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    Former Shelby American Vice President. I love my wife, my dogs, cars, and music. I'm back in the music biz now, working with the world's best. Send me a "Friend Request" on Facebook.

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  1. By the way, I almost forgot... forgive me... Congratulations on buying such a wonderful car! Welcome to the family! Jer
  2. My advice? Grab a secondhand Mustang trunklid from a boneyard (cheaper than dirt), have it painted Vista Blue, and restripe and re-letter it. Back to stock! Jer
  3. KILL IT WITH FIRE! (Sorry, just having a bit of fun there...) Yeah, part of the Shelby GT charm is that it mimics the smooth tail of the original GT350. Spoiler? Hell, no. Just my 2 cents. Jer
  4. Please contact Jim Fay at 920.279.0875 8 am to 8 pm Central Time jim@fays2.net
  5. If you have clearance issues, put the bolt in the other way. The flat, shallow side toward the diff cover. I didn't need Locktite. (Not my car, BTW, just a photo I could find quickly to help you). Jer
  6. Don’t get cold feet. The Watts is far superior. Night and day, even in everyday driving. Jer
  7. Not all KRs got an ugraded cover, but the ones that did (the later cars) all had the black cover, as pictured. Jer
  8. I may have one in my collection. I'll check. Jer
  9. Hmmm... that's a mystery.... Jer
  10. Yup. Great car, goofy price. And who knows what's dried out and atrophied at this point. For a few less bucks, it'd be cool to grab it and get it out and breathing. An auto vert is a great cruiser.
  11.  Hi Jer, Happy Thanksgiving! I sold my GT/SC and bought the R.  It was definitely difficult to let go!  I hope you can make it to the bash! 

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