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  1. Decided that I am going to look at the coupe with the svt package and recaros this week. My 08 vert has 6k and this 14 has 4k on it. What should I realistically expect the trade difference to be?
  2. I bought my 2008 GT500 vert new. Loved it but now I am being tempted with two 14 gt500s. I drove the coupe and really was impressed. Here are the vins of both cars, can someone her give me the specs on the options of each Shelby. 1ZVBP8JZXE5253947 1ZVBP8KZ3E5253948 Thanks
  3. Well I still have the Shelby. However I also now own a 2015 2SS RS 1le Camaro with the NPP Exhaust. What a fun handling car.
  4. I have a 08 Gt500 Vert purchased new with 6k no mods. Was offered 37k on trade for a Zl1 Msrp of Zl1 is 58k they have 15% off So its 58k-37k then tax and then another $8700 off. So it would cost me $14,000 out of pocket to move up 7 model years Would you trade?
  5. What is my car worth? 08 gT500 Vert 5000 miles original owner. Perfect, no mods. Thanks
  6. Its been 8 years since the original post. Whats the your perspective on the future value of the 07-09 Shelbys?
  7. I purchased a 07 Parnelli Jones Saleen with 2k on it last year for 31k. I am palnning on sitting on it thinking it will provide a 12% rate of reurn if I keep it 20 yrs, What do you think of this move?
  8. Ok I have a 14 volt that I love and used the full $7500 tax credit. I bought the volt for 33k and then subrat $7500 tax credit. So I an in for $25500. MY local dealer has a 2ss 13 Camaro with 5k that I can buy for 31k minus 26 k for the volt. Would you pull the trigger?
  9. I just got a call from my insurance agent because I have two sons and a Shelby. The carrier he said has a red flag for Shelbys and young drivers. My boys are under 14! I told them their ages and said ok but in a few years you will have to sell the Shelby once they star driving. Wow is that true will insurance companies drop a 800 fico score and a clean driving record for someone with a Shelby a young driver?
  10. no answers to my original question? The Zl1 does out perform my 08 in every way except top down driving. This Zl1 I have found has had a birthday on the dealers lot so what $ should I expect?
  11. I have a loaded 08 gt500 vert with 7000 miles. I am considering trading it for a 92 mile new 2013 Zl1 coupe. What money would you think would be a deal maker if you did this deal.
  12. I was wondering why that is such a deal for those wheels when they are selling Gt500 wheels for $200 bucks each.
  13. If its your friend you should extend a courtesy drive. Then if you like like it talk price
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