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  1. Thanks for the kind words gentlemen. As for my axle, when I first got the car, I painted the rear axle assembly with "Hammered" by Rust-Oleum. It taped the stickers and took my time doing the entire assembly. Took me 3 days but the results came out great. I used the brush on paint as opposed to spray paint. I don't like working with spray paint.
  2. Nope, I'm at a loss. You may want to post this in "General Topic" for more traffic.
  3. It was one of the very first things I did when I picked up my KR new. After that, I painted the bare rear axle.
  4. Congrats and good luck. I want your SGT to go with my Vista Blue KR ;)
  5. You're right, not a bad number for the seller. I was fortunate enough to get my Vista Blue KR when the economy tanked, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to afford it. I paid $23k under MSRP at the time.
  6. If everything were equal (same mileage, same number of owners, same options...etc, etc) it would be the 2009 Vista Blue KR. Reasons: Rarest color and production out of all the standard KR's, and the 2009 model is likely the last "Pre-Titled" Shelby ever.
  7. Does that change out really require a new tune ? Heard conflicting things about the aggressive tune already installed from Shelby.
  8. As long as the roads are free of salt, I'll take the Shelby out. Once salt and sand hit the streets, it stays inside the garage.
  9. I'm sure Steve has the CSM #'s and Vin #'s to all 12 GT500SE editions. I saw a white coupe in Vegas a few years back. Had a brief discussion with the owner.
  10. The KR's came with standard plastic fuse box covers. You should be able to get one at your local Ford dealer. I know Shelby sold aluminum fuse box covers for most of their Shelby vehicles. Is that what you're referring to ?
  11. I wouldn't move to Texas because too many liberal Kalifornians are moving there and changing their way of life. Not sure why exiting Kalifornians choose to relocate in TX.......maybe it's their master plan to take over the most Conservative State in the Union one liberal at a time ! I'm sitting here in the cesspool known as NY. I have the same damn issue ! I'm looking to flee to the Southern coast but I'm battling the same issue. Too many Liberal NY'ers are relocating to Southern States and changing their climate. These Liberal NY'ers are moving down South and telling them that they're doing it all wrong!
  12. I went with the flat aluminum panel with the pop rivets. I had it painted body color. I think it looks most nostalgic.
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