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  1. Thank you for the info. Makes sense that the older the more noise. I went to Somerset Ky for their August Somernites and it was a noisey 1300 miles .
  2. Just came through that area Friday afternoon. LOTS of construction and bumper to bumper traffic. Rick
  3. What size are you running
  4. Well my Shelby is 10 years old and has about 26,000 miles on the tires. I think it is time to buy new ones. First because they are old and second because it seems they have gotten very noisy. I bought the car new and they have been getting worse. What kind of tires has anyon bought to replace the original tires. Rick Gardner
  5. Into my 10th year. About to turn 26,000 smiles. Stripes still look great and it still wears the warped scoop. I have driven it in the rain but it gets stored in the winter out of site. Each year I think about a new because the ride is getting harder for an old guy but then I got it out of storage Tuesday and the smiles come back and the pain goes away. I did take a 2015 GT Convert out for a ride and it was great but the Dealer didn't want my Shelby. Only offered $14,000. To them it is only a Mustang Rick SGT0478
  6. There was a Shelby Truck at the Chicago auto Show this year.
  7. Maybe the weather would be better for May and I would sure like to make one trip in my life time.
  8. I just received my notice for the passenger side recall but parts are not yet available. Having the drivers side done on 07/26
  9. I got my oil changed at my local Ford dealer about 2 weeks ago and asked them about the air bag recall because I keep getting letters saying to check with my dealer. They told me that they are setting on Mustang trades that they can't sell because they have to fix the air bags first and they can't get parts. I see the recall keeps getting bigger and bigger (35,000,000) so us older guys may die before we get the air bags fixed
  10. Now I can see why there is so much road noise in side of the car
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