulder event and have an extra poster signed by Peter Brock, Allen Grant and Tom Yeager. I will be glad to send it to the first person to reply.
  3. Try Diecast Models Wholesale.
  4. If you can't locate them at TRU, Wholesale Diecast sells the set of six for 29.99. I purchased the set and they shipped within 24hrs. and were well packaged.
  5. Was there ever a Shelby Dakota die cast produced?
  6. I found the silver cobra with red tires on eBay listed by diecast models wholesale. It is listed as a buy it now along with two other diecast that I have not seen before. The set of three is listed for 14.99. I don't think any of the three are offered in the Menards group that Scott listed.
  7. Scott, Thanks for the info. Look forward to the pictures. Jerry
  8. Anyone have an extra wht/ blue, # 98 with Terlingua logo for sale?
  9. Anyone know if there will be a magazine this year?
  10. Go to the website PAST GAS. I have purchased from them and they do excellent restoration.
  11. Thanks for the heads-up. Just went on the HWC site , joined and purchased one.
  12. Has anyone ever seen the orange, 2007 GT, vert pictured on the 1/64th page?
  13. Jorge, I have been looking for the 1966 GT-350H, white with blue stripes. If you locate one I would be happy to purchase it from you. Regaurdless thanks for your help. doctor
  14. Will there be a Shelby magazine this year?
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