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  1. After one of my oil changes I got home and noticed the invoice said 8 or 9 quarts of oil. Since I have a 2008 GT500 which takes 6.5 quarts, immediately called the dealer to ask. Service technician was thinking it was the 5.8L engine instead of 5.4L and put in 8.5 quarts of oil. Needless to say, I drove back where they drained it all and put in only 6.5 quarts, with a nice refund.
  2. I'm starting to search around for a new clutch myself (2008 GT500 stock), trying to decided between the one on Shelby Performance - ACE clutch - or the McLeod RXT. [ Sorry, only thing I see is The Kurgan standing in the middle of the battlefield yelling "MACLEOD!!" ] Haven't seen much more in searches about the Shelby / Ace clutch. How has it been holding up? Product page says I need the clutch slave from TSB 10-3-8, but haven't done the TSB. Is that something that can be purchased separately (guessing yes, but better to ask). Any other parts required from the TSB that I won't have in the stock 2008?
  3. Saw this on CNN yesterday - this is the exact idea I've been germinating for a while. Don't have the funds to build one yet. Also was looking more at the Factory Five cars as a base So, 100 cars @529K apiece; wonder what their investment cost is.
  4. I'd like to see a Mach 1 myself. Also, doesn't SVT usually take about 2 years to ramp up on a new design? Current generation came out in 2005 and first Shelby GT500 was 2007.
  5. I'd bet on a something with launch control. Maybe you can plug in a laptop / smartphone and get telemetry data like a pit crew. For the EcoBoost issues - what kind of gas were you using? Someone here at work told me it requires premium fuel and regular unleaded the engine will run terrible.
  6. I want a Jaguar .... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocMvuQbV3e0
  7. Think he meant all Roush Stage 1 body kit (bling) and none of the other performance mods (zing) that a Stage 3 has. ...or at least that's how I read it.
  8. Just flew into Phoenix and boy are my arms tired! Read an article in PopMech about a guy working on an attempt without the parachute assist at the end. Never did find out if he was successful.
  9. Placed the order on 8/2/2012 (last day of the sale) and the hood arrived 8/15/2012. The site wasn't taking the coupon code so I called and placed my order that way. Might want to call and check on the status - maybe an issue with credit card processing?
  10. Was able to take advantage of this and it really saved me some cash. My hood came in last week and made it out here in great condition. Thanks Robert!
  11. Posted this when the necktie was released, but since there is a new section for these ideas, thought I'd post it here. Currently looking in general for a nice tie bar/clasp and cufflinks. Did find a GT350 cufflink set with the car itself; personally didn't like it. How about a tie bar/clasp with the Cobra and wings with "Shelby GT500" and other models similar to the new keychains that are out. For the cufflinks, just the cobra itself - powerful yet not gaudy. Both available gold and silver versions. There are a number of necklaces, lapel pins and other jewerly - why not a tiebar and cufflinks? Just a thought Andy
  12. That's this weekend ... don't think I've heard about it much so wasn't on my radar. Not sure if I'll be in town this weekend or traveling somewhere yet.
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