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  1. I will make it again this year. Hopefully the rain will stay away.
  2. This maybe an older picture but I thought it was pretty funny when I saw it today. I hope you enjoy
  3. Very well put. Remer when the 2007 mustang was the fastest factory mustang ever produced? That of course is no longer the fact, but it was at its time. The point is that all of these cars are fast, well designed and of course a blast to drive but will be beaten by the next year's car. The technology just keeps getting better and that's what makes this car hobby great!
  4. Still can't get into the new look. It is cool that someone did think ahead about the car number. That always amazes me that people think of those things.
  5. Remember when you do the suspension upgrade that you also get an adjustable panhard bar so that you can center the rear end once the car has been Iowered
  6. Great idea if you don't live in snow regions. I can only imagine how much snow would pack into that tire and then freeze. It would cause some seriously rough driving/riding.
  7. Changed it slightly Super Horsepower, Extraordinary Lineage, Built Your-way!!!
  8. Super Horsepower, Exciting Lines, Built Your-way!!!
  9. I go to shows but the most memorable ones are the ones with home made trophies or at super cars and coffee (a once of year event that really brings out the cool cars). Like this years winner which was a HRG (1 of 4). The best part is talking to others whether they are participating or spectators. By the way the awards at this years Super cars and coffee was a beer mug with the shows name and date engraved on it. So it's something you can actually use.
  10. So running the car for a longer amount of time did prove out to be the fix. Thanks for the advice
  11. I only let it run a few minutes. I wanted to make sure it was running correctly before I let it run too long or take it out. I will run it longer tomorrow and reply back.
  12. So I installed tbe VMP intercooler tank today. I partially filled filled it and checked for leak. Then I filled it to 3/4 full and started the car with the cap off. Ithen filled it the rest od the way. What I am seeing is no fluid is running through the top hose. I am seeing the fluid swirl and move in the tank which makes me believe that the pump is functioning. Should I be able to see the fluid coming back in through the top hose? Is there sonething else that I should do or check?
  13. Speedrx, Quick question for you are you running 275's on the rear with the lowered suspension? I was just wondering because i just lowered my 2007 two weeks ago with the FR3SVT Kit
  14. I went with the goodrich ss lines when I did my rotor and pad upgrade last year.
  15. 20% all around for me definitely a much nicer liok to my White 2007
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