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  1. At least it should give us some respite from the 800lb. gorilla in the room, at least for an hour. Had good memories of Panteras, been around a few of them. Never got to have one.
  2. looks like there's some good new car porn in our very near future! https://www.autoweek.com/car-life/events/a31939515/new-to-the-queue-driven-on-discovery-resurrects-automotive-history/
  3. As a tire store manager, and what is apparently an essential provider, I'm down to 2 shop guys and myself. We're still on the front lines of this, and in a state with a huge rate f infection so my office and showroom get lots of disinfectant spray, and there's lots of handwashing going on. Be safe, all of you!!!
  4. I also agree with SVTkeith about the whole facebook thing. Everyone esle can have it. I prefer an actual site, or even better actual face to face. FB is something I've no interest in at all.
  5. I get it, I wish everyone else would as well. I did just fire off a letter to C&D about their test last month with the GT500 and the Challenger and Camaro. It was poorly worded and I'm sure it'll get ripped if it even gets recognized, but they were swayed way too much towards the Camaro. Seriously bad. The GT500 vs C8 stuff will all start to filter in soon I'm sure, but I'm just glad we are now living in the best muscle era ever. Stupid virus not withstanding.
  6. I've had the good fortune of running one on track a few weeks ago thanks to the good people at Xtreem Xperience. And it was all it was advertised to be, and then some. It's a pussycat in normal driving, but when it sings, it hits all the notes. And it should be getting resounding applause here...but...nothing????
  7. No worries on this end. I am just flummoxed than this site, which was a pretty good place to hang out and see some pretty cool stuff, back in the Robert and Sharon era, is now more of a ghost town with the exception of a tangent thread, this one. With the mighty GT500 on the street now, and a pretty impressive GT350 also on the lots, shouldn't things be rocking along?
  8. I think you missed the point of the comment. I m as big a car guy as their is. The guys on this thread are as well, and it shows. I am in no way slamming any of you, but my point was/is that this is Team Shelby , yet their is so little Shelby talk going on in the entire site you have to wonder if everyone is virtually sheltering in place? I'll talk Corvettes, Superbirds, Avantis, Cobras, Bricklins, whatever. Love doing it. But the fact that the most active part of this site is 180 degrees from what the site is titles is just...odd. For a brand that is not only still in production there just seems to be little chatter, while sites dedicated to such things as Mach 1s, which have been out of production for nearly a decade and a half often has more discussion.
  9. Is it just me, or is it a shame that the only action on a Shelby website is a Corvette thread?
  10. That is very cool. If any of you are on I-10 near the I-310 merge just NW of New Orleans there is a nest right next to the interstate. We saw not only the mature eagle perched atop a tree, but a pair o fsmaller eagles sticking their heads up as well. It was pretty movign.
  11. Not only did '69 Machs not have Magnums, but rear window louvers and front and rear spoilers never happened on those cars with. They're nice, but in no way original to the car. A Marti report would show that. Very common 'updates', but not from the factory. Rear window louvers were Boss 302 only in '69, and happened on a few non-Boss '70s. Magnums were still Boss only both years. It's like Hurst shifters, 70 yes, 69 no unless it was a Shelby and then it was neither.
  12. No question that these are the best of times when it comes to being a car guy. Even the porky Challenger/Charger line up gives people the ability to go pretty fast as well. They may not be able to stop or go around a corner, but in a straight line forward its pretty impressive. It doesn't dampen my love for vintage muscle, but it makes me happy that in this day of electric-this and hybrid-that that we have options and good options at that. When we got to the track, before our drive, we were taken around the track in Chevy SS sedans. I knew these were powerful and were some of the finest Australia had to offer, but these things screamed! Sad that they are gone, as well as the Falcon sedans that the Aussies built. I do agree that the dealers are stinking up the fun, and I think that as important as sales of cars are to the economy or our country, as well as the rest of the world, that these sales continue to be handled in the way they are. I wonder if manufacturers have any inking of how badly this process is done and how it really keeps potential customers away? I still do thing GM is low balling the Corvette prices, and that we'll see substantial increases on even the base car once things get really rolling.
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