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  1. Thanks. It was a nice event and a lot of great people in attendance. The Cobra experience put up this short video capturing the different cars at the event. Only thing missing was the moment of noise where everyone revved their engines.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovDujxlndJ8
  2. The local Pacific Region held the 4th annual memorial for CS this past weekend. I thought I would post a few pics of this event at the Blackhawk Automotive museum in Blackhawk California.
  3. Thanks to Jim and staff who helped put this together. A great bunch of folks brought out their cars and enjoyed the venue. The weather could not have been any better. These photos were taken from the upper plaza.
  4. Hi Jim, two donations made for the upper plaza for the GLHS and the Dakota.
  5. Thanks Jim. Yep, they are all there. I have the poster from a similar angle as your shot. Thanks for posting. It was a great event turnout.
  6. Bringing the GLHS, Dakota and my little girl. She was just 1 at the San Jose Mercury News Shelby memorial gathering 3yrs back. She's the little one with me during the Car Guy Channel interview for those of you who where there and purchased the DVD.
  7. Thanks guys. I think the car will also run on this stuff
  8. Got my pack of Twin Turbo Energy drink today. Took a while as they said they got swamped with orders when they announced this for sale.
  9. Check with poly bushings for Polyurethane bushings. http://www.polybushings.com/index.html http://www.polybushings.com/pages/moparmounts.html
  10. That's great news Wayne. Good to have a Slowe inspected/verified SC.
  11. Nice final touch... The van looks great.
  12. Neil, off the subject, but was that photo of your CSX-T taken in 1998 at Shelby's Grand opening event? Looks like when we all lined up to go out to drive the Nascar Oval.
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