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  1. It hurts to look at that, I trust no one was seriously injured.
  2. Went to Stampede at Ford of Canada HQ. About 500 cars. 2020 GT500 on display.
  3. Is anyone planning on going to this event?
  4. Glad to hear others still enjoy his chili.
  5. Thank you for all your comments. I have no pictures of the cover or the car with the cover on, at this time. Followed the link on the previous post. Looks intriguing, noticed it was $505 with free shipping or $388 with $120 shipping.🙄
  6. Put the boot cover on the 2008 GT500 convertible once just to see how it was done, haven't used it since then. Is there any after market cover that looks better?
  7. Enjoyed observing National Mustang Day (actually April 17, 2019). Clear, but cool and breezy. Visited Ford World HQ, stopped by Flat Rock Assembly Plant, and ended the afternoon eating at Pete's Garage in Monroe, MI. with about thirty others.
  8. Scott Hoag was there at the March meeting.
  9. How about some pictures when you put them on.
  10. First Thursday of the month. Little Daddy’s Family Restaurant 39500 N. Woodward Ave. Bloomfield Hills, MI. 48304 (248) 647-3400. Plan to join us on Thursday, May 2, 2019 at 6:30PM for a new chapter of the Shelby Club story.
  11. So you asked what a good asking price is, can you tell us what a good selling price was?
  12. Has anyone looked into this airbag recall litigation? Hear advertisements on radio, don't like to get involved as lawyers are the only ones that really make out on these lawsuits. Besides, until the airbag goes off, I'm satisfied with recall.
  13. I belong to more than one club. Living far from Florida, I know nothing about what goes on there. That said, Tony on the saac(forum).com is always promoting some kind of event in Florida.
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