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  1. As I'm travelling until early December, the car is sitting indoors at the dealership - my Christmas present awaits photos will follow!!
  2. Hello everyone! New owner of 06H481, purchased for $34,500. in Bellevue, WA with 10,901 miles and in mint condition. Oil change, tranny flush, Ford recalls resolved and complete detail included. Brake pads still have 90%. Steven at Shelby was awesome and the original dash plaque, etc. was still waiting to be claimed from the Shelby vault! Steven connected me to Hertz. As with Shelby, Hertz was fantastic! They still had the original window sticker and several other documents. All were sent overnight at no charge. I'll post history of 481 once I sift through the documents. - Todd from Maple Ridge, BC
  3. I want your Super Snake once you are ready to part with her! British Columbia here -
  4. Car show AND Chili (available to eat and judged competition) in honor of Carroll. After all, the impetus of the "Bash" originated with the celebration of his 85th birthday!
  5. Side note: my wife and I were fortunate to have attended the 85th Birthday Bash weekend. At the time we owned CSM 2007GT0129 - my first Shelby!
  6. Thanks everyone! I've owned nine Shelby's, several early Mustangs, 2000 Cobra R #50, a Nissan GT-R and due to health issues I was forced to retire from car collecting Now feeling great (heart disease sucks however) and it was time to re-enter the game....found CSM 2006GTH0481 I'm stoked to be back and teamshelby was what felt right!
  7. Just purchased 06H481 today - 10,888 miles Ford recall work being completed, servicing and full detail. Can't wait!
  8. Any idea as to how many 2014's will be produced?
  9. Definately a 1:18 scale 2011 Shelby GT500 w/ performance package detailing: black vert with red stripes!
  10. Hey Vancouver brother! Out in Maple Ridge - have a 2011 Shelby GT500 with Performance Package (convertible, black with red/silver stripes). Member of the GVMA or Shelby Club? -Todd
  11. Thanks Blue! What you were doing kept me visiting this site over and over again! You were the primary reason I signed on for months! Your efforts added a level of excitement - and learning of the data on my car(s) was so cool. Thanks! Todd in BC Canada
  12. Is this not a violation of Freedom of Speech? Seriously! If FORD has been making the information available to Blue...then it should be FORD who should cease this flow of information - NOT teamshelby.com from preventing Blue from posting it!
  13. WOW! Ask a simple question and receive some mightly strange answers! Phil - be as patient as your heart so desires! And Kona? - who said anything about wanting a "used plaque?" Production of a 2011 is around half complete and still no dash plaque for a 2010 or 2011 model? Just was asking a question boys! And well within my rights, no?
  14. Well, I see no resolution to the problem?
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