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  1. Skiph, I have been wanting to get the KR mufflers as well. Did you keep the stock X-pipe or go with an aftermarket H-pipe? Thanks! CompCobra
  2. Remember that when it comes to rims for our GT500's, the clearance for the larger Brembo brake calipers is critical. While the rim bolt pattern may be the same, as well as the rim diameter and tire diameter, it still may not work as the rim will contact the brake caliper and not turn. Also, remember that even if the rim does clear, that running two different tire diameters on the rear axle can cause damage to the limited slip differential. In the case of a rear blowout, you may just have to put a front rim/tire on the rear and then the spare in front (assuming the front and rear tire diameters are the same). Just some things to think about!!
  3. Here you go Car Dude! Sorry for the reflection, but the polished aluminum really shines in the light!
  4. Thanks Car Dude! I was on vacation at the US F1 Grand Prix and just saw your note. I'll see about that picture for you! CompCobra
  5. Today I noticed the ever so slightest bit of rubbing on the inside of both rear tires on both of the bump stop mounting brackets. It only happens when a wheel is at its lowest point in the rear axle motion (spring uncompressed, not compressed), like turning onto an uphill driveway. I'll have to remove both brackets from the frame rail this spring, relocate the bump stops on the axle, and then be all good! Other than that minor hassle, the wheels and tires are great! I was really trying to avoid having to do that modification, but it will be worth it in the end. Such is life with modifying our cars!!
  6. Thanks Bikeboy!! They have been a great addition to the GT500. Now on to some more! ?
  7. Thanks Betashave! We have always loved the Torq Thrusts as well, especially the grey ones with the sharp edged spokes, which is why these really caught our eye. With a black GT500 and such dark red stipes on the red stripe appearance package, we think the polished aluminum brightens things up a bit. American Racing did a very nice job building them - they made them hubcentric like the factory, the welds are beautiful, and each wheel came with an inspection sheet showing dimensional runout in all directions. I am glad I did my measuring correctly, as the 315's in the back really fit beautifully, but I would not want them any wider or taller!! The Michelin Pilot Super Sports really have some bite to them as well.
  8. Thanks for the comment 39Mustang! I'll agree that it is different than wheels normally seen on our cars, but we have always been a fan of polished aluminum and couldn't resist the chance to customize the GT500 a bit more to our liking.
  9. Thanks FXR500!! The retro look is what I have always loved about our Shelby's. The wheels are a modern take on a classic wheel - the five spoke Torq Thrust - and go along nicely with a modern take on a classic car -the Shelby GT500. I think that with a black exterior and the dark red stripes, the highly polished wheels brighten it all up a bit too. The next modification will be a set of "bullet shaped sport mirrors" to further add to the subtle retro look. The main reason for me sharing the photos is that I wanted to show all the fellow members another wheel option for our cars, as I think variety is always a good thing and keeps things interesting. Thanks again! CompCobra
  10. After a very long wait for the tires, I finally have everything completed. Here are some pictures - sorry for them not coming out so hot, it was really hazy today and was not camara friendly. The rims and tires fit very well and after double checking all my clearances, I think I am all good!! I think the rear 315mm MPSS tires look great on the 10.5" rim, all tucked into the wheelwell. The taller ratio really fills things up and gives almost a lowered look, but the suspension is all stock. I like the rake of the GT500, as I am kind of nostalgic that way for musclecars. Drop me a note and let me know what you think! Thanks everyone, CompCobra
  11. Thanks Cobra 07! I am ordering the tires, lugs, TPMS, etc. this week, so it won't be too much longer to show you much better pics!
  12. The American Racing VN425 Torq Thrusts arrived today!! That was a quick turnaround! Here is a pic of one up against the Shelby - fresh out of the box. Next come the Michelin PSS's in 275/35/20 and 315/35/20. Shouldn't be too much longer now!! I'll post more pics when they are on the Shelby and polished up. Thanks, CompCobra
  13. Thanks Bullittboy! We were really excited to finally see a Torq Thrust wheel that would clear the Brembos as well. I think these wheels may be a fairly new offering through the American Racing Custom Shop, so that's why I thought I would share them with our fellow Team Shelby members. Unfortunately they are not forged like the Alcoas, but I think a little careful driving and some thicker sidewalls on the tires will help!
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