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  1. Is it too late for this? 😬
  2. CSM Numbers

    I did not see the CSM, but Chris posted a picture of 55 still in the SA shop. I was not given an option on my gumball number, so I was unaware that was even possible. In the past, CSM numbers were not limited to a certain range for number of builds though either. The 2011 GT350 had numbers all over the place. It isn't anything negative, but if Ed thought 500 was the last in the range of CSMs, I didn't want him disappointed down the line if that didn't turn out that way.
  3. CSM Numbers

    Welcome to the club Ed. I will tell you the waiting is truly the hardest part, but it is worth it. You seem excited to have #500, but as cool as that is, I do think you should be prepared to see some other random numbers above 500. Case in point- the new Terlingua was limited to 50 here in the states, and I just saw #55 rolling through the shop. An earlier car I had built was a 07TRT00XX, and yet the car is an 2008. Lol. It happens that way sometimes. CSM numbers often elude a clear protocol to us owners, but every one is special all the same. Enjoy it like I know you will!
  4. Shelby SAI Bashing

    Key words are- "owned a couple of Roush stage 3". You can just tell him if he bought a Shelby, he would have loved it too much to trade it for another.
  5. Exhaust Battle!! Shelby (Shelby American) vs Shelby (Ford)

    I've heard them all, and the Shelby American/Borla partnership is responsible for the best sounds in the auto industry. I got to sit with Alex Borla and visit for a few hours at Le Mans, and I told him as much. I don't know know what sorcery they use, but it's the right stuff for sure. The old 2011 GT350 with the center exit exhaust was what I consider the best sound ever put out in a mustang. The new Terlingua comes to a very close second. But for most improved, the award goes to the old Terlinguas with the side exhaust- that sound is amazing considering it comes from what has to be the worst motor Ford has put out since the Mustang II.
  6. Yeah, I love the look of the car, but I've changed my mind in wanting one. Two people can't ride together, and I'm a big guy to start with. The old GT is far more comfortable after putting my hands on them both. There is another option coming though...hmmm
  7. Shelby TERLINGUA Rocker Stripes on Ebay

    That said, buying a part you like doesn't mean you did anything wrong. If you like it and didn't steal it, sport it proudly! None of us will hold it against anyone that wants a little bunny flair, or even a good clone! The only thing we wouldn't want to see is someone passing off a clone as registered build with a csm.
  8. Shelby TERLINGUA Rocker Stripes on Ebay

    Yeah, I spent almost as much through the auctions as I did on the bulk deal. This really hurt me in the end, because the claimed value of all these parts was driven up by me and few owners just as dedicated to keep what we could in house. Some things made it out, but I wager We got over half the auction Terlingua items sold if not more.
  9. Shelby TERLINGUA Rocker Stripes on Ebay

    There are parts floating around for sure. But there are aspects no one has to do it complete. Terlingua hoods and front fascia caps are non existent, and the rear decks and badges I got before they hit eBay, and front badges are also numbering in the 2 or 3 out there. That said, I've seen some really well done clones even if they are missing this or that. I bought the parts more to have them for an owner in need than to keep a clone from being built. No clone can be passed off as an original, so it doesn't matter from that standpoint anyway. We know all the original cars.
  10. Shelby TERLINGUA Rocker Stripes on Ebay

    I'm less than enthusiastic that Shelby made that decision with KR parts and other builds also, like any of us that spent the premium to get an exclusive build, but it was their decision to make, and I believe in the long hurts the business regardless what it does for the bottom line in the short term. I don't see it as a lack of respect or desire to slight customers though. I think when you work around these cars day in and day out, it changes your perspective, and I guess they just don't see the mystique of the parts like an owner does. To them it just becomes "just another obsolete part taking up valuable space"- and they do take up a lot of space and there are better things SA can do with that money and space. It's not that I don't see their side of it. It's valid. It just sucks from our end, and they see our side of it too.
  11. Shelby TERLINGUA Rocker Stripes on Ebay

    I've had the remaining stock for some time now, and I continue to buy off other items that find their way out there excluding that one person in Jersey that is selling a fairly complete set of Terlingua items for an arm and both legs. I'm not buying at that price and neither is anyone else. I was hesitant to admit I took possession, but I guess it only matters to owners who need parts, and now they know who to contact.
  12. Shelby TERLINGUA Rocker Stripes on Ebay

    They were listed by mistake. The auction has been pulled. The short of it is that Terlingua parts will no longer be made available to the public and shall be retained by a private party for the owners of the vehicles. The integrity of the brand will not be compromised as long as the owners, the charity, and the Neale family desire it. I should note that the folks at Shelby have been extremely helpful in making this happen, and that the brand is valued by them as much as any of us. The parts that did leak out were unfortunate, but the majority of those parts were purchased off eBay fairly by myself and several other owners. If you've got a Terlingua item, feel very lucky, because there won't be any more sell offs.
  13. Shelby TERLINGUA Rocker Stripes on Ebay

    Hopefully it will be coming right back down.
  14. Cool or Butchered?

    Well, the original owner drove his GT500 to many Shelby events, and is a friend and started coming to Terlingua in 2011. Terlingua Island is a coined phrase made by those of us who do the Terlingua event. Specifically, we tend to congregate at all events, and on one particular Mid America event, one of their organizers(I believe it was Earl Groves) was directing someone, and said "it's over there past Terlingua Island" as we had set up camp in the middle of the track near the fuel pumps. The name stuck. We liked it and ran with it. Another member of our group coined the phrase "fear the bunny". The following year, this GT500 owner had these graphics made up, and showed the car to Bill Neale out at Terlingua. Bill loved it, and even signed the car. It was done less as a clone or tribute as it was to celebrate our group as he specifically didn't want to build a clone or pass his car off for what it wasn't. Keep in mind that back at the moment in time, it was near impossible to find a Terlingua to buy, and there was ZERO chance any other Terlingua would ever be made. The love and passion for Terlingua by attendees( or what we would actually consider "members") has created many unique and fun builds and items that have done nothing but add to the legacy of Terlingua, Terlingua Racing, and Terlingua Preservation Society. As much as we dedicate to protect the brand of TRT, realize that it is a living and breathing entity that extends far beyond a couple of licensed builds and merchandise. The real brand is carried on in the people that promote it and love it in any way they can. (This is not to discount the legacy that originated TRT, but from 1968-2007, TRT was little more than a couple of small personal projects, t shirts and hats, stickers, and a certificate you could send in for to join the "official" team.). The 2005-2009 Terlingua was a short lived project that really created a new movement to not only rediscover a sub culture of the Shelby brand, but dare I say made it more popular than ever before, with owners who actual race their legitimate Terlingua, and a new annual event and pilgrimage that pays respect to the namesake of the movement. Now, in regards to this specific article, I also agree that there are many inconsistencies that are completely false with the reality of the car, but the original owner didn't sell it under those pretenses. Whatever was said was either made up by the broker, the new owner, or the journalist who wrote the article. I know this is long winded for an explanation, but with a new Terlingua build, and many new owners that haven't been introduced to the history of all this, vintage or last decade, it's important that the information that does circulate is both accurate and understood. This isn't a secret society, so if anyone has questions, ask away!