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  1. I too struggled with the decision when buying mine over naturally aspirated and a supercharged conversion. I opted to spend more and get one supercharged. Mine was converted brand new by the original owner with a Kenne Bell unit. I have extensive paper work and belief it was done by his local Ford dealer but I would have to check my papers. It is just my opinion that they are wonderful cars are very well balanced but the extra horse power sure wakes it up and makes it a blast to drive. Go for the extra kick, you wont regret it. Mike G.
  2. Thanks Swedeman. When I purchased the car I liked the fact that it was different (interior color) than the other Shelby GT'S out there. I comfortably paid more for that and the fact that it is as new. Worth a little more to me than one needing work. Mike G.
  3. I have a 2007, 6600 mile, white with tan interior , 5spd Shelby GT with a Kenne Bell supercharger in immaculate condition with extras. Super charger not done by Shelby but by a Ford dealer. You might think it is high but find another with the condition and colors. 31k Mike G.
  4. Any chance of finding out a breakdown of how many 2007 White with tan interior 5 spd Shelby GT's made? The prior owner told me 50 but would just like to confirm. Thanks for you time, Mike G.
  5. They are clean and beautiful stock. That is what makes them so nice. Mike G.
  6. Very nice!! It looks as if it was there originally. Nice touch. Mike G.
  7. Sorry to hear. I wish the best possible outcome for you. Mike G.
  8. You can try a guy named Tom Zeman. His phone number is 631-581-2009. Let him know Mike from Mike G. Perfection Auto Body told you to call. He has a bunch of carbs, restores them and does beautiful work. Mike G.
  9. I would have liked the shade to be a little closer to the Grabber Green myself. The Gotta have it green is too lite in my opinion. Mike G.
  10. What a beautiful car. The craftmenship looks great. Mike G.
  11. Hi I would love to help.Email has been sent. Mike G.
  12. Keep it somewhat limited and add some grabber colors.
  13. They were a PITA to get off and VERY brittle, they know what they're doing, and even for them it took forever. when I worked there we did quite a few they suck plain and simple they peel off smaller than postage stamps each little piece at a time even with a heat gun. Thanks guys.These are my exact feelings.Unfortunately I cant wait till the summer as this is a customers car who wants to do it in the off season so it must be done now.I am almost there,just need to address the bumpers.Has any one come across the problem of the paint bubbling around all the holes on the hood that were not properly treated after drilling?Thanks again you have all been very helpful,Mike G.
  14. Thanks for all the responses.I have tried the heat gun first with not much success.They seem very dried out or even brittle and fall apart even with just a little gentle persuasion.I guess I am going to have to stick it out the hard way with the eraser wheel.Thanks again,Mike G.
  15. Hi I hope you guys can help.Sorry in advance as I am sure this has been posted before but I could not find it in the search section.I just got a white Shelby GT in that needs the stripes replaced.This is a two part question. 1 what is the easiest recommended way to remove them (I have tried 3M wood grain and stripe removal and the rubber eraser wheel) and 2 can anyone tell me what they might have been charged so I have an idea what to charge the customer.Thank you so much in advance. Mike G.
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