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  1. 2020 GT500 news

    Go ahead and get in line. If it doesn't cost anything no big deal. If it does make sure it is in writing the deposit is refundable and that your purchase is for MSRP but only give them a couple of hundred bucks. If it works out hey great. They'll probably sell the car to someone else with a bigger pocketbook (ie, willing to pay adm) but all you lost was time. Good luck.
  2. 2020 GT500 news

    I thought the Tesla was an order against a car though, not just a list written on a back of an envelope in some sales guys desk. But yes, they are using it to finance their production. Unlike Ford's method of handling the GT500/GT350 etc, Tesla will sell as many cars as they can make. Ford makes allocations to dealers so the dealers play "list against reality" which almost always adds the ADM. PS, I rode in a friends Model S. I liked it. It was very comfortable and responsive (enough "horsepower") Range would be an issue for long drives but for a local or area commuting vehicle it's very nice. The kind of luxury sedan a sales guy would love. I've even seen a few with real estate stickers on them around here.
  3. 2020 GT500 news

    The order bank has not opened yet (not likely until late Q2 or Q3 for a fall order) so anyone taking an order with a deposit is just taking your money and putting it into their bank to float their floor plan (note 1). Second, any dealer taking an order for MSRP today is furthermore ripping you off because there is an almost 100% chance when it comes time to put the order in he will suddenly add a hefty ADM to the price. Getting on a list is a fine thing. Giving the dealer money other than a hundred bucks or so is not wise because the only one making money on that deal is them. Note 1: In the early days of the new Ford GT dealers were taking hefty (250K+ deposits). One person I know of after the announcement of the actual "lottery" demanded his deposit back. He had to wait until the dealership flushed enough inventory to make up the cash. The same dealer was still taking deposits at the time even though he knew he was not going to get a car for sale!!! Reports to the BBB stopped it.
  4. Shelby Engraved Valve Covers

    Those sure are sharp looking!
  5. 2020 GT500 news

    Most protoss are crushed. they do not have a mso or vin snd cannot be licensed. occasionally you hear of one that survived and some old 9nes sell for big bucks. ypu might not want one since most of them are not finished interiors and have missing parts replaced with 8nstrumentation. I saw a test challenger and the front seat looked like a cop car with laptop and lots of wires to data gathering gear. so those cars you see on secret pic sites with camo are probably toast
  6. 2020 GT500 news

    Indeed when you buy VIN #1 you are buying the RIGHT to VIN #1 and the car on the block is a factory prototype.
  7. Best Oil for GT350

    Why not use what the owner's manual recommends? With all the stories about oil consumption on the 350s I'd stay with Ford products.
  8. 07 GT/SC conversion promotions

    Love the polished blower!!!
  9. 2019 Bash

    As a local (now for 5 years and several-times-a-year for over 20 before that) I would also mention that every hotel north of and including Mandalay Bay now charges for parking. So in addition to the resort fee, you will have a daily parking fee. If you want the bee-hive activity of the strip for after hours it may be worth it. In my industry we had lots of meetings in Vegas, and for a "conference" like the Bash, where almost every hour of every day is planned, we chose properties that were less costly - after all it's just a place to crash after a long day. 5 years ago that included the Tropicana and Bally's but now they are using Suite hotels in Henderson. The South Point is another south-of-the-strip property with lots of parking (since they have the rodeo/horse arena so trailer parking) but it won't be cheap if there is an event there. Besides, Silverton has a Bass Pro Shop
  10. Terlingua Preservation Society

    Saw this today. https://performance.ford.com/enthusiasts/newsroom/2019/01/terlingua-preservation-society.html?cks=45969402906&emailid=FP_FASTNEWS
  11. Converted GT to GT/SC or GT500

    He bought a GT500.
  12. Terlingua Preservation Society

    You could check the patent office trademarks to see if there is any new activity in this space.
  13. David's NEWS ROOM

    Ha, now he knows where to get them made
  14. Also, this is the time of year that the Arizona car guys are most active. The Phoenix Cobra guys have something going on almost every weekend. The weather that makes cars fun this time of year is also the downside - the snow birds migrate there around Holloween-Thanksgiving, and leave in late March. You'll have lots of old people driving many of whom have no business behind a wheel. And if you insist on snow, drive up to Payson and you'll get all you want. There's even a ski area in Flagstaff (although I don't think it''s a highly rated slope. But Vegas has one too of a similar scope. Local day trip kind of thing.
  15. We lived there after we got married from 1976-1979. I love the desert heat. Let's face it, in the continental US, you are going to spend 3 months of the year inside. The thing I love about the desert is that I've never ever had to shovel 3" of 105* off my driveway, and if I do wander outside during those three months my preference is a pool over a ice skating rink. From Phoenix we went to Colorado Springs (79-86), Massachusetts (86-96), Lyons, CO (96-14) and now Vegas (14-19) with a brief stint back in Phoenix with Intel at the tail end of 95-96. We liked the Lyons area best of CO (the Springs area we were in had lots of military families and they don't socialize very much. MA weather was dreadful in the winter and the the spring with black flies, summer with humidity, the only positive being fall with the trees changing color. The valley is huge. We lived in Tempe proper. My aunt and uncle have lived in Tempe, Mesa and Chandler, and Phoenix proper. The area has grown exponentially - areas that were farm ground when we lived in the area in the 70s became the Intel Chandler plant by 96. If the Intel thing had stuck we were looking in the Queen Creek area. Not so developed towards that area that you could still get a respectable lot with city services (some had wells/septic) but without the HOAs that everyone ought to hate. Landlocked cities, esp. Tempe, have very little new housing stock and most is "aging", so if you're looking for new construction look out in the areas of Chandler, etc. We briefly considered retiring to AZ, in 14 but chose Nevada due to the no state income tax. A desert city is a desert city, but the tie breaker for Vegas was we already had some friends that lived here. When we lived there in the 70s and went to MA we were fearful of the increase in taxes. AZ has moderate property taxes and a very fair state income tax. Compared to Colorado front range AZ housing is cheap but I don't know exactly where you're coming from. Use Zillow to narrow in on some areas you might want to look at.
  16. 2020 GT500 news

    Um. Predicting the past?
  17. What SC setup is now available

    Some will claim that putting a non-Shelby S/C on it will decrease the value of the Shelby. That is consistent with the general assertion that mods are on your nickel and won't increase the value of the car. In the case of the Shelby GT "bone stock" or "Shelby factory upgrades" are best. Like I said earlier, if you're just looking to get power out of the 4.6L, get a regular Mustang and put a blower on it, don't pay the premium for the Shelby underneath. I know you want a Shelby so do consider the GT500. Unless you track the car you won't notice the difference in handling.
  18. new to Shelby but not Mustangs

    Hi and welcome!
  19. From the look of the crash, I'm just hopeful the driver/renter was alive to care.
  20. The New Shelby GT 500...........

    From day 1 til day last (which hasn't happened yet). You still can't get a GT350R for MSRP.
  21. Not a good day for 07XL0305

    Ouch. That will need some 00 buffing pad.
  22. 2019 Bash

    It's going to be very difficult to find a place in Vegas without the "resort fees". In fact, I'd wager you might want to think twice about the places that don't have them.
  23. Carroll Shelby Racing

    That is a pretty vague description written by a marketing person or a lawyer (or both). It would be nice if you described your relationship to the Shelby family and/or the Shelby American group. Are you an employee or is your organization using the Shelby moniker under license? We just want to know who is speaking.
  24. Converted GT to GT/SC or GT500

    Per the original design goals, the Shelby GT will be a better handling car, and the GT500 will be a better straight line car. Mine was a GT/SC with an automatic and I stated at the time that the GT auto transmission was about as perfect as it could be. I had two identical cars and the auto shifted EXACTLY where I shifted the manual, but did it much more predictably and faster. The one time I drag raced (first and only) I think I did somewhere around 13 (just a little over) and since it was a convertible they told me if I went under 13 I'd have to leave. I never got better since my first run was one of the first runs of the day so the starting area was clear and the tires got really good grip but after that started to get squirrelly and almost sent me into the wall. I didn't run any more after that.