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  1. Who builds the Shelby shifter? Tom
  2. I am running Nitto Invo. SS run large and the 295/35s I used had the death wobble. Search it if you are unfamiliar. Invos run a little small or average. Nice ride, nice price. Tom
  3. Don't forget to show your TS card for a 10% discount on purchases. Tom
  4. Yep, access panel under the rear seat. Check youtube. Tom
  5. I would do 275/35 front and 295/35 rear. Tom
  6. Maybe it isn't for the car? Tom
  7. A friend is a vendor in one of the 18 wheeler trailers at SEMA. He said sales were off by 40% from last year. He said the shooting really hurt attendance, especially from foreigners. He said he would sell thousands at a single time to foreigners so they could work around import taxes. That business was gone this year. Tom
  8. John Moore with Ford was driving it at the 85th when it broke at the road course. It was drivetrain, I believe the rear differ that broke. Tom
  9. So what is the real spin for Jackson? He claims it is worth $150K and gets a donation as a tax write off from the firefighters? Tom
  10. Common issue and if I recall correctly the culprit that starts the problem is when the battery goes dead, or likely disconnected, when they did your airbag. Tom
  11. Can you switch the pads to a low-dust version? Ceramics usually help. Tom
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