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  1. There is a later edition (2011) of the Pritchard book (gold letttering on cover) , but it's over $100 and Haynes,the publisher, has abandoned general history books and gone back to owner's manuals. So here's some more facts on the '84 edition which has a white bordered jacket on a hardbound book. Racing in the Rain cold be more fun if you're a dog lover--It may be told from the dog's point of view! You can reach Brian at trueford@aol.com Title: Ford vs. Ferrari, the Battle for LeMans (hardcover) 1984 Author: Anthony Pritchard Publisher Zuma Marketing Brian's pitch on Amazon: "A journalist friend of mine got together with Anthony Pritchard, and got the rights to reprint this significant book, about what is referred to as the Golden Age of racing. BUT, the original small book was finished and printed when Ford left its' official direct international racing effort in 1967, but, Ford GTs again won LeMans in 1968, and 1969. (Gulf, Wyer racing effort) So, my journalist friend got chapters from Mr Pritchard from a subsequent book, covering those years to make a more complete book about the Ford GT racing program. The original book, and those chapters were combined, with applicable photos to create this book in 1984. I later purchased all his remaining copies of the book, in sealed cases from the publisher in Japan. Product details · Hardcover · Publisher: Zuma; Revised Edition edition (1984) · ASIN: B000J3LQEW · Package Dimensions: 9.1 x 6.6 x 1.1 inches · Shipping Weight: 1.6 pounds · Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #381,313 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) o #261 in Automotive History (Books)
  2. Usually in a feature film based on real life there's supposed to be a book listed in the redits that they supposedly "anchored" the story on. In this case, 20th Century Fox had a book, the rights to AJ Baime's Go Like Hell but they resold those rights before starting on Ford v. Ferrari. Fortunately there's several books on the era already out . Among them my buddy Brian Winer recently told me he saved many boxes of a title called Ford vs. Ferrari books by Anthony Pritchard and they are in superb condition. Maybe this book, which he offers on Amazon.com, will do until Fox (now Disney) gets their act together. Here's a story on brian's rescue and re-issue of the Pritchard book, with Brian's email address http://mycarquest.com/2019/06/book-collecting-the-saving-of-a-book.html
  3. https://news.avclub.com/buckle-up-for-matt-damon-and-christian-bale-in-this-for-1835191200 I am disaapointed that Damon doesnt sound too Texan and Miles not too British. I didn't know Shel and Miles ever duked it out Nonethless it's like it' going to be one helluva ride. I'm an occasional artist, will be depicting some Ford GTs and Cobras like the ones in the film . Hit me up for a list of prints in a couple weeks. I think there will be more trailers--hey it doesn't it theatres until Nov. 15th. We got plenty of time to see the film we Ford GT fans have all been waiting for....
  4. As a fine artist, I usually paint Ferraris and Porsches but have revisited Shelby cars periodically from '65 when I met Shelby and visited the LAX plant and count seven paingings on those themes. I'll have some 11" x 17" prints of my paintings of Cobras , GT40s and Shelby himself that I'll bring to Los Angeles when i attend the annual Shelby celebration May 4th at the Gardena plant. E-mail me at mendoart7@gmail if you want a preview of what's in stock. Any of this size can also be ordered as a 20" x 30" giclee printon canvas and re-embellished. I'll send pictures of what a giclee print looks like front and back.
  5. from Road & Racecar magazine Carroll Shelby Tribute Weekend, May 3–4 0 BY VR STAFF ON APRIL 23, 20192019, APRIL '19, CURRENT ISSUE OF RACECAR, NEWS–RACECAR, NORTH AMERICA, REGION, VINTAGE RACECAR ARCHIVES, VINTAGE RACECAR ARTICLES The second Team Shelby Movie Night and 7th Annual Carroll Shelby Tribute Car Show on May 3 – 4, 2019, will deliver a high-octane celebration worthy of the talents, energies and legacy of the great Carroll Shelby. The two-day event will include a display by Shelby American, a Ford-powered performance car show, entertainment, automotive celebrities and gathering by all facets of the Shelby community, including many brand partners at the headquarters of Carroll Shelby International in Gardena, California. The family-friendly weekend is hosted by Carroll Shelby International, the Carroll Shelby Foundation, Shelby American, Carroll Shelby Licensing, Team Shelby and Carroll Shelby’s Store. With Shelby’s Cobra serving as this year’s honored marque and a significant number of historic Cobras on display, Shelby brand partners will make important contributions to the weekend. “Carroll Shelby was truly a visionary,” said Joe Conway, Co-CEO of Carroll Shelby International, CEO of Shelby American and Board member of the Carroll Shelby Foundation. “He is internationally famous for winning races and founding Shelby American. He created communities through his dynamic car clubs and started a charitable foundation that has impacted the lives of thousands of young people. He also pioneered the development of branding partnerships that helped sustain these communities with products and events worldwide. We plan to celebrate all those facets of this incredible person at our global headquarters in Southern California.” The weekend festival begins on Friday night, May 3rd, with a free showing of Spinout, starring Rock-n-Roll legend Elvis Presley and featuring a Shelby Cobra as a lead movie role. The evening event will have a carnival atmosphere of games, food and all things Shelby. The weekend’s primary beneficiary is the Carroll Shelby Foundation. Hank Williams and his original 1964 Shelby Cobra 289. On Saturday, May 4, the Tribute car show will feature many current and historic performance vehicles. Anchored by Shelby American and Shelby Legendary Cars, the goal is to feature a significant number of Shelby Cobras in one spot. “Mr. Cobra” Lynn Park, original roadster owner Hank Williams and others have committed to showing their Cobras. One of the most anticipated cars will be CSX2154, a Shelby Cobra roadster presented by the Cobra Experience of Martinez, California. This special 1963 Shelby Cobra was built specifically for competition and was the first race car sold by the factory when new. Shelby American will both display its complete line of current cars and trucks, as well as present an overview of the models. In addition, they will deliver a pair of continuation 1967 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snakes to their new owners. The presentation will include the first and only original 1967 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake, which returned to the United States in January. “We host the annual Tribute to give fans from around the world an opportunity to honor an automotive hero,” said Neil Cummings, Co-CEO of Carroll Shelby International, CEO of Carroll Shelby Licensing, Co-President of the Carroll Shelby Foundation. “His success story embodies the power of talent, tenacity and grit that makes America great. In the eyes of many enthusiasts, the Cobra was an automotive moonshot, winning on tracks where no American car had won before. For as long as fans remember Carroll, we’ll commemorate him with incredible vehicles, parts, merchandise and events worldwide.” Team Shelby, the Orange County Cobra Club, the Los Angeles Shelby American Club, the Superformance Owners Group and the Mustang Club of America are among the organizations scheduled to be part of the event. Shelby American, the Original Venice Crew, Shelby Legendary Cars and the Carroll Shelby Foundation will provide riveting presentations throughout the day. Admission is free for spectators, while proceeds from car show participants will benefit the Carroll Shelby Foundation. To learn more about the event, please visit http://CarrollShelbyTribute.com/.
  6. I have about 30 11" x 17" prints of my paintings of Shelby related cars like 289 Cobras, 427 Cobras and Ford GTs. When I go to early morning events I took note of the jackets people wear and out here in Calif. they seem to like denim jackets. so I bought sm e and had my paintings put on cotton and sewed the image on the back. But the most think a denim jacket sells for is about $45. These would include a marque patch on the front or the shoulder.By the way the denim ones have a small caption telling where one an order a print. LEATHER INSTEAD But then I saw these ads from Ralph Lauren's RLR ranch, with jackets that look very aged, even the patches. He's charging $950 for these. I was thinking more like $450. The first ones I am making will have Ferraris but I could do some Shelby related cars if anyone's interested.I won't have any caption on the leather ones. I can't bring myself to besmirch the patches like he does, hey, he's been doing clothing for 50 years! Let me have your opinion. By the way I haven;t seen his aviator bomber jackets in person but I don't like the stiff surface of some real flight jackets, would rather have soft leather. And would rather have brown than black. Let me know if there's interest and in which material? By the way better to write mendoart7@gmail.com then sending a PM, Thanks Here's a picture of one of the previous ones done on denim as well as a Shelby related image. ralph flight jacket.webp
  7. This is the college high in the hills above the Rose Bowl that teaches about 70% of the world's car designers. The cool thing is, while the show is going on you can wander around and actually see classes being conducted. It's pretty pricey for a ticket and youhave to park at the Rose Bowl and take a shuttle but it's worth it to see what designers think is notable and a lot of their alumnus will be there at this event. Here's their press release 2012–2017 Archive Behind every beautifully designed car, from the 1938 Opel Kapitan to the 2018 Tesla Model 3, stands an innovative designer—one most likely educated at ArtCenter College of Design. Join auto enthusiasts, car collectors, history buffs and weekend adventurers at Car Classic 2018, where we will be celebrating the 70th anniversary of the College’s Transportation Design program. • Get up-close-and-personal with rare automobiles, motorcycles and stunning concept cars representing seven decades of ArtCenter’s influence in transportation design • Meet the innovative designers who brought these visions to life • Hear the stories behind some of the most iconic vehicles of our time • And much, much more! More than a high-profile car show, ArtCenter’s annual Car Classic honors the very best in industrial design, showcases the College’s strong ties to industry, and celebrates the indelible mark ArtCenter alumni have made on the world of transportation, all in a friendly environment and beautiful location. JOIN US Exhibitor Application Sponsorship Inquiries Become a Patron Media Inquiries Registration Now Open FOR MORE INFORMATION carclassic@artcenter.edu 626 396-2304
  8. Sounds like a whole lotta cars to me, but what the hey, they are the Kings of selling Fords, and this is their 7th year. Off of Roscoe in the San Fernando Valley. Here's the text from their announcement but I would find their website for more facts: We hope to see you at the 7th Annual Galpin Car Show! In just 6 years, the Galpin Car show has grown into one of the biggest car shows in the San Fernando Valley. As such, we are making some improvements to this years show that we believe will make it even more enjoyable for car show entrants and spectators. The footprint for this years show will be expanded over the entire Galpin Campus. We are expecting nearly 1000 vehicles that will be on display. In addition, we are also featuring more fun activities for kids like carnival games, paint-the-truck, live entertainment and delicious food. Time & Date 9AM-2PM. Sunday, October 7 at Galpin Motors. Vehicle Registration We have completely revamped how we are handling vehicle registration for this years show. In lieu of first come first serve, we are organizing vehicles this year so we can better communicate to spectators what they can expect to see and where. Vehicle Classification Show Car Registration is FREE! We welcome all: Hot-Rods, Classic VW’s, European and Imports, American Muscle Cars, Classic Cars, Customs, Antiques, Race Cars, One-Off Rides, Off-Road Vehicles, Super Cars and Exotics. If you are interested in displaying a specific vehicle, please e-mail us a picture of your vehicle at carshow@galpin.com or call 818-778-2116. PLEASE NOTE: In order to have your vehicle displayed at our car show, you must pre-register online by filling out the Vehicle Registration Form.
  9. Some files exceeded their allowable size but if interested parties email me I can send group shots of available prints.My email is photojournalistpro2@gmail.com
  10. Before I posted any I wanted to get the defination nailed down to separate this art from mass produced handout posters. Originally for these there was a painting made and then from those these 11" x 17" prints on a variety of paper were printed, the most unusual being a paper called Krome coat that is high gloss. The paper is heavy (80 to 100# weight) to further diffentiate them from mass produced posters. Each signed. Subject area--99% Cobras and GT40s. Price is $45 ea. Please let me know if there's interest and I'll post some.
  11. Will it include a way for memorabilia collectors to sell their stuff, like a swap meet? I didn't go to the Bash so don't know if it had such a feature. Also if they are going to Knottsberry they have to leave at about 6"30 am or so because I think most of the cars are in place at Knottsberry around 8 a.m. Andit's about 20-25 miles away from Pomona
  12. I liked Michael Mann's films since he did Miami Vice on TV (the movie Miami Vice I thought was too darkly lit, but that's another story). anyhow read in the trade papers like Hollywood Reporter that he is mulling over whether to do a gangster movie (despite the sore reception to his last one, with Johnny Depp) or A.J. Baime's "Go Like Hell" a book bought by 20th Century Fox. That was months ago but each time I check the net, it says he is still trying to decide. Anybody got any updated news? Casting? film locations? etc. (Ps it's great that someone replicated the body of the J-car as that could make an interesting sequence. Don't know what chassis it's on.
  13. the author of SHELBY The Man The Cars The Legend and COBRA & SHELBY MUSTANG Photo Archive will be signing his books at this event. Also introducing his new suspense thriller at the AUTOMOTIVE AUTHORS BOOK FAIR at the Petersen Auto Museum Saturday, October 29, 2011, 2:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. in the Grand Salon.
  14. Back around 1965 Bruce McLaren was loaned the tub of an aluminum chassied GT40 with a big block Ford and hewland gearbox. He supervised the building of it into a roadster Can Am car I think it was pretty unsuccessful. so my first question is: why, when , with an alloy tub, it must have weighed a lot less than a regular GT40. But the story gets more interesting. The car got back to SA and they put a Mk. II nose and tail on it, (plus revised the suspension) painted it red and entered it at Sebring where it won. So is this car occupying pride of place in a museum? No, it was reportedly cut in half and tossed into a landfill in Torrance,CA. My question is: has anyone found it? does anyone know what year? will a metal detector detect aluminum? I am ready to play Indiana Jones if I can get pointed in the right direction....
  15. In some custom hot rod magazine on the newsstand now, they have a several page article on Dean Jeffries including some pictures of the time he painted the pale yellow CSX2000 Cobra.In the article they say Shelby paid him with a hotted up Cobra engine. I thought at that time the engine would be a 260 but maybe by the time Shelby sent the engine he had 289s. Anyway my question is, in the article they say Jeffries built the Cobra body but before that I heard that Phil Remington had quite a few things to change on the car's evolution from the AC-Zephyr (the long nose AC that came after the Bristol) but I didn't know who did those modifications. Even though Jeffries built the incredibly curvy Manta Ray (powered by that same Cobra engine) I doubt he built a whole Cobra body. Does anyone think he did? I'd call him up but last time I talked to him, his memory of 40-plus years ago was a little spotty.
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