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  1. If everything were equal (same mileage, same number of owners, same options...etc, etc) it would be the 2009 Vista Blue KR. Reasons: Rarest color and production out of all the standard KR's, and the 2009 model is likely the last "Pre-Titled" Shelby ever.
  2. Does that change out really require a new tune ? Heard conflicting things about the aggressive tune already installed from Shelby.
  3. As long as the roads are free of salt, I'll take the Shelby out. Once salt and sand hit the streets, it stays inside the garage.
  4. I'm sure Steve has the CSM #'s and Vin #'s to all 12 GT500SE editions. I saw a white coupe in Vegas a few years back. Had a brief discussion with the owner.
  5. The KR's came with standard plastic fuse box covers. You should be able to get one at your local Ford dealer. I know Shelby sold aluminum fuse box covers for most of their Shelby vehicles. Is that what you're referring to ?
  6. I wouldn't move to Texas because too many liberal Kalifornians are moving there and changing their way of life. Not sure why exiting Kalifornians choose to relocate in TX.......maybe it's their master plan to take over the most Conservative State in the Union one liberal at a time ! I'm sitting here in the cesspool known as NY. I have the same damn issue ! I'm looking to flee to the Southern coast but I'm battling the same issue. Too many Liberal NY'ers are relocating to Southern States and changing their climate. These Liberal NY'ers are moving down South and telling them that they're doing it all wrong!
  7. I went with the flat aluminum panel with the pop rivets. I had it painted body color. I think it looks most nostalgic.
  8. Without reading any replies, here's my answers: Why was this pic taken? I'll guess to promote the car ? Where was pic taken? Looks like SAI but prolly one of the older locations How is in the pic? Don't know but one fella looks like the guy from "Fast N Loud", and the guy next to him looks like a rock star....lol What car? Shelby Series 1.
  9. Look, I got my balls broken over in this very forum by SGT owners when I had my '08GT500. A lot said it "wasn't a real Shelby" since it was built entirely at FoMoCo. I shoot Nikon and get my balls busted by Canon shooters. Same with owning pretty much anything. Some people just need to put other things down I guess. It is what it is man. Some people are just......how shall I say it..."assholes". Yup, that about sums it up. To be honest, it's one of the reasons I no longer go to car meets or shows. Tired of hearing others talk bullshit. I'd rather drive the car as opposed to talking about them. I own an '09 KR and a Daytona Coupe "replica". I know a lot about the history of Shelby so I really don't want to hear some non educated people talk about something they don't know anything about. When I read posts (on any forum), I try to wade past the bullshit.
  10. Thanks for sharing the story and for clearing up the missing signature. Cool car and cool story that ended well.
  11. That car may be tough to get into and all but, try climbing around a Daytona Coupe ! You don't get in a Daytona Coupe, you "put it on".
  12. I saw a Vista Blue KR heading South on 81 from Carlisle a few weeks back. Anyone here ?
  13. I would have went quicker but it's still limited to 155mph. When I get new sneakers I'll have the limiter removed and see what the car can do stock.
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