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  1. Do not run it hard in the mean time as that could be detrimental to your engine as it will be getting the wrong fuel mixture.
  2. 2008 gt500 with stock suspension and 30,000 miles. I just had new front tires installed. When they were checking the alignment they found a badly worn left lower ball joint. After replacement of the left arm assembly, $300 parts and $300 labor, they had to elongate the holes in order to adjust the camber. This all sounds a little strange with only 30,000 miles. Has anyone else had these issues?
  3. I went with the tsb 10-3-8 clutch as i live up here in the middle of no where, Rolla ND, and i could not find any reputable mod shops close by that had any experience with gt500s. All the ford dealers within 400 miles quoted me about the same price. i am picking it up tomorrow from Westly Ford in Minot ND. $2238 with labor. So i am keeping my fingers crossed. I hope it all turns out well. I had new front tires installed and a realignment done also. They found a badly worn left lower ball joint and after replacement they had to elongate the holes in order to get enough camber adjustment. This all seems a little strange with only 30,000 miles. Any body else run into alignment problems like this?
  4. My other option would be to just fix the original ceramic clutch. If it last another 9 years/30k miles that would not be so bad. I am having them price that out also.
  5. Just quoted $2589 for the job. $1010 labor $1579 parts. Grabber had it done in 2012 for $1438. Am i really getting screwed here? I am sure things have gone up since 2012 but this seems like a lot
  6. Just quoted $2589 for the job. $1010 labor $1579 parts. Grabber had it done in 2012 for $1438. Am i really getting screwed here? I am sure things have gone upthings have gone up since 2012 but this seems like a lot.
  7. I have a stock 2008 gt500 other than ford air intake and SCT pulley and flash. 30,000 miles. The clutch is slipping badly. I did have the original clutch TSB done in 2010 and have not had any clutch or trany issues until now. I do not track the car at all but do get a little aggressive at times. I have searched the forums on this issue. There is lots of info on there, it does get a little confusing. I am taking her to the dealer today to have them do TSB 10-3-8 which i understand is the 2010 clutch install. I hope i am making the correct decision. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to tell the service advisor? One of the tsb steps is to reprogram the PCM. Should i return my pcm to stock before delivering it or just leave the sct flash on it and tell the dealer to not do the new program or what? Other suggestions??
  8. I asked them to replace them, they said no. They are small gouges, i dont want to risk the refinish company doing more damage so i am just going to walk away with a lesson learned.
  9. I brought my 2008 GT500 to Discount tire for new rear tires and they gouged both rims, like new factory original. The assistant manager offered to send my rims to Dent Wizard to have them repaired. Is this a good option? What do you guys think i should do? Has anyone else had this happen and what did you do?
  10. It looks in your pics that the color of your CPC hood struts is lighter than the color of the car. I just opened a set of new vista blue CPC hood struts and found them to be the wrong color also. What did you think of the color match?
  11. I just opened my new CPC vista blue hood strut kit that i got from Bangastang. The color does not match my 2008 vista blue GT500. It is a lighter blue than the car. Has anyone else had this issue?
  12. Thanks for the input, Grabber. The invoice from doing TSB08-16-04 states that they did replace the trans syncros and the invoice lists all the parts that are listed in the TSB plus it says they replaced two other gears (#s 7R3Z-7102-A and 7R3Z-7B340-A) I wonder what those two gears are? They are going to tear it down Monday and look everything over and repair as necessary. I also looked at the LSA TSB, mine does not make those noices, which is good.
  13. I had tsb 08-16-04 done on 2/09. Everything worked fine after this. Now one year and 2000 miles later the second gear synchronizer is bad, the other gears seem OK and the clutch is still working fine. I have read the stickey on TSB 09-19-11. I am taking it to my dealer tomorrow (Jim Click in Tucson) , what should be done, should the clutch be gone thru again or just have them fix the synchronizers? Are there any other TSBs out there that i should have them check while it is in there? Any suggestions or advise would be appreciated.
  14. in searching for sound clips and info on axlebacks i found this sound clip on jumper2325's corsas. I am wondering which corsa axleback this is?? I see corsa offers more than one.
  15. No, its definately not dirt, but could it be caused by this plastic wheel if my wheels were dirty with brake dust and this plastic wheel forces the brake dust into the coating on the rims? I've worked on one of the damaged wheels with polishing compound and i can get most of the scratchs removed. My car still has the vibration issue, it looks like they may have to replace all the tires, when i take it back there, i'll have to raise soom he**.
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