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  1. I agree that was beyond reasoning and not called for and not right. You need to think about what you said .
  2. Go ahead and send another one and in the e-mail tell Tim I approved it. :)

  3. I have about 40000 mi on a set on my ford and I think they are very good tires for the price. They are about half gone with alot of speed rans on them. I plan on buying some more.
  4. Just got back from a trip from Colo. Springs to Las Vegas and the SGT got 25-26 MPG going 85 on I-70.
  5. Man you guys have it good. I live one valley over from Death Valley, one mile from the chip and seal,theres a reason for the name. Dusty all the time,in the air and on the ground.
  6. I agree with you . For my money bel sti is the one I like , works best for me .
  7. Had a jammer from RMR about 5 yrs ago, it didn't work for me . I'm running a bel sti for about 2 yrs and it has saved me one or more times a week ! I don't drive real fast but sometimes the speed creeps up . I drive a lot of miles 50000 a year or more on the open road, in nv. towns far apart . Hard to go the speed limit at times .
  8. I was in Shoshone,ca ( by Death Valley ) and someone was testing two Shelby GT 500 in death valley they were 2011's. They were getting gas at the station. Both were conv. with mfg lic on them.
  9. Just got it for $ 4.99 !! What a great buy. Thanks Dale
  10. Thanks I know the area well. We go shopping in LV every weekend ( there is no store's in our small town ). We live north about 100 miles from LV by Death Valley but in NV . Thanks for the infor Dale
  11. I,m driving in sat morning so I would be interested in going . Whats the address for cars and coffee
  12. Look on the bright side. It would put a lot of people to work finding out how to make not work . Drive 20,000 miles and still show you're parked . It would be done !!
  13. Good luck on the Ford warranty ! I have talked to the people at FPG and the Ford warranty many times and they both told me if the stripes are peeling or coming up they would replace them within the 3 years or 36000 miles, but if they are just spotted or faded they wouldn't replace after 1 year ,12000 miles. The dealer said they were bad stripes but they couldn't or wouldn't replace on the dealers dime without the warranty paying. All three said I could buy them and pay for the install and they could do the work!! Needless to say I still have my faded and spotted stripes on my car!! My salesman has a black SGT with faded stripes and they won't replace the stripes and he said they told him the same thing. His also isn't done. Real sad but true.
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