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  1. New one on me. Sounds like revisioinist history at work.
  2. Does it come with 1:18 production delays and early model recalls included?
  3. Only bad part was having to leave after our three hour visit.
  4. '84 1/2 anniversary convertible. Parked in front of it, out of view if an '04 Mach 1.
  5. If you look closely, there's a 1:1 Mustang in the far left of the picture, one of two in the room parked nose to tail,
  6. 24 Hour War is good, but find a copy of Cobra Ferrari Wars, it's better.
  7. Hasd the pleasure of visiting fellow member Scott Moens' house when I went up to Chicago for the MCACN show. His collection is one for the ages.
  8. This is the Shelby calendar available for sale on the store site. It's not the Team Shelby calendar that came with our membership kit. https://www.shelbystore.com/product-p/9781975412104.htm
  9. I've got set #500, they're amazing and are all signed and numbered.
  10. Ewwww...Just eeeewwww... https://autoweek.com/article/los-angeles-auto-show/official-fords-new-ev-crossover-called-mustang-mach-e-and-you-can
  11. Our annual Mustang show is taking place on Saturday Nov.16, 2019 at Hollingsworth Richard Ford. Open to all Ford powered car trucks and whatever else may be out there. Registration is $35 at the door, starting at 8 am, with trophies to be handed out at 2pm. Food will be provided as well as music and door prizes. Silent auction as well. Proceeds will go to the CMN/OLOL Childrens Hospital that recently opened. Hope to see y'all there!
  12. There was also a mini-oil can coin bank as well as a t-shirt that came in a full sized oil can. Mine arent' for sale, but you may find them pop up in the secondary market. I've got the first series mat set, but I seem to recall a second series set. Or I could just be wrong.
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