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  1. Really cool! Never saw this before...
  2. Yes. Message me your address etc, and I'll ship it out to you. Same size as the SGT California? If so, do you have the sill plates?
  3. The thunk could be from bottoming out on the bump-stops. That can happen with aggressive cornering or overweight. Potentially very dangerous. The rear wheels can come right off the ground! There were folks in the past that took a hacksaw to them. I'm sure the thread is searchable...
  4. This. If you can't find an Aluminator, this is the way. I got one of the last 46x strokers. Love it. Y'all remember Big Carl's car. That thing was badass! He built existing motor and over-the-top suspension. Coolest Mustang I've ever seen, IMHO. I think he had around 550whp that virtually nothing on the road (in the real-world) could catch.
  5. Got a list of things to do to try and break 150 mph Smaller SC pulley 3.55 Gears (instead of 3.73) Shift light Practice burnouts You're built, right? Looks like a lot of fun. FWIW, With my build, Betsy can get to @165+ in 4th...
  6. Here's mine. Been there since before this shot, dropping off at SAI for GT/SC mod... Still perfect after 8ish years
  7. Late poster on this thread, but so true.
  8. I never installed the sensors when I put the CS-69's on. I live with the idiot light (goes out after 25 miles). Doesn't bother me at all and it adds a touch of personality to Betsy.
  9. I got one of the white ones years ago. I also have a cool black tee-shirt with SHELBY-GT just like our side stripes. I wear that one a lot and it is getting a little thread bare, but still not for sale...
  10. I had the twin disc Mcleod installed on mine. No problem with my little 625hp
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