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  1. And our very own Bill Hamilton gets into the fun!!! https://performance.ford.com/enthusiasts/quick-look/2020/08/table-top-car-show-4.html
  2. The Fairlane I'm working on now is going to the driver of the actual car as well. He was a racer who was sponsored by a local dealership and held a number of records at the time in the same car, a ''66 (later converted to a '67) with a 427 2x4v 4 speed car with 4:11s. He still has the manufacturer of origin paperwork on the car. He later campaigned a '69 Cobra Jet Mach 1.
  3. Actually did give it to him, I sent it to his hotel room as a surprise during the Carlisle show! The original kit did not come with a shaker, or exhaust tips, so I had to fab and replicate those items. His car does have the unique blue interior.
  4. My latest build is a replica of a car that belongs to a fellow member, Bill Hamilton. It was a fun and challenging build. Bill's a great friend and has a really nice car.
  5. I managed to get one of the dealer kits with the blower replica, but the owners kit is seriously cool.
  6. I know there's an owners kit that is stunning. It's got a replica of the supercharger scrolls on a base that allows them to spin. https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/received-gt500-owners-kit.136183/
  7. That is a beauty. Probably in the $280-300 range?
  8. Here's a few more photos I took of the model that they didn't run in the article.
  9. Did not knwo that. Must have been an interesting journey from where he was to where he is. Here's a link to a photo of the DST cat when it was cased actively and before the flares were added: https://www.pbase.com/mwphoto/image/24552920
  10. Bob is certainly no stranger to anyone in the Mustang community, and I had the pleasure of meeting him in Chicago last November at MCACN. His display of cars and parts was amazing. Wolfgan Kohrn has also put a link to the story on the Ponysite.de website but also included more current photos of the car as it exists today. It's strange, all of this time I've 'known' the story, and yet in trying to do current research it is almost completely forgotten. All told, it was about a 4 week adventure. Researching the needed parts and detail items and then gathering them all together. I've got another build in progress that I' ll post up here once complete. The virus isn't done, and neither am I!
  11. Hey 'Goose. Remember when I mentioned you'd be hearing more about Dearborn Steel Tubing? This is what I was talking about... I know it's not technically a diecast, but it's helped me keep my wits during all of this craziness... https://performance.ford.com/enthusiasts/quick-look/2020/07/toy-car-build.html
  12. I hadn't rad the original post when it first went up, but having driven a 500 myself it all rings true. But, what stood out for me was the statements about the the 350R. Having some seat time on one of those as well, I'll still say that the 350R is proably the best balanced and fun car I've ever driven, but the 500 in a completely different experience. In a good way.
  13. You'll find out, especially if you get track time. We were at NOLA and told to stand on it pretty much and then really be aggressive with the binders. Once I peeled my eyeballs off the windshield, dropping down from 120+ to walking speeds, I watched my friend later do the same from 155+ (overshot the braking zone). Car didn't miss a beat.
  14. And when you hit the brakes, be prepared. Those pizza pan sized discs do one heck of a job it getting you down to 0 fast. Going fast is good, stopping fast is better!
  15. The one I had the opportunity to drive at Xtreem Xperience was identical in color and trim, and an absolute blast to drive. Enjoy!
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