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  1. I had a KB on my GT/SC and it was flawless. Very happy with it! It was polished, looked awesome, sat lower in the engine bay and sounded awesome!
  2. Great idea, but you might have to go to an upholstery shop and have them custom-made.
  3.  Hi Jer, Happy Thanksgiving! I sold my GT/SC and bought the R.  It was definitely difficult to let go!  I hope you can make it to the bash! 

  4. I had an 07 GT/SC with the Shelby /Wilwoods up front and Apex 18/10 square with Nitto NT01’s, 275/35’s. Braked well and stuck like glue!
  5. Just remove, reseal, and replace. I think with this high revving engine that tends to vibrate it just comes loose. I would definitely have Ford do it though.
  6. I was at Willow Springs this weekend with the cobra owners club with my 2017 Shelby GT 350R. After the first session we noticed an oil leak coming from my car. We finally figured out it was coming from the oil pressure sensor unit. Luckily I had somebody there to repair it. That same day, two other 350’s had an oil leak coming from the same place. Actually after the first session, a 350 blew there engine probably from the loss of oil from the sensor unit. Everyone needs to have your dealer check this out. Other than that the car was awesome. Nick
  7. nnadelizi

    New GT350

    Very nice, they are awesome cars! Enjoy!
  8. It’s hard to say what an official GT/SC is worth. I own a Shelby GT/SC California , the only one in white with the polished KB, and always wonder what it’s current value might be. I think about selling it at times and purchasing a 350, but I don’t think I can part with such a special car that I have owned for 10 years. My best guess at current value would be between $30 to $40k, depending on condition and mileage. Nick
  9. The track is a blast, but you will need a roll bar with a convertible.
  10. I was just speaking to someone on Saturday about this topic. The only way to clarify if they are still available is to call Shelby Performance Parts and ask them. Good luck! Nick
  11. I am going with some friends from SoCal ! Two days at the track!
  12. Here is a picture of the hero card. Its been quite a while, but I believe I found it on teamshelby. Nick
  13. Heck, I just installed one over the weekend!
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