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  1. Brian is no longer with SPP. You would want to speak with Jason who may be reached at jasonh@shelby.com or 702-405-3500 Steve
  2. If I recall correctly there are only a couple of 2011-12 SGT's as most cars were 2013-14 builds since we didn't come out with the SGT package until 2013. Steve
  3. I should add that the Shelby GT did not return until 2013, we unveiled the car at the LA Auto Show, but because the 2011-12 Mustangs were pretty much identical to the 2013-14 Mustangs the SGT program became available for 2011-14 cars as a post-title package. Steve
  4. This should answer your question................
  5. Tony, the only reference I could find on B-J's website seemed to hint that "CT16" is a booth or form number at the event. See copied text below. All special appearances must be approved by show management, so Barrett-Jackson is aware of the activity (please submit CT16 In Booth Appearance and Event Registration form).
  6. Has anyone ever compared the SGT computer calibrations to see if there were any changes from say the 2007 SGT vs the 2008 SGT? What about the 2006 GTH vs the 2007 GTH, any differences there? What about the 2007 SGT vs the 2007 GTH, any differences? I haven't been able to locate any internal docs here at Shelby that shed any light on this and Ford Racing took back all their Pro-Cal tools after these programs ended so no answers there. I know the Ford dealerships service department have a 2007 SGT calibration in their download library but is there other calibrations for the 2006 & 2008 SGT model years or do they just use the 2007 calibration no matter if you have a 2008 Shelby GT or a 2006 Shelby Hertz. Anyone have some first hand knowledge?
  7. Locations and amount of cars per location is decided by Hertz but I do see that Indy is receiving the least amount of cars for any location. Steve
  8. The GTH cars should now be available at all the planned rental locations. Some locations have had the cars available for over a week now. If you are planning on renting a GTH you may want to phone ahead and ask what identification you need at the rental counter. I heard that at one location they wanted two photo id's which some renters may not have on them. Steve
  9. Adam also announced that they were going to produce a Carroll Shelby/Shelby American movie after this LeMans movie is finished. Steve
  10. He was part of the discussion panel and also previewed the film trailer for everyone. It was amusing to see Adam and John Morton trade barbs ateach other regarding the Datsun 510 race cars. Steve
  11. Bad form? Did I write the article? Since Secondo believes a "Shelby Rep" can not have an opinion I guess I'll take a break from posting. Thanks Secondo, without you I wouldn't have known how offensive my posts were. Lesson learned. And folks wonder why there's very little presence from SAI on the forums. Steve
  12. Did these Ford dealers not see the backlash the Dodge dealers went thru with their Hell Cat price gouging ? https://www.yahoo.co...-161205492.html
  13. You got that right What's that quote from Shelby American, "to first make history and then repeat it".
  14. Currently on eBay a seller with the user id of '402*hughes ' from Elkhorn Nebraaska is selling a set of door sill plates for a 2007 Shelby GT500 40th Anniversary that the seller claims to have purchased from another seller on ebay. The sill plates have a CSM number of 07XL0293 on them. I've searched all the files here at Shelby American and show no record of a 40th Anniversary car ever being built with a CSM number of 07XL0293 so for anyone that comes across a car for sale wearing a set of sill plates with a CSM number of 07XL0293 be aware the car you're looking at is NOT an authentic Shelby American built 40th Anniversary car.
  15. Danoe, Below is a link to Ford's website where you may obtain that sort of info: http://www.fordshowparts.com/store_contents.cfm?cart_id=09583179970111114100831046526320152112&store_id=1&dept_id=1137&product_id=6878 Steve
  16. Just to be clear when I used the word "hijack" I meant it in a humorous way and was not saying anyone did anything wrong. Steve
  17. Jeff, my guess is that when this is all boiled down the conclusion will be either way is correct. Even if we turn up an email or request stating the calipers were to be painted by so and so its clear that any possible procedure/request was not carried out on all the cars. Unfortunately all the Hertz people involved in the GTH program are no longer with Hertz and the couple of people here at SAI who were around during the GTH build do not have a recollection on why the calipers were not painted by SAI. Also when I get a chance I'm going to try and move these brake caliper posts into a new thread as this GTH for sale thread kinda got hijacked. Steve
  18. I'm curious as to what MG purchased as a replacement vehicle but even more important who was the Florida minivan driver that said he works for SAI in Vegas? Steve
  19. TexasShelby, I looked into this and your post was part of a thread that was moved from public viewing. The thread you posted in went off-topic and was deemed to be in violation of Team Shelby rules/guidelines. As far as I know your post was not in violation but was inter-tangled in posts from members who were in violation of such rules/guidelines. I would think you should have no problem posting your windshield polisher posting in the off-topic area of Team Shelby, if you so desire. Its unfortunate that the actions of some can affect others.
  20. Jeff, The most difficult problem we are encountering with this subject is who knows what happened to the cars once they entered rental duty. We have SAI records and employee recollections that SAI did not paint the calipers black and we have seen many low mile, unrented cars go thru the various auction houses with unpainted calipers. Now on the other hand I've now posted pics of a black caliper that could not have been painted by SAI, Hertz or a re-conditioner because the Ford part numbers are not painted over. So right now we have solid proof that Ford delivered cars with both natural finish and black painted calipers. I believe I've mentioned in an earlier thread that I suspected supplier issues for this. It is not uncommon for a car manufacturer to have different suppliers for the same part or for a single parts supplier to have different manufacturing plants for the same part. Another scenario that has to be factored in is Hertz repairs. I spoke with Hertz several years back and was told that one of the largest repair items on the GTH cars were the brakes. This makes sense to me when you consider all the power braking, high speed runs and perhaps a little track time these cars experienced from folks who drove them like a rental. So who's to say that a car had natural finished calipers on it originally but the service replacement calipers came out of the box with a black finish especially if they were rebuilt calipers. Now lets go back to the Colorado cars that you say were rattle can painted black. I highly doubt someone at a Colorado Hertz location was just walking thru the parking lot one day and said hey those silver looking calipers would look so much better if they were painted black so hey you, yes you lot boy, go take these six cars out of service, go to Home Depot and purchase some spray paint and spend a day or two painting those brake calipers as we'll be able to up the daily rental rate by doing this. Now I'm not saying that these Colorado cars you saw didn't have a rattle can paint job on the calipers but wouldn't it make more sense that this would have been done as a reconditioning procedure for an upcoming auction/sale? And if so would we consider this change to be "correct" for the cars? Wouldn't that be like judging a GTH at a car show and deducting points because it didn't have a no smoking emblem on the dash. Just because someone at a Hertz location decided to put that no smoking emblem on the dash doesn't mean that its correct and should be on all 500 cars. Lets keep this discussion going as perhaps someday we may see Jeff as an official concours judge for the GTH cars so solving the brake caliper mystery can only assist him with a car show evaluation.
  21. Ok now look at this pic of the same caliper. Notice anything that couldn't be there if the caliper was painted by SAI, Hertz or someone reconditioning the car for sale?
  22. Would you agree that the caliper below is black in color? Yes brake heat and road grime has taken its toll on the black finish but do you agree that this caliper has an original black finish?
  23. You're leaving out another scenario. The Mustang arrived at SAI with black calipers from Flat Rock.
  24. Thank for the info Troy. That dealership owner must have some big bucks to shell out $61.5k and not sell the car for a full year. I guess it all depends on what they sold the car for. Steve
  25. I think you're misunderstanding me. What I'm saying is that black painted calipers either came from Ford from day one, were replacement calipers during rental service or were painted during/after rental duty. It would take a lot for me to believe that Hertz took delivery of these cars with bare metal calipers and had their rental lots paint the calipers black before they were ever put into the rental fleet. Now did Hertz have the cars reconditioned/detailed after rental service but before Manheim auctioned them off? Very well could have. All I'm trying to do is let folks know that SAI did not paint the calipers even though the prototype had painted calipers and the initial press release said they would be painted. I'm all about documenting history wherever the facts lead us but to just take an ebay photo from 9 years after the car was built & rented as "proof" doesn't work for me especially when the photos in my opinion show that the car has been reconditioned/detailed in this area. By the way that black paint looks way too shiny/nice to have been on those calipers with 16k miles of use for over 9 years in Colorado. I just don't see a rattle can paint job holding up that well for so long. Steve
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