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  1. New 2019 Shelby GT Purchase

    Yep, you just stated why this forum doesn't get much SAI marketing info any more... No money or buyers to be found here.
  2. New 2019 Shelby GT Purchase

    There are two things operating here. 1. This forum is no longer representative of the Shelby American target demographic. Not that it ever really was, which leads to.. 2. The buyers of the latest generation of Shelby cars are not Forum people, and aren't probably even Facebook people.

    You will have much better luck selling the Cobras and GT40 at www.cobracountry.com. This place is primarily focused on modern era Mustangs.
  4. New Ford GT production expanded to 1350

    Expanded from 1000 to 1350 with two more years. It's open enrollment time for Medicare, Obamacare and Ford GT! The application process will re-open on Nov 8. https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/news/2018/10/18/ford-increasing-gt-production.html#
  5. GT500KR Convertible (2008-2009) Do they really exist ?

    Shelby American was just an extension to the manufacturing process (note 1). Ford determined build numbers. Note 1: Since the KR was COMPLETED by Shelby American, the cars count as one of the two models of pre-title Ford/Shelby vehicles, the Shelby GT being the other.
  6. Auto carrier question

    So this is really advice on using a reputable nationwide carrier instead of some random guy with a pickup and trailer hooked up by a jobber. Stay with recognized carriers like Intercity and Reliable and you won't regret it. Unfortunately with the blooming of auctions the best carriers are now catering to them, so you need to plan ahead and be flexible. I got my Ford GT from Colorado to Vegas on a week's notice with Reliable by hitching a ride with some super-secret vehicles that I was not allowed to be near as they were unloaded. (Turned out they were Hellcats moving from high altitude testing in Colorado to desert driving in Vegas.)
  7. Goodyear eagles.

    Maybe if you have the space to store them, but the chances of keeping these original tires and wheels having any influence on the value of a KR that has been driven are practically nil. Maybe in 50 years, but then the value will be for cars that are still wrapped in plastic. Like I said, if it's got miles on it just put new tires on it, drive and enjoy it.
  8. Goodyear eagles.

    The NOS tires won't fix that as they are just as old and the same hockey pucks when cold. There are many topics here about replacements (and the best in class changes as the manufacturers come up with better solutions.) I think the latest recommendations were the Michelins. The tires were basically the same family as on the Ford GT and we use Bridgestone Potenzas and they are a superb tire but I don't think they are available in Mustang sizes.
  9. Goodyear eagles.

    Verify the date codes. Nothing more than about 1 year old. But if you're going to leave (the probably dated) original tires and just store these, then you're just adding to the age of already dated tires. Don't build a stock of disposables. The car is already "out of the wrapper" so will not increase in value from storage. Just drive it.
  10. Barrett Jackson SGT stripe color code

    It's all here. Try Search.
  11. Barrett Jackson SGT stripe color code

    Sorry, don't know the code, but it is supposedly the Barrett Jackson color.
  12. Series 1 parts

    Your best bet will be to contact Shelby American directly. Another contact might be Steve Becker.
  13. Auto carrier question

    You don't say if you are looking for a covered trailer. If so I've used Reliable and Intercity. Both are excellent. Charges for enclosed carriers will be about $1/mile. PS There are lots of topics on this subject.
  14. H20 GT500 Crash - Ocean City MD

    Stomped on the accelerator to accelerate with cold tires and pavement, or more likely, downshifted to accelerate without a throttle blip to match RPM and got a engine compression braking. Driver failed to have control.
  15. H20 GT500 Crash - Ocean City MD

    Rear end broke loose and he lost control. Going too fast.
  16. Battery

    As do most of them these days. The signal to noise ratio is approaching zero.
  17. Team Shelby - Cruise for a Cause

    This topic is two years old. Is this event happening in 2018? Details?
  18. Popping / clunk in front left

    It happened to me too. Dealer lubed up the nylon bushings.
  19. 2006 Heritage Ford GT For Sale

    I've decided to sell the GT. I'd been trying to do it low key for a while, not being real sure, but I've decided to do it. After a near tragic event at the Vegas Ford GT Rally last October I've decided I just can't drive the car in the Las Vegas traffic, and so I've put maybe 50 miles on it this year (since I got the license plates in December). You've all seen pictures of them and it so I'm not going to bother. There are plenty here. Oh I forgot: about 4700 miles. Mods include GT Guys pulley/tune/throttle body kit; 650rwhp 650 tq Ford racing (Borla) muffler Ford Racing short throw shifter Ford Racing transmission cooler 2 x 6-point racing harnesses clear bra cosmetic mods like seat inserts and, polished shifter ball and shifter trim kit. I'll probably throw in my helmet since I don't think I'll use it again. My price is $450K.
  20. 2006 Heritage Ford GT For Sale

    Hmmm, not sure what happened. Edited and repasted the links and now they seem to work.
  21. 2006 Heritage Ford GT For Sale

    This place is typically not a good place to sell something like this but who knows... There isn't a for sale topic for GTs so this will do The car is on consignment at Celebrity Cars in Las Vegas. Price there is very mushy. I'm going to take it back to bone stock before the plates come up and there will be a price reduction. Contact me directly. http://www.celebritycars.com/detail-2006-ford-gt-heritage_edition_-used-17035592.html They did a face book video
  22. School for car designers to hold open house

    Is this the place where they had the reality show that Camilo was on?
  23. David's NEWS ROOM

    Clickbait site. Ever hear of them before?
  24. Major flooding in Boulder County

    Today is the 5th anniversary of the flood. I visited Lyons twice last week to visit with old friends at the local watering holes. Most of those whose homes were not destroyed remain. One of them rebuilt and moved when it became obvious that Lyons was going to change in irrevocable ways (we spent an afternoon and the night with them in Loveland). Another rebuilt the home his mother and he (and now his sister and niece) live in. The house is not flood plain compliant so someone else will have to worry about it. The mother has a reverse mortgage on it so it will be someone else's problem. For the most part, all of those who left town with flood damage have not returned. I just saw an article that said that 27% of the town's current population weren't there when the flood happened. Anyone who left stands virtually no chance of returning. Real estate prices have skyrocketed in the last two years, so those that left with FEMA money to rent/buy a new residence elsewhere, if they intended on returning, have been priced out of the local market. I did get a hair cut this spring before pool season. It got too long to mess with getting tangled in the water.
  25. Major flooding in Boulder County

    Most of Boulder County is under flood watch but the St. Vrain river through Lyons is totally out of its banks. They are describing it as a 500 year flood. We are OK, but our part of town is isolated from the rest of the area. The bridge that goes into town had a foot and half of water over the roadbed at 7:00. The rest of the area around is underwater. The road to the north (towards Estes Park) is flooded out as well. Word was that water was over the top of Longmont Dam (Button Rock Reservior) and that is the source of a lot of our water besides our own watershed of about 4-5 more miles up. The ground is totally saturated. It has rained almost solid for 3 days, our gauge now says we've gotten almost 5.75 inches here since Monday. We are without electricity as of about 8:00AM, I'm on laptop battery and cell phone hot spot. We still have water pressure but since the lines cross the St. Vrain river twice (I believe under the bridges not in the river bed) the fact that we have water pressure may change at any time. We are under a boil order and have water stored in buckets and bathtubs. Here's CNN: http://www.cnn.com/2013/09/12/us/flooding-colorado/?hpt=us_c2 Wish us luck! We are OK but my best friend's house is gone. He argued about having flood insurance, I sure hope he's happy they made him get it.