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  1. Well, had a street race with another Mustang and the tires preformed well. I was able to out duel him for a win.
  2. Ok, nearly 3 years later and I finally ordered new tires for the car !! I stuck with the "stock" tire size and went with Continental Extreme Contact Sport (Max Performance Summer) in all 4 corners. I'll report back my review.
  3. I'm digging up this year old post to add a few more thoughts. (You'll eventually see this reply in a year or so.......lol). As far as I know, the KR's did not originally come with the Aluminum Billet brake fluid caps because someone at Shelby left them in a box on a shelf somewhere and forgot to install them. What I do know is, Shelby released the sale of them after the fact for $50 I believe. I secured one and it's now on the car. [mfield2a], I still want to purchase your Vista Blue Shelby GT to compliment my Vista Blue KR.
  4. Yeah, digging this post up from the grave since I'm finally getting new tires for the KR. I had plans several years ago to replace them but "life" got in the way and the car hasn't been driven much since. Anyway, it's time for replacements and It's pretty much a toss up between Michelin Pilot Sports, or Continental Extreme Contact as a matched set of 4. I'm open to the idea of having one brand on the rear, and another on the front. I just want to stick with the "stock" sizes of 255/45R18 front, and 285/40/R18 rear. I pretty much only drive the car in warmer weather and it's driven "spirited" most of the time. Now, getting back to the original post about the factory Goodyear tires, this is what I did. I purchased a complete set (tires and rims) several years ago that are stored in my basement. My thinking was, if this car survives my ownership for several decades, I'll use those factory tires and rims just for a car show. I have no plans on ever driving on those tires and I hope to never damage a rim that now sits on my KR.
  5. Damn, maybe I should sell my extra set if it's fetching over $300 !!
  6. I've watched many documentaries, movies, and read many books on Shelby. I found that documentary on Netflix to be the best one yet. I'll watch it again this weekend.
  7. It's now "Election Day" minus 1. Did you secure your post ? As for me, back in 2009, I put into play a retirement plan for 2022. As of this writing, I pretty much stayed the course and everything pretty much went as planned but, such as life, you need to make adjustments so.......it looks like my latest retirement date is in 2024.
  8. I never did an upgrade and didn't think one was in order for street use. I installed the front brake cooling ducts and just went with that. Did you install yours ?
  9. With all due respect, what are you talking about ? The GT500KR was produced in 1968, 2008, and 2009. I have an extra set of GT500KR/SHELBY/ALCOA milled lettering rims that I'd be willing to sell to you for $1500 apiece !! By your calculation, you can make a $500 profit on each rim/tire combo or $2000 profit on all 4 !!
  10. It's now 10 years later (2019) and I don't think anyone cares anymore.
  11. As far as I know, it wasn't a KR item that originally came with the car.
  12. Thanks for the kind words gentlemen. As for my axle, when I first got the car, I painted the rear axle assembly with "Hammered" by Rust-Oleum. It taped the stickers and took my time doing the entire assembly. Took me 3 days but the results came out great. I used the brush on paint as opposed to spray paint. I don't like working with spray paint.
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