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  1. Larry Wood SIXT on 66 Travel Blog Day 1 Well here I am, can’t believe that I’m driving down US route 66 in one of the coolest cars ever made. This Shelby GT is such a fabulous car to drive, ‘looks great, sounds great and WOW hit that loud pedal and you’re gone! Picked up the car last night in Chicago and the SIXT rent a car people were so nice, had the car all shined and ready to go, and actually drove on 66 for a short way into Joliet (home of the Blues Brothers) so an official start to the trip. Today started early to get the Shelby to the Hot Wheels Legends car show, signed a lot of autographs, and even with hundreds of show cars everyone asked about the Shelby. Had to judge with others on best in show, hard to do but we finally picked a 65 GTO gasser, hand built and in the family for years - great story to go with the car. Stopped at local watering hole for lunch and the family next to us saw the Shelby and went to look at it. When they came back they said they owned a Shelby and actually named their daughter Shelby, small world. Well tomorrow we start driving on 66, and heading west! Day 2 Started the day in Joliet, lots of Blues Brothers stuff, stopped by the Joliet prison to pick up Jake in our getaway SIXT Shelby GT, got cop engine, cop shocks and a full tank of gas, HIT IT! Headed south on 66 and took touristy pictures, hardest part is holding my foot up off the gas pedal. This pony wants to run, radar detector keeps going off but they must know where to hide because never saw one. Hopped on and off 66 hitting the highlights, been making good time in between stops. There are a lot of giant statues, and neat old towns along the way. Great museum in Pontiac Ill., and what do you know, it’s full of Pontiacs! Made it to St Louis in time to ride the arch, man gotta give the engineers credit, that’s a great iconic piece of America, made by tough men! More tomorrow as we finally start heading west. Day 3 Well woke up this morning to rain, don’t see much of that in L.A. think it’s the start of the storm coming north. Shelby the GT SIXT doesn’t care and is ready to go, hit 66 to see what is out there. First is the Meramac caverns, and as I turned in, saw a sign for a toy museum, darn it’s closed but can’t beat the photo app! Wow the caverns are big, and impressive, hard to believe what water and millions of years can do leaving wild sculptures. Ended the show with patriotic music and slide show on the stalagmites and stalagtites . After seeing that and the Shelby in the parking lot, you can’t help but be proud to be an American. Bet that’s the first time a Hot Wheels Mustang has been in a cave. Back on 66 and saw a couple teepees so pulled in to take a shot and a crabby lady kicked me out, first time I was ever kicked out of a teepee! Been enjoying the trip so much forgot I had XM radio, man this sound system is fantastic, got on the blues, and few Elvis songs , seem to fit this part of the country. I will switch to country in a few days. Route 66 stopped a few times so got back on 44 to make time, got to Joplin and hit a local 66 museum, picked up a cool 66 sign I never saw before for my shop. Got a late lunch and the owner was a Mustang owner , he and the waitress sat down and told stories about their Mustangs- the Shelby always gets people to talk (last night met a guy that worked on Indy cars back in the 60s, great stories and he met Carroll at Indy, very cool !) So back on 66 till I saw a tavern that was called Hogs and Hot Rods, had to stop in, cool place and everyone showed pictures of their cars, gave everyone Hot Wheels stickers to put on their rides. Great cloud show, don’t get rain and clouds like that in L.A. Ok! Time to sit down and plan tomorrow’s trip, should be a good one.
  2. SHELBY AND SIXT TEAM UP WITH “MR. HOT WHEELS” LARRY WOOD FOR HISTORIC ROUTE 66 JOURNEY Shelby American, Team Shelby and SIXT Rent-A-Car have teamed with designer Larry “Mr. Hot Wheels” Wood for an epic journey across America on historic Route 66. Starting in Chicago, Wood is retracing his migration 50 years ago along the fabled highway to join Mattel in Los Angeles. He will drive a supercharged SIXT edition Shelby GT-S rental car to greet fans and rediscover America’s adoration of the automobile in the “Larry Wood SIXT on 66 Tour.” Larry Wood began his career as a designer for Ford Motor Company. In 1968, he was offered the opportunity to become Mattel’s chief designer for their new line of die-cast cars. Mr. Wood and his wife, Shirley, packed up their car and drove along Route 66 to California, where he became a legend. Larry is connecting with fans of every generation who share his passion for the automobile, regardless of their scale. Team Shelby members look forward to swapping stories Larry and Shirley along the journey.” The Woods began their trip at the Chicago stop of the Hot Wheels Legend Tour on July 12 in Romeoville, Illinois. They picked up the supercharged Shelby GT-S and drove to the gathering. After signing autographs and greeting fans, they began their “SIXT on 66 Tour.” “When I began planning my dream trip along Route 66, I had a few stipulations,” said Wood. “First, we needed a very cool car with plenty of horsepower for the trip. And the exhaust note had to rumble so we could make an exciting entrance. Since my personal hot rods are orange, I really wanted one in that color. Most of all, the car had to be purely American so the connection would be genuine and personal. The vehicle that really fit those parameters was the SIXT edition Shelby GT-S.” Wood and Shelby have a long and very deep connection. Not only did Wood know Carroll Shelby, he memorialized many of the Texan’s famous cars as part of the Hot Wheels line up. Then in 2009, Wood was tapped by Shelby to work with the company’s chief designer, Vince LaViolette on the 2010 Ford Shelby GT350. The company built the Shelby GT350 for four model years and now those cars are highly coveted collectibles, just like many of the Hot Wheels that Wood designed. “SIXT and Shelby recently began their relationship by offering the supercharged Shelby GT-S in our livery at select locations in the United State,” said (insert SIXT spokesperson). “This is a car that we designed together with Shelby to give our customers the opportunity to experience the passion of American performance. Wood even hand built a Hot Wheels SIXT edition Shelby GT-S that he will auction for charity when the trip concludes. He and Shelby are chronicling the trip on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Shelby.com. We will be posting Larry's travel blog here throughout the tour!
  3. Team Shelby is supercharging the 2019 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction with a celebration of Carroll Shelby's birthday from January 17-19. You can "option up" your visit to the auction with exclusive access to Shelby legends and Ford executives, an auction block experience, group photos and so much more! For three days, we will be based along "Shelby Row" near the staging lanes. You will be in the middle of all the action as Shelby American, Shelby Legendary Cars and Team Shelby host special guest and automotive celebs... including you! For just $198 per person, the Team Shelby Barrett-Jackson Weekend package includes: • Group photo with Ford, Shelby and Barrett-Jackson execs around the new Shelby Mustang in the Ford exhibit • Daily activities celebrating Carroll Shelby's birthday in the private Team Shelby lounge along with Shelby legends and executives • A private "behind the scenes" group tour of Barrett-Jackson • Special lunch reception with Shelby Legendary Cars • A meet and greet with key Ford execs • Auction block experience with Aaron Shelby and Edsel Ford • A group photo with the 2019 Heritage Ford GT • Morning "Coffee with Carroll" where automotive celebs like Aaron Shelby, Gary Patterson and Vince LaViolette kick off the day • A commemorative event goodie bag A portion of the package price will benefit the Carroll Shelby Foundation, which will also be part of the fantastic weekend! Tickets are limited, so purchase no to come enjoy the auctions and be part of Team Shelby! ***Separate admission tickets to Barrett-Jackson are required and can be purchased at Barrett-Jackson.com*** Purchase tickets here: https://www.shelbystore.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=Z79-TS-BJAZ-2019
  4. It is my pleasure to announce Dave Goldberg as the new Team Shelby Pacific Coast Regional Director! He will be replacing Michael McGuirk, who will still be involved with the club, but has planned to devote more of his time to other pursuits. I will always be grateful to Michael for his contributions and support of Team Shelby, the community and Carroll Shelby Foundation. Dave has been involved with Team Shelby since 2014, recently serving as one of the So Cal State Directors. His Shelby journey began with the return of the Ford Shelby GT500. According to Dave, when he saw the commercial for the 2007 Shelby GT500 coming back, he said “WOW- that is an awesome car”! It’s the one where a guy receiving a crate in Germany opens it up to see the new GT500. The longshoreman asks if the new owner doesn’t like German cars, and the response is that he just doesn’t like the speed limits in America! He was sold. It took him a couple of years, but he bought a new GT500 in 2008. “It was white with black stripes. I owned it for a couple of years and loved the car, but growing teenagers and sports required me to sell it,” he said. Luckily for Team Shelby, his interest never waned. “In January of 2014, I was driving along and saw a 2007 White with Blue stripe GT500 for sale at a local dealership,” added Dave. “It was, just like the one in the commercial and my dream car! Low miles, perfect condition and all stock! I bought the car and then found out about Team Shelby and the annual Bash in Las Vegas. My wife, Kim, and I immediately bought the tickets, booked the hotel, and off we went.” It was at that Bash in 2014 that Dave discovered the awesome community Team Shelby. “The people were great, the friendships continue year after year,” explained Dave. “It was at that point that I wanted to be a part of this great team. I was brought in as the State Director for Southern California for Team Shelby and have enjoyed that role since 2014. Dave immediately jumped into helping with the Bash. He was asked to help with the Poker Run and was given the responsibility of running it the next year. The very entertaining event for those that choose to not track their cars now sells out consistently. In 2015, the Poker Run ended at the north end of The Strip. Dave asked if anyone would like to cruise down The Strip in a group. A few jumped in and word quickly spread. The next year, he offered it up again and about 30 cars participated. The event has grown over the years and is now known as “Snakes on the Strip” with 80 cars (max allowed) with an escort down The Strip by Las Vegas’ finest LVPD! Dave has also agreed to take on the resurrected Team Shelby newsletter. He is tapping his experience and expertise garnered from years in the business community. Dave attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and then went into the printing industry. He worked at a pre-press house, and then went to work for Scitex, the manufacturer of the equipment. Dave was promoted to Western Regional Sales support manager where he was responsible for offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco. He transitioned into a sales role a few years later and eventually moved to International Paper as a Regional Manager and HP selling digital printing solutions. Then after 23 years in the printing industry, he retired. Now Dave spends as much time as possible enjoying his cars. He has a 2007 Ford Shelby GT500, that was heavily modified with upgrades from Kenne Bell, Wilwood brakes, Eibach Pro suspension and 20” Alcoas wheels. His newest Shelby though has its roots in the first bash that he and Kim attended. “The 2014 Bash backed up to the 50th Anniversary for the Mustang,” stated Dave. “We stayed for a few days to attend the MCA events. This included the unveiling of the new Mustang on the bridge at NYNY hotel in Vegas. We fell in love with the car, and custom ordered one in Deep Impact Blue with 50th Anniversary trim package. It was delivered in December of ’14.” In March of 2016, The Goldbergs shipped the car to Shelby for transformation into Shelby GT. “As Shelby said in the brochure, it looks like the car was dipped in carbon fiber,“ noted Dave. “When we took delivery in Vegas, we learned that the program for the 2015-2016 Shelby GT had ended. To the best of my knowledge, there were only about 32 of that generation made, and this is the only Deep Impact Blue with white stripes built. CSM#10 is very special to us and truly a ‘one-of-one.’” Look for Dave to be even more involved at events across the country. He is especially keen for members to share their news and stories for the Team Shelby newsletter. You can reach Dave via email at davegt500@icloud.com.
  5. Tracey, who is the Texas Director for Team Shelby?  Bill Wenson, new member

  6. Speed into your weekend at the inaugural Team Shelby “DRIVE-IN” movie night, featuring the iconic film BULLITT!!!! Drive a Mustang, Shelby, classic car or hot rod and you will have the option of parking inside our facility to watch the movie from the comfort of your own vehicle! Admission is FREE, but if you want to park inside you must load in between 4:00-5:30PM. The movie begins at 6:30PM. Additional parking and seating options will be available onsite. Arrive early to check out the 2019 Ford Bullitt on display, in addition to all the other cool cars! There will be live music (In Contempt), food trucks, beer & wine, trivia, live auctions and more! Don’t miss your opportunity to “Go Hollywood” and hang out with all the car stars! Check out the 6th Annual Carroll Shelby Tribute Car Show the following day (Saturday, May,19th from 9:00-3:00PM)! Shelby International: 19021 South Figueroa Street, Gardena, CA. 90248Email: traceys@shelby.com with any questions. Hope to see you here! It’s a great way to kick-off a “Shelby” weekend! Proceeds will benefit the Carroll Shelby Foundation
  7. Sorry about the trouble! Here's the link: https://www.teamshelby.com/store/category/5-mca-team-shelby/ .
  8. Hi Dave, I’m glad you’re a part of both clubs already! This limited introductory offer is really geared for new members. It’s essentially the MCA “Digital” membership and selections from the Team Shelby membership. There is a limited time $10 coupon for a full Team Shelby membership as well. I hope this clarifies your question. Look for Team Shelby and MCA to do some fun things together this summer at events! Since you’re already a member of both clubs, you will be able to take advantage of these! Appreciate you being a part of Team Shelby! Best, Tracey
  9. Carroll Shelby believed that the passion for the automotive lifestyle should be shared by everyone. So the Mustang Club of America and Team Shelby are celebrating the birthday of the Ford Mustang with a special $50 introductory dual-membership club offer! This membership will provide a sample of the best that each organization has to offer. From unique magazines to member forums, discounts and swag, it was designed to get you up to speed quickly! For a limited time, your new joint membership will include: Team Shelby Special dual-membership card Shelby Annual magazine Team Shelby official club anniversary patch Team Shelby window decal Team Shelby official club anniversary magnet $10 gift card to Carroll Shelby’s Store Full access to the Team Shelby forums where you join discussions, upload images, access member-only news, etc. Special Team Shelby discounts with key partners Mustang Club of America MCA “Mustang Times” DIGITAL magazine subscription Two Mustang Club of America windshield decals Full access to the MCA website where you can post in member only forums, upload photos, create classified ads, access member-only news, etc. MCA members-only discounts including Ford X-Plan pricing on new Ford vehicles Right to enter MCA shows nationwide Right to vote in MCA elections and run for office From track events to concours and parties, the clubs offer something for everyone. Ownership of a Shelby, Mustang or Ford vehicle is not required - just bring your fun-loving spirit! Already a member of MCA? Save $10 on a Team Shelby full membership through April 25th by using code MCA10 at checkout: https://www.teamshelby.com/store/category/2-team-shelby-club-membership/ Already a member of Team Shelby? Visit Mustang Club of America at for more information on joining the club here: www.mustang.org This limited time offer is the perfect way to see how enjoyable – and valuable – the MCA and Team Shelby community can be for you. We believe that once you try out membership, you will never want to leave! Link to Join: https://www.teamshelby.com/store/category/5-mca-team-shelby/
  10. Join us for the 6th Annual Carroll Shelby Tribute and Car Show May 19 from 9:00-3:00 (PSD) at the Shelby International headquarters in Gardena, California. Our family-friendly event will celebrate Carroll Shelby’s life by showcasing the 50th anniversary of the Ford Shelby GT500KR, along with some of the rarest Shelby and Ford performance vehicles from the past five decades. Shelby American will display its latest lineup and conduct a vehicle unveil! There will also be a “Rev Your Engine” salute led by Aaron Shelby at 2 p.m., along with an autograph session for Shelby legends. This tribute to Shelby’s fun-loving lifestyle will include live music, prizes, a beer & wine garden, games and food trucks, as well as adult tricycle races! Admission is free for spectators and proceeds from the car show participants will benefit the Carroll Shelby Foundation. For more info and vehicle registration visit: www.carrollshelbytribute.com
  11. Join us for the 6th Annual Carroll Shelby Tribute and Car Show May 19 from 9:00-3:00 (PSD) at the Shelby International headquarters in Gardena, California. Our family-friendly event will celebrate Carroll Shelby’s life by showcasing the 50th anniversary of the Ford Shelby GT500KR, along with some of the rarest Shelby and Ford performance vehicles from the past five decades. Shelby American will display its latest lineup and conduct a vehicle unveil! There will also be a “Rev Your Engine” salute led by Aaron Shelby at 2 p.m., along with an autograph session for Shelby legends. This tribute to Shelby’s fun-loving lifestyle will include live music, prizes, a beer & wine garden, games and food trucks, as well as adult tricycle races! Admission is free for spectators and proceeds from the car show participants will benefit the Carroll Shelby Foundation. For more info and vehicle registration visit: www.carrollshelbytribute.com
  12. Hi Guys & Gals, Here’s the schedule for the 2018 Team Shelby Bash. We’re so excited to have so many of you joining us again this year! For those attending, an official survival guide will be emailed to you shortly before the event. You will also be receiving email updates from individuals managing event activities you’ve registered for. This year we have some great things planned and look forward to seeing you in a few short weeks! If you haven’t registered yet, you can purchase 2018 Team Shelby Bash tickets here: http://www.shelbystore.com/product-p/bash18-ticket.htm THURSDAY MARCH 8th Welcome Reception @ Stoney’s - Las Vegas (4:00PM to 8:00PM) FRIDAY MARCH 9th Open Track @ Spring Mountain Raceway (7:00AM to 5:00PM) Thrill Rides @ Spring Mountain Raceway (Schedule Varies) Open Track Lunch @ Spring Mountain Raceway (12:00 to 1:00PM) Poker Run & Lunch - Meet at Silverton (7:30AM to 3:30PM) 10 Year Celebration featuring Team Shelby’s Got Talent @ The Veil (6:30PM to 9:00PM) SATURDAY MARCH 10th Open Track @ Spring Mountain Raceway (7:00AM to 5:00PM) Thrill Rides @ Spring Mountain Raceway (Schedule Varies) Open Track Lunch @ Spring Mountain Raceway (12:00 to 1:00PM) “King of the Road” Scavenger Hunt - Starts at Silverton (9:00AM to 4:00PM) 2018 Shelby Bash Banquet @ Shelby American (6:30PM to 9:30PM) SUNDAY MARCH 11th CSF Pancake Breakfast @ Shelby American (8:00AM to 10:00AM) Team Shelby Car Show @ Shelby American (8:00AM to 11:30AM)
  13. I know many of you have rented these from Hertz... I may even have seen a few on the track at Team Shelby events (I will plead the 5th)! Hertz is now offering some of the inventory for sale and has provided me with this location link to share: https://www.hertzcarsales.com/Search?MapLat=27.9475&MapLong=-82.4588&singleMakeModel=true&Makes=Ford&Models=Mustang&TRIM=,GT%20Premium,GT-H&SORTER=MakeModel&SORTORDER=Ascending&BUCKETPAGE=1&pageSize=35&pageNumber=1&BUCKETCLICKS=true&BUCKETNAME=true Now that’s what I call a rental car!
  14. In the Los Angeles area? Come have some fun in the sun at the Shelby International (Shelby LA) facility this Saturday July 22 from 11:00AM to 4:00PM. Festivities include: Shelby Craft Beer (Buy a Pint Glass & Get a FREE pour), Food, Games, Cool Cars, Merchandise & More! Bring your Shelby, Muscle Car, Hot Rod or Bike. All Makes and Models are welcome!
  15. The Team Shelby VIP Experience Monterey is back! This fantastic package sold-out in 2016, so don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of all the fun this year!! Team Shelby will kick off Collector Car Week at the fantastic Bernardus Lodge, home of the Rolex Driver’s Banquet. We will dine among some of the most exciting cars in the world with Shelby Legends. Friday will include a scenic cruise along the Monterey coastline, ending with lunch at Rocky Point restaurant overlooking the Pacific Ocean. From there we’re off to the Mecum Auctions at the Del Monte Golf Course for an up close look at the amazing cars with a personal welcome from the CEO. Saturday will feature special activities at Laguna Seca Raceway followed by a VIP party at the Lodge at Pebble Beach and much more! The weekend will be packed with thrills, fine dining, friends, surprises and collectible gifts. At just $375 per person, you will enjoy the best of Monterey Collector Car Week with others who share your passion for the Shelby lifestyle! Space is limited to 50. 2017 Team Shelby VIP Experience Monterey Schedule Thursday 8/17/2017 - (1:00-3:00PM) 2017 Team Shelby VIP Experience “Kick-off” at Bernardus Lodge (Gourmet Lunch, Vehicle Unveils, Shelby Legends, Exclusive Gift Bag) Friday 8/18/2017 - (9:00AM-2:00PM) - Scenic Cruise up the Monterey coastline followed by lunch at Rocky Point Restaurant Friday 8/18/2017 - (2:30-5:00PM) - Mecum Auction and VIP Meet & Greet - Del Monte Golf Course Saturday 8/19/2017 - (8:00-6:30PM) - Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca - General Admission Ticket & Paddock, Souvenir Program Voucher, Preferred Parking Saturday 8/19/2017 - (12:00-1:00PM) - Private Tour of Ford Garage and historic presentation of the 1963 King Cobra at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca Saturday 8/19/2017 - (1:00-2:30) VIP Lunch with Special Guest & Autograph Session @ Hillbank Motorsports at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca Saturday 8/19/2017 (4:00-6:30PM) - AFAS (Automotive Fine Arts Society) Private Reception - Pebble Beach Lodge Link: http://www.shelbystore.com/product-p/ts-mont17.htm For more information contact traceys@shelby.com
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