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  1. Jeff, thanks......so the wheels were not chrome but considered the polished version?
  2. Does anyone sell the factory chrome wheels that came on these cars?
  3. I am wanting to use the factory size tire as a spare if it will fit in the trunk spare area
  4. Will a stock wheel and tire that came on the 2007 Shelby GT fit in the spare space in the trunk? My car has 500 miles on it and I decided to put new tires on it and saw only a compressor with a much expired patch kit from Ford and no scissor jack or lug wrench. Can someone tell me where the proper lifting points are for a scissor jack and if the car is put on a lift? Sorry for probably an old topic but I want to make sure I don't damage the car. Any feedback appreciated
  5. Anybody swap out the pony grille emblem for something more interesting? Looking for ideas........................
  6. The seats are leather for the most part, no?
  7. So I was able to find Griots Leather conditioner here locally, no luck with the Zymol or some others. The directions said to rub it in and then immediately wipe it off.....which I did...twice. I can barely notice any difference. The seat looks the same. This is a 400 mile car that has lived in the garage its whole life but the interior has never been touched. Am I expecting to much? Should there not be more of a shine? Thanks,
  8. Can someone recommend a brand for caring for the leather interior that doesn't look like you soaked the seats in Marvel Mystery oil? Thanks
  9. Because I am an idiot......................................
  10. It appears that my fuel pump has bit the dust. Anybody have a video or some good pointers for swapping it out? Thanks Guys!
  11. So the fuel pump is not in the gas tank? Wow.....didn't know that.
  12. Respectfully, why should I try a different battery when the one in the car spins it over like 100 mph? I don't understand this....
  13. The car cranks over like it has a brand new battery. I have no mice issues.....but where would this wiring be located? I do appreciate the help!
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