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  1. Must have done something wrong on the install. I had a gen 1 on my 2010 and now gen 2 on my 2013 nice and tight and zero noise on either one.
  2. Put an MGW in there and good oil and no issues. Fixed my 10 and 13. The 13 really was not tested stock but I already knew that crap shifter was going in the trash.
  3. A simple pulley on a 13/14 with tune and you are over the Hellcat range with ease, you just need traction. Dodge does not offer many after market items and hellcats are big boats for straight line use
  4. Sounds like an idiot dealer that you have to tell specifically what you want done on your car and what not to do.
  5. I would just sit on the baddest GT500 ever built 13/14 with all the options. There will never be one like these 2 years again. You just need to learn to tame the car. Mine drives perfectly normal and if I want stupid out of the 850hp beast, TC off mash down on the gas and get ready, otherwise she drives fine.
  6. I put MGW shifters in both my 10 and 13 and added a CHE trans brace on the 10 and never any issues since then. The stock shifter is garbage.
  7. Put the H-Pipe in Lethyl sells, get the cats out, add magnaflow axle back and badass but not annoying and free up the flow
  8. get rid of the cats and it will be where it needs to be. Of course you may want to move to a different state.
  9. I don't buy that theory you can change shocks to better ones
  10. I like the 2005 GT look better but that's me, just like the 2009 SS is a great looking car.
  11. My 2010 has the Dynotech Aluminum I got from Lethal Performance and like above zero install issues with my car lowered 1" using FRPP springs and no vibration so far up to 140. You don't need anything extra either it is a direct bolt on. I'm not 100% on CF driveshafts and I have a 2013 GT500 just waiting to see how it does on that car with 700rwhp now. I suppose either is ok but I opted for the aluminum.
  12. I use Mobil 1 full syn in my 2010GT500, 2013GT500, 2002 Viper and my other 3 daily cars and never ever had any issue. The term you have to use Ford 5W/50 is bs. I'm running 5W/50 Mobil 1 in mine with over 800HP/700RWHP and no issues.
  13. I just installed the newest version of MGW's shifter for the GT500 in my 2013. It is a nice piece of work and fits exact. I have the previous version of the MGW shifter in my 2010 and love it. The shift know is the perfect size also. I went with the black ball, silver stripes and cobra side logo like my other one. I will say the shifter is not for those that want real easy short shifting. I'm not saying it's real hard but it is I guess 30% harder than stock, but the quick short exact shift throws are worth it in every way. Took me one 50 mile test drive to get used to. It is such a short throw compared to stock and firm I was wondering was I really in gear. I went for the shifter, upgraded machined smooth lock nut and optional ball and was $496 out the door, UPS to my door. I did the install in under 3 hours start to stop but that was also doing it by myself. The hardest part just like the 2010 was those damn rail arm clips on the trans front to get to pop off. That always causes me a few choice words and 2 extra brewski's.
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