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  1. #11 for Nancy and I also. See you all there
  2. All signed up and ready to go. 1 Car + 1 Explorer Sport plus another hungry soul. See you in Sacramento.
  3. It appears that several Team Shelby members had their credit card information taken at the Silverton. Please call your Credit Card company to check on your account activity.
  4. I will not be making the drive to Palm Springs this year. I will be waiting in Las Vegas for your arrival.
  5. As long as we are not going thru Lake Havasu. For us from up north that is about 800 miles in two days. Keep us posted!
  6. Says" You are only allowed to purchase one of this product, and you have already done so. " Does that mean I am a lifetime member? LOL How do I renew?
  7. Looks Great Larry! I would not expect anything less.
  8. I'm in! Wouldn't miss this event! Always great cars, people and weather.
  9. To Tracy, Jenni, Gary P. all the team at Shelby and of course the Team Shelby Directors and volunteers. Having attended all 10 of the Bash's, this was definitely one of the best. Great People, Great Cars and a GREAT TIME !!!!! Thank You for your hard work. My wife and I look forward to next years bash celebrating 10 years of Team Shelby !
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