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  1. I met up with Ray for dinner about a month ago. My first time meeting him. Was kind of fun for both of us to talk Shelby Dodges with somebody face to face. Shelby Dodges have become such a rarity in Central and Northern California that I often feel I am on a deserted island for owning these cars. Ray is rehabbing from major surgery. While he still has fire within for Shelby Dodge cars, he is facing some major challenges ahead. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. He's a good guy who has had a tough run on things these past two years. Thanks. Warren
  2. If anybody interested. Not mine. https://slo.craigslist.org/cto/d/san-luis-obispo-1988-dodge-shelby-csx/7054397710.html
  3. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Ray once again. He's been in the hospital for 3 weeks already for an undisclosed ailment. He said the treatment regiment will keep him parked there for another 3 weeks. I'm hoping that this treatment will lead him to a full recovery and that he'll be well enough to go to SDAC-29. Warren
  4. Sad knowing #432 won't be at the Heritage Center any longer. I've stopped in specifically to see that car the last four times I've been in Las Vegas. On my last time through, I finally took the tour lead by a nice gentleman, who's jaw just about dropped when I told him I recently sold 1986 GLHS #457 (medical reasons). I am disappointed that the fabulous collection of cars representing the life work of Carroll Shelby will no longer be together in Vegas. I was lucky enough to see CSX 0001 when it was on display. While I loved looking at the Cobras and Ford based Shelbys, it was #432 I used to stare and study the most. I will still visit the Heritage Center, but with some loss in enthusiasm. It was the one place I could go and feel there was no argument by anybody that the Shelby Dodge cars were real Shelbys. I hope that whatever the Heritage Center is transforming into will continue to honor the entire embodiment of the work of Carroll Shelby. Warren
  5. Best wishes and hopes for a swift recovery to Ray. He's been in the hospital receiving treatment for an infection. He was hopeful he would be discharged soon. Warren
  6. Not mine. Sounds a little too good, so exercise discretion if you are shopping. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/cto/d/1989-dodge-shelby/6616381188.html
  7. Same problem with the numbered Shelby Dodges. Shelby corp does not want the dash plaque reproduced and has sued to stop those that have reproduced them. Makes sense from the standpoint that they want to prevent clones from being sold as the real deal. Good luck with your search for your car's original plaque.
  8. Did anybody else have a horrible echo through many of the earlier speakers? First half was very difficult to listen through as a result. It finally was fixed mid-broadcast. Nice tribute. Yes, it does feel very final. I'm feeling very numb right now. Hard to let go and say goodbye.
  9. Congratulations on the event and the tradition you are establishing. Looks like you folks had a great time. I hope there will be more regional gatherings of this type in the future for all of us to attend.
  10. Rest in Peace, Mr. Shelby. I look to your lifetime of accomplishment with great admiration and respect. You shall be missed. Many condolences to your family.
  11. GLHS988

    GLHS #988

    My '87 Shelby GLHS
  12. Bought my copy at Borders Bookstore. Nice article.
  13. Nice article and great that our Shelby's are starting to receive recognition as a muscle car and a collectible by magazines. The only disappointment I had was that this article read like an abbreviated rehash of an old Hemmings Muscle Machines feature story. http://www.hemmings.com/mus/stories/2005/06/01/hmn_feature13.html Warren
  14. But of course, if you can find a deal on a Shelby Dakota... Or maybe a Shelby Lancer? Anything Shelby worked his magic on is worth the price of admission. Agree on not wanting to modify a numbered car. With 21 years old being new for a Shelby Dodge, they are at the age that restoring or keeping them as a solid future resto candidate makes more sense than modifying a numbered car for the track IMO. The consolation is that more power just an ecu swap away.
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