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  1. Quick Update: I reached out via phone and message said for SCT tuning to reach out to Shaun, but added "no other services at this time". Hopefully that meant tuning services and not installs. I left a message and I'll wait to see if I get a call back. Thanks again for all the help, Brian
  2. Hey guys, thanks for the feedback. I'll keep reaching out with hopes of getting in the que. I've got the parts and now just need to pull the trigger on the install. This is the last component to finally get my car back on the road and past the dreaded California "smog" problem......Amazing how adding massive HP will make me more "legal" LOL..... Thanks again, Brian
  3. Thanks Jim. I reached out to them via email, but haven't heard back for a couple days. I'll probably give em a call if I don't hear anything today.
  4. Hey all-- I'm looking for a reputable shop to install the complete Whipple kit from Lethal Performance. I have to get the whole kit, lower pulley, and injectors. I'm located in Northern California in the Sacramento area. Any suggestions are appreciated. Also, as a side note, for anyone who has had this install, what is the approximate time/labor hours needed to complete? Thank you for your feedback/suggestions, Brian
  5. Greetings, After spending the last 4 years basically just starting the car every few months, I've decided to pull her out of storage, bring her home and start back in with the modifications! I have a 2007 Torch Red GT500 with 10,000 miles on it and currently it has 20X10.5 Asanti 135 Wheels with 305/30/20 tires. While they look great with the lowered car, I'm trying to get something which will improve the handling, provide better traction/tires on the ground, and allow for future upgrades....(ie suspension, brakes, etc....) As mentioned above, I current have the Eibach Sportline springs on it which makes it VERY low to the ground, and with the 20 inch wheels and tires it just rides like complete crap! Over the next year I want to upgrade the suspension to something a little more drive-able, but also something which can help keep the tires on the ground when I inevitably upgrade the super charger and approach the 650-700 RWHP range! BOO YA! I''m looking to my old friends on the Team Shelby Forums to help with their experiences, both good and bad, with wheel/tire options, suspension opinions etc.....I've done searches, read the posts from the past, and gathered some info, but as with anything, things change, opinions change and more options seem to pop up every other week, so I'd like to get some new info from anyone willing to chime in. In order of what I want to do by the end of the year: 1. Get a new set of wheels and tires. Probably 18s or 19s (Even a 18/19 front/rear combo if future suspension can be planned around it). 2. $2500-$3500 for suspension upgrades to help keep 650RWHP+ on the ground. (In the past Griggs was the spot and had a great setup with 18 inch wheels, but that may have changed now) 3. Upgrade from basic pully/CAI to a new supercharger. 4. Brakes to help stop all that power Again, I welcome any ideas, plans, pics, or comments. Thank you all in advance,
  6. I have the SPP antenna on my 2012 with Navigation and the reception on local channels TOTALLY sucks.....I'm lucky to be able to listen to anything, and HD rarely if ever gets a good enough signal. Can't even hear sports on AM radio. IMO the Shelby Antenna looks good, but for actual use, is terrible. I'll be looking for something else which actual has a radio function so I'm not stuck on Ipod/Sat radio at all times.
  7. From his description and his response to WOT, I'm thinking he's just new to supercharger driving and expected the SC to be on continuously. Sounds like an open and shut case. You want boost....Step on it! :happy feet:
  8. It's the Cats.....every new car smells like that when you get on it a bit. As you've said just normal exhaust.....it will slowly go way as you put a few miles on her. Great color combo....look exactly like mine. (Minus the top)
  9. Congratulations on the new addition. Those 2 cars are among the most pampered in the US. Very nice!
  10. Grats on the new toy. Mine just arrived last week....I couldn't be happier. Lots of improvements over my 2007. Now if I can only talk to wife into letting me make it faster and colder so I could give Van a call!
  11. Good deal on the car, you'll be very happy when it arrives. However, the above poster is mistaken....while California cars are faster, I think he confused the colors. It's the Red/White combo like mine which are the fastest, not the White/Red combo like yours....Easy mistake to make though, so all is forgiven
  12. I'll be there. Attending with my wife's family. Right now my father in law is bringing his 71 Mach 1.....I'm undecided whether or not I should bring the '12 GT500 or not.
  13. Nobody in their right mind would by that for $399 when for $750 they could call Revan Racing and get a MUCH MUCH better unit.
  14. Well after a couple date jumps on the ETA to dealer my car is now on a rail car! Hoping to have it at the vehicle depot Thursday or Friday this week so I can personally pick it up and skip waiting for a truck to deliver it.......Here's to hoping everything goes as planned!
  15. I'd love to attend this, but my 2012 won't be at the dealership until the 17th, and my 07 is getting some work done. Guess, I'll have to wait until the next scheduled run. Have fun guys!
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