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  1. This year it was a week later due to the park being used, normally the 4th week of the month, so 22nd or so.
  2. I used Passport Transport for my Shelby. I got the referral from the local Lexus dealer and I was very happy - enclosed, timely and afordable.
  3. Another great year, thank you Jim for all your hard work. Feel free to add pics here........
  4. Jim - we will be ready. We need someone to do a drone shot at Meyers for us.......
  5. I am always available to help drive cars if needed.
  6. Jim - I saw Jill at Bugorama today, she asked which drive I was doing, I had to break the news we are the weekend after the VW cruise.......she was very sad.
  7. Jim - that sounds like a great idea, it's been a lot of years since we last did that photo op.
  8. haha, let me know, I can swing by and get the picture for you.......
  9. Me + the wife, bringing A/C and cup holders this year....finally. No old cars this year. haha
  10. I thought maybe with this map we would get Christmas cards Jim. haha
  11. Way back when I was in the collision repair business and when we dealt with the insurance companies, they valued the salvage titled cars at 60% of a clean title car. It may have changed since then but that was the general rule of thumb.
  12. Welcome and congrats on our purchase.
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