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  1. After the first hour or so Cliff and I drove out of the rain Saturday morning and it was a really nice drive the rest of the way home for us. I really enjoyed spending time with everyone and meeting and making some new friends. Hoping to do some more mountain road driving in upcoming years. Just don't schedule for the very last week of April and first couple days of May as I always have a set meeting at that time each and every year that I have to be at. I'll try to get some of the photos posted up soon from the trip. I have most everything downloaded, but now need to process them into smaller files and upload them. I'll try to get a few videos from Thursday up too. I'm new to the video thing and have never uploaded them so will have to figure out how to make them smaller and upload them. While I grumbled about all the extra expense Cliff caused me because he wanted me to go on the track, now I'm hooked (which I knew I would be). The videos likely won't get posted for a few weeks. I just finally watched all the videos last night to find out that I must have forgotten to turn the camera on for one of the runs since I was one short. Oh well. I still got some great in car footage. I don't get on here a great deal but you can always pm me or email me as I do respond to those relatively quickly. Even though we had a bit of rain for the week I had a blast and the company had a lot to do with that. That's what it is all about.
  2. Looking forward to the trip. The 50th site has opened up registration for the welcome party on Wednesday evening and the 50th birthday dinner on Thursday. Cliff, his son, Ford and I have all signed up for these two evenings. Looking forward to hanging out with everyone. The weather is crazy! I drove 4 crocodiles down to the Florida border a week ago and it was 35 degrees on the Georgia/Florida border north of Jacksonville. Seems most of the country is cold right now. I actually stayed over in Charlotte on my way back to Michigan. It was cold, but at least there wasn't any snow, though it sounds like Charlotte got hit right after I left. My friends had mentioned that they normally had at least one snowfall by that time.
  3. I really wished I had been able to make this trip last year and am glad that I can do it this year. I'll be heading down with Cliff (Rumors). We've been talking about routes and should be posting very soon. Can't wait to get the car out and stretch it's legs soon.
  4. One of my buddies surprised me with one for Christmas. It arrived several weeks ago and is on the tree. It looks a little large on my tree since my tree is only 4' tall but that's ok.
  5. Now I'm trying to jog my memory of the GT350 I've seen at car shows around here with a Paxton. If only 2, I wonder if the one I've seen is the other one or not? I'll have to pay better attention next time.
  6. I have an '08 with the 3.31 gears and there is no drone with the 5230-S mufflers. I installed them this spring and have enjoyed driving the car a LOT more. I also don't care for drone and the previous owner had aftermarket mufflers on that droned going down the highway.
  7. I vote to leave them on. I think they look great on your color combination. Beautiful car.
  8. I've been looking forward to seeing this one too when it opens nearby. Glad to hear it was a great movie.
  9. It'll certainly be interesting to see what it brings. I'm shocked there's no reserve on it.
  10. That gas cap (emblem) is a service part and anyone can order one. Go to a different dealer since that one clearly doesn't want your business.
  11. The search function is your friend. This has been discussed over and again. Everything you need to know is above already though. I won't be formally putting mine away this winter since its going to be easier to start and back the Shelby vs the '70 Mach out of the garage all winter as I start the restoration of another stang.
  12. Nice lineup. And here's a picture especially for you too! This was only part of them at the car show that day.
  13. Holy cow that looks awesome! Great job.
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