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  1. Thank you everyone! You have given us lots to consider. I will get a picture up of our car as soon as I find one. I know I have some great shots, but couldn't locate last night. I will let you know what we decide.
  2. As for budget, not looking to break the bank. As for intended use after the SC is installed.... not planning on racing, but feeling a little bummed that my wife's 2012 Flex with Ecoboost has more horsepower (written by the wife) Actually, just wanting to get more horsepower. The car has only about 5000 miles on it. Around town driving with a few short road trips to Indiana (shelby show) and Kentucky to see grands. More horsepower seems to be the key to my husband's heart right now.
  3. We are loooking to put a SC on our 2008 Shelby GT. Confused about options and installation. Any suggestions? It is an automatic that is factory except for some cosmetic additions. Thank you in advance....
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