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  1. 5 speed conversion

    It would destroy the originality which is what will matter most down the road.
  2. Airbag warning light

    First, it seems awfully suspicious that the failure occurred after the replacement. Second, I'd check the warranty since I seem to recall that airbags (safety devices) had a warranty for more than just the 3 year period.
  3. Check engine light

    What was the code? If you don't have a OBDII reader (I recommend a bluetooth reader and the Torque app for Android), then take your car to a parts place like AutoZone and they will read the code for you.
  4. 2007 Shelby GT Wheels and Tires

    It also helps to post the date codes on the tires. Tires have a shelf life and can be dangerous if expired.
  5. 1968 Shelby Cobra

    You might consider changing the title on this and your ad. A "Shelby Cobra" is generally considered to be a 2-seat roadster. This is a Hertz GT350.
  6. I thought the fuel pumps were relay controlled. Look in your owners manual for relay info.
  7. Tire pressue monitor fault

    Every time on every vehicle this has been due to low tire pressure. Did you check? Check when cold. I wish they would tell you which tire is tripping the alarm!
  8. Grizzly vs Cobra......only in Alaska

    If it had been insured by Farmers we would have seen a "and we covered it" commercial. He's lucky there wasn't a lot more damage. I've seen bear car casualties before. You ought to see what happens if it gets trapped inside They tear the tops off 3 yard roll off dumpsters like a tuna can.
  9. Shelby Headquaters Dissapointment

    CSX2000 was bought by Greg Miller but it is now a resident of the Shelby American Collection in Boulder, Colorado. So that "several hundred" (which probably referred to Salt Lake, that museum closed a number of years ago) is more like 800.
  10. SPP Sales

    No more sales
  11. Look for a place that specializes in high end cars like Jag and BMW. They will have the premium body and paint guys. Want a better job look for the place that the Ferrari and McLaren dealers send their cars. Good stripes applied over existing paint is a demanding job. Or send it to the place where JeffJ (from Colorado) sent his.
  12. Take it back. all they have to do is swap tha canister
  13. Airbag Recall Notice

    Wow, a recall from 2008!!!
  14. Terlingua

    That does not look like a Shelby dash badge. The CSM number is a different font than the rest, in fact, a mixed font. It also seems to be reflective/polished where as the Shelby ones (at least on my SGT) were brushed.
  15. Scott Black is Shelby's press guy, but not a frequent visitor. His post is over a year old so don't be surprised if it takes a while to get an answer. To increase your chances you might also ask in the SAAC forum. For some reason this forum "supresses" the word forum in the address so the place is www.S-A-A-C-F-O-R-U-M.com (remove the "-" and keep the upper case SAAC and FORUM.)
  16. 08SGT0360 now lives in Nevada

  17. OCA - Oil Consumption Anonymous

    Hard to say. Noone really knows when the consumption happens. I suspect that it is at higher RPMs, and unless you're on it right away after starting cold the catalytic converter is probably hot so any unburned oil would probably get consumed by the catalytic. This engine is not going to go down well in Ford's history. Note you still can't buy a Voodoo crate engine. I suspect the engine is happiest when operating at high RPMs (just like the 427 sideoilers). In fact, so much so that at least during breakin (and I don't know if the break in instructions say so) that it would be better to operate in a lower gear at higher RPMs. I wonder if part of the deal is to get the engine operating temp up a little bit.
  18. OCA - Oil Consumption Anonymous

  19. David's NEWS ROOM

    It's pretty simple. If you turn on an air conditioner in a sealed room, the room will heat up. Air conditioners (all refrigeration units) produce more heat than the cold they produce. The same rules will of course explain why it takes more energy to charge a battery than the power the battery can produce, and just think about that as it applies to electric vehicles.
  20. David's NEWS ROOM

    I now have 8 patents granted and another 10 maybe that are in limbo (and another variant that just popped up). With the legal team of a very large corporation the average time from my initial application to grant is somewhere around 5 years. I spent many hours on conferences with the patent attorneys. I look around my patent apps every few months as some of them are still in progress. Every patent has a document package that anyone can examine to see what progress is being made and all of the filings and fees associated. Patents are not cheap. The filing and maintenance fees pale in comparison to the billable attorney hours. The last one that issued was almost 10 years from start to finish and actually involved a "patent court" [held entirely within the patent office] that overturned an examiner's rejection that (after lots of more filings, attorney hours and fees) it being granted. My estimate is this particular one cost the company well in excess of 100K. It is unlikely that my grand-uncle who invented and patented a rolling pin could afford to do it today. It is unlikely that "the average Joe" could in fact get a patent in time for any invention to matter. Plus patents are easily worked around. One small change to your patent and they have their own version (and their own patent). Strange because last week the USPTO issued patent # 10,000,000. PS. One large and old company, after working with in house patent group, offered to send me to law school for patent law. I would have become an indentured servant, but the school was many miles away from our home at the time (Boston U) and we had just had our first kid. I kick myself in the a** that I didn't do it.
  21. David's NEWS ROOM

    The laws of physics have not been repealed, in particular, the laws of thermodynamics. On the other hand, the solution would be a perpetual motion machine so keep working on it.
  22. The Lobby

    The half life is decreasing by 1/2 every new one. I think the point is that the owners really don't want this any more. And how is this one different from this one: Both are just places for post whores.
  23. The Lobby

    Why? Isn't this like the fourth or fifth time?
  24. Shelby Historian Jim King passed away

    Our condolances to Jim's family and extended family at SAI. RIP Jim. Jim's tours were the best.
  25. Latest News On The Shelby Movie

    But movie is not based on Baime's book. Book headed to TV. That might be good because if someone like Amazon takes the book and makes an 8-hour limited series it will be complete.