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  1. Does it come with the bespoke umbrella(s) and do they open? Does the Spirit of Ecstasy retract as on the real one? These are important thing to know before I drop 36 large on a car for a Mego Captain Kirk figure.
  2. Really nice video, and nice to see a true no option car! Just like most of them probably were back in the day. No spoiler, no louvers, no black centered Magnums, no deluxe interior. Raw, serious performance.
  3. Thanks for posting this up. Order is in. Also I'd wanted to pick up one of the Camillo Pardo six car posters that are on sale, since I already have one of the originals hanging on the wall.
  4. Somebody hit the wrong key on typewriter. There was never ever a 'Y' code Mustang in the day. https://www.mustangreloaded.com/mustang-engine-codes/
  5. The "X" Code car was a 390 2V carb car. One year only and very rare. A good friend of mine bought one, only to find in the trunk a space saver spare...from a Boss 429!!! He sold the spare for more than he paid for the car, and then sold the car to Jerry Heasley! I did actually get to meet Bob last year at his display at the MCACN show in Chicago. He was very nice and all the "toys" he brought along really make for a cool display. 11-30-2019 736 11-30-2019 739 I did tease him, though. His display poster for his '69 Mach 1 has Acapulco spelled wrong for its paint descriptor.
  6. I think this raffle, along with a number of others out there, give you extra cash to handle the taxes! You're right in that an 'R' designates a shaker equipped ram-air Cobra Jet, while a 'Q' is a non-ram air with the standard scoop. The 'S' is a 390, an 'M' is a 4v 351 and 'H' a 2v 351. Have you ever seen an 'X' code '68? Rare.
  7. It is a Super Cobra Jet, external oil cooler and all. But when the car first came up for raffle, it wasn't shaker equipped and is a 'Q' Code not an ''R" code car. Even thought the window louvers aren't correct for this year car, I really am baffled by the low mounted grille emblem and lack of screw covers on both window crank handles. Love the color, did buy tickets and would love to win the car, but...would love to see a Marti Report with it.
  8. Shelby Collectibles did an #8 car that brings $60-$80. Otherwise we'd need a manufacturer. Should be on the base if there's no packaging.
  9. Even though it's a photo of the original sketch, have it signed as well as his book signed and personalized means a great deal to me, thanks. His daughter is going to maintain his small museum in Ohio, and I'd love to visit it one day. I don't know how much of his work he was able to retain but anything of his original work is certainly priceless.
  10. We were treated to fly-over to celebrate local front line workers by 2 x B-52's from Barksdale AFB in Shreveport and a pair of F-15s from the Belle Chase Joint Reserve Base (the Coon Ass Militia as it is known). Quite impressive and very appreciated by all of the health care workers and first responders is was meant for.
  11. Thanks, I had just received this signed photo of his original Mustang design and the new bumper sticker a few days before he passed away. I also have his book about his work on designing the Mustang and his efforts both before and after.
  12. Gale Halderman, who did the actual design chosen for the original Ford Mustang passed away at the age of 87 from cancer. I had the pleasure of meeting him in Charlotte at the 50th, and he was close friends with John and Jenny Clor. A truly sad day.
  13. Sounds like a cool piece. I have an unopened plastic kit that has figures of both Carrol and Ken Miles with a USRRC 427 Cobra roadster. I've seen a pewter Daytona Coupe. Big scale, big dollars as well.
  14. Awesome shots and a great diecast piece. With extra time and energy, I'm working on a plastic model kit project. If it turns out decently I'll post it up when done. Been a while since I've done on these and I got ambitious, maybe too ambitious.
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