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  1. I had the 410's with my whipple and you didn't have to down shift when entering ramps. 410's are great without the Whipple but with the Whipple then 355's would be much-much safer. In fact 331's would be even more safer as when you punch the throttle with the Whipple there is no hesitation. Know one can touch you with 410's on the highway in 4th gear. Ask me how I know.
  2. Correction,15,000.00 to much. I didn't see where he had a supercharger but he did have a hot water cap. That should be good for an extra 10 bucks.
  3. I know i'm not asking to much but this car is way over priced.My car looks much nicer and lower miles and 5,000 dollars cheaper and my mods were done correctly. If someone does not follow these cars then who knows, he just might find a sucker just wants a shelby but i think he's about 10,000.00 to much.
  4. Agree. This will be a very small group of original GT/SC's.We will probably lose 10 or 15 percent to wrecks and engine swaps on account of blown engines.I do believe we have about bottomed out and when the numbers do come out we should start seeing an increase in prices. The used ones as always will be the buy of the day.Unless someone has driven one of these cars including GT owners, they don't know just how great these cars perform.I drove an 2017 mustang GT automatic this past week and it was a DOG compared to these cars. It's hard to comprehend how powerful these cars are without driving or at least riding in one of these cars.I don't believe there is any greater performance for the price on the internet than a GT/SC at this time.
  5. It would probably help if i would advertise somewhere besides here. It shows how desperate i am lol.
  6. My 30,000.00 looks like a bargain compared to these other two Shelby's.
  7. Great car. Not enough demand yet.
  8. Very nice but not 42,000.00 nice.Someone didn't enjoy this car much. Hope it sells for near that price but i think we have a way to go to get anything decent for these cars. The retail values are still pretty low. If and when Shelby shuts down the GT/SC program on the 2007-2008 models and if the numbers come in around a 100 cars or so then i think we could see a very good bump in the price of these cars.
  9. Welcome to the forums and your new Shelby. If you are beating the 5.0's then you should have had extensive work done to it.There are a lot more Shelby's than forum members.Good luck with the search.
  10. I would like to know how it got 34 miles on it as most new cars have less than 10 miles on them. Obviously it never was rented with that low of miles but it was driven some where.
  11. My 10 year anniversary was last month. I have just over 17,000 miles on the car now. I changed the oil a couple of weeks ago and realized it had been over 15 months since i changed it. I've only driven it about 200 miles during that time so it's easy to forget my annual oil change.My stripes and hood scoop look as good as new and i have no dings or scratches so it looks great so for. Keeping it garaged makes a lot of difference.With me not driving it much anymore i will eventually get serious about selling it instead of just listing it here on the forums.I've enjoyed the car greatly but when i stopped modding it i pretty well stopped driving it.Happy Anniversary and i hope you make the 20 year anniversary.
  12. It's easy to turn them into a money pit. I'm a slow learner in thinking if it ain't broke don't fix it. I only suggested 410's so that you would get into that 2600-2800 rpm range quicker but there's not to much out there that will out run your car the way it is. Enjoy the ride.
  13. My belt tensioner i got from that car is still going strong. I've got the 410's on my whipple and i am 10 years older and just respect the car a little more now because it can get away from you. The 410's are a lot of fun though.
  14. I did say i installed the 410's before the whipple. 373's are probably best for the whipple but i believe 410's could help the paxton . If i were a few years younger then i might change back to 373's but i know how to respect the 410's and realize it can get away from you quickly especially in 1st and hitting it hard going into 2nd. If you are on the freeway going 60 mph then not hardly anyone can touch you. Just ask my buddy with the 79 camaro with the supercharged 454.He said it's not fast, it's quick.
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