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  1. Hi Sharon, Just letting you know I recieved my members pack today. Thanks Peter from Australia
  2. They got back ok , went and saw stef last night to pick up some goodies he brouht back for me, stayed there till late he showed me all the picks ,videos etc. his head was still glowing, seems to me he got brain washed as well, talking about selling his cobra I think he wants a Mustang......... What did u guys do to him? He had a ball , wants to make it an annual thing. Tells me everyone he met was great , apparently Carroll Shelby is coming to his place for a barbie q is he bullshitting me or what ? :snake:
  3. Hey Joker , you have to do something about your avatar, I can't stop looking at it
  4. JEEE$ZZZZZZZZZ who's the sheila in you avatar MY GOD !!!!!! or MY Goddess
  5. I'm Local Sydney Australia ! :snake:
  6. :happy feet: Hey did anybody see the Baldy aussie and his sidekick floating around the place. They are missing fom aus apparently in Las vegas attending the big bash If you see them tell them there cars have been sold and they're wives have left them Peter has the funds from the sales and has ordered a 2008 Gt 500 KR. Hope veryone had a nice time there, Post some pics so we can see !!!!!!!! Alll the best from DOWN UNDER ! :snake:
  7. Here's a couple Will post more in my gallery
  8. Here's a link to some Aussie cars in action , these are my personal posts on youtube Thats my red beast , just some footage taken recently http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=acecob
  9. Do you want to see aussie cars or just any cars
  10. Oy ! thats an aussie accent , tell me your an aussie living in the US or somethin in that nature Thanks for the kind welcomes people Here's a quick one: The Gt's and Monaro's that were worth Between 4 to 6 thouand about 36 years ago are fetching six figure sums here now An original '71 XY gtho will sell for between 5 and 7 hundred thou Original Bathurst Monaro same year Just over 200 thou or more Hows that for an investment
  11. :snake: Hi to all the Team Shelby members, I'm a new member from downunder Aus , my name is Peter and I like to use the nick acecob and Im a total Snake lover (and charmer) Just a quick hi to everyone and a special hello to my good friend Stef 0427 who introduced me to this fab place Looking forward to chatting and making new friends over in Shelbyland
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