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  1. Thanks to Mark (KOBRA2848) for providing more precise details on the 2008 SGT spark plug issues... good info, thanks for sharing. Happy motoring! -Rick (07SGT0086)
  2. There is an also a known issue on 2007 4.6L engines (SGTs & MGTs) which still have their original spark plugs. As many of you may already know, the original spark plugs on higher mileage 2007 4.6L engines are a real bugger to remove due to carbon build-up and are also prone to breakage/separation if not removed with extreme care per an applicable Service Bulletin (related topics are elsewhere in the SGT forums). Apparently, 2008 4.6L engines had a different cylinder head design (and a different spark plug design too from memory) and don't have this issue. So the above probably doesn't apply to SGT1035's 2008 SGT, but those with 2007 SGTs which still have their original spark plugs should consider spark plug replacement as another preventative maintenance task/item. Happy motoring!
  3. To confirm, yes, this sub-forum has been very slow recently and the new/different forum format might be a contributing cause. My theory (based on local observations) is that there are still so many sitting unsold on stealership lots with outrageous ADMs that there are simply not enough owners enjoying them on the road and seeking out forums like this one. Happy motoring.
  4. To confirm... yes this regional forum has been inactive for quite a while now. Happy motoring.
  5. The picture to me looks like the original faux button-head rivets have been partially removed/not flush to the scoop flange... hence my theory it might not be attached. It also seems strange that the scoop is all blue (likely painted and why the faux rivets were removed) but missing the white center stripe which really looks inconsistent with the overall stripe pattern and the time/expense to install the blue stripes... again pointing to a possible loose and unfinished hood scoop placed in position just for the photos. Bottom-line is that it doesn't really matter and there are other more desireable/less-molested SGT's available at a much lower asking price than that particular car... IMHO. Happy motoring,
  6. A closer look at the hood scoop close-up picture shows fasteners that do not appear to be fully seated or flush and I suspect that scoop is not fastened/attached, just placed on the hood for the photo session. IMHO, there are substantial "red flags" on this car as listed, original SGT or otherwise.
  7. When I was in the area last week, I visited a large Ford "Stealership" in North Seattle (Bill Pierre Ford) and was quite surprised to find over a dozen used and new GT350's on the lot...wow! On closer inspection, the used ones (2016's) were Base or Tech Package cars and were listed for MSRP.... for a used one... huh? All the new 2017 GT350's had a $10K ADM Sticker. I checked their Webpage and found it listed a used 2016 GT350R (at $93K... gulp!) that I wanted to see (so I could say I actually saw one in person) but it was no where to be found. The ADMs convinced me that it wasn't even worth my time to even chat with the "lot vultures", so I just left in disgust. Yup, supply and demand is real, but ADM's negatively modulate this consumer's level of interest/demand. Happy motoring,
  8. BB - I am positive that the decorative rear quarter side scoops were already installed on the base Mustang GT at the Ford Assembly line -before- car shipment to SAI for SGT conversion. So the rear quarter side scoops on the 2007/8 SGTs are standard Mustang GT-California Special equipment... SAI didn't touch them. Your local Ford Parts guy might be able to pull up information on how those scoops are attached... might be a few removed scoops for sale on eBay with pictures to look at too. Good luck with your project and happy motoring,
  9. Congratulations on your purchase and for joining Team Shelby. Your initial assumption is not quite accurate... relatively few SGT owners found their way to Team Shelby, so the history (via Team Shelby) of many CSMs is simply unknown. Suggest you read through the "Black List" thread in this sub-forum and add SGT0081 if it isn't listed already. As for the exceptional performance of SGT0081, perhaps it has a rear-end gear swap... which is easy enough to check, jack it up, count input yoke verses wheel revolutions and do the math. Enjoy your ownership of SGT0081 and happy motoring.
  10. Thanks for all the thread replies... the Shelby GT Discussion sub-forum has been really slow recently and it is great to hear about a few other SGT original owners that are approaching their 10-year ownership anniversaries too. In response to the "clark17357" post, the stripes on 07SGT0086 still look great (car is always garaged) and it still has the original warped/gap-prone hood scoop too like "ChicagoChris" mentioned. It also has both OE Air Bags too because of the never ending Air Bag Recall "merry-go-round" and being unable to identify a local Ford Service Center that I can trust enough to work on my SGT. There is an SGT OE equipment situation that I intend to address myself very soon which is to replace the OE spark plugs. As many of you likely know already, the OE spark plugs on the 2007 4.6L engines are known to be a real bugger to remove due to carbon build-up and are also prone to breakage/separation if not removed with due care per an applicable Service Bulletin... very worrisome and the time to fix that is sooner rather than later. Well, I will return to lurking mode now, but attached is a pic of 07SGT0086 enjoying a scenic weekend drive in the Pacific NW... on a closed course with high G's. I look forward to reading more posts from other SGT original owners that are also approaching their 10-year ownership anniversaries... happy anniversary!
  11. I just realized that I recently passed the 10-year ownership anniversary with my SGT.... wow, time flies. In late 2006, I saw the announcement of the SGT in "My Ford" magazine and was "hooked" for a Performance White SGT... it was just stunning. After several months of consideration (dreadful ADM's & limited order allocations) and searching locally, I finally bought 07SGT0086 (lightly optioned, IUP & Security System) off a local "stealership" showroom on Feb 18, 2007 shortly after it had arrived there from SAI. After purchasing 07SGT0086, I immediately started Autocrossing it regionally with much success and enjoyment. I also joined the StangsUnleashed Forum and then Team Shelby when it got started and have been "lurking" around here ever since. As I said earlier "wow, time flies" and my SGT still looks as stunning to me as it did 10-years ago. Happy motoring,
  12. Thanks for sharing. I've previously considered adding that "Hurst Equipped" emblem on an external location, but worry how it will hold-up over time in the elements... Bikeboy's internal location eliminates that concern. The most popular external location I've seen used for that emblem is on the trunk lid, off-set towards the rear tail light... like the off-set "pony emblem" on the front grille.
  13. Yes, thanks for sharing that clip. I also had not seen it before and it detailed a lot of the fast-track development activites that went into the introduction of the SGT's.... really an amazing chain-of-events.
  14. Thanks to Larry T for sharing that clip, very entertaining, informative and wow that GT350 makes some really good noises. I didn't hear the reported center console "rattle", but as ViperNC mentioned, there should be an easy "fix" for that.
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