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  1. Forum rules require you to list a price other than "make offer".
  2. A couple of years could see you very broke. Prepare for the law suit.
  3. I don't see any link to the sale in the base Hertz tracking topic...
  4. Sounds like a dealer script - is this a private or dealer sale? There aren't many Ford GT buyers here. Are you on the Ford GT forum ( the forum software here blocks the url, so spelling it out: www <dot> fordgtforum <dot> com). For sale there requires some level of paid membership there but not much more than two listings on eBay but it's probably the clearinghouse for people looking. I assert that most members there aren't buyers, but they know people that know people that are looking... They don't allow dealer posts though.
  5. eBay is pretty good about handling ads with fraudulent claims. As an expert (and having the Shelby reputation at risk) it would certainly be appropriate to contact them about it. I did so on one Cobra ad a number of years ago and it disappeared shortly afterwards.
  6. I doubt that is possible. OK, nothing is impossible, the impossible just takes more money. The interaction of the ABS, traction control, etc would probably require major reprogramming if the differential were changed.
  7. So I guess unless you are 100% in favor of a topic that is mindless drivel and (1) contributes exactly nothing to the Shelby brand that one moderator and heavy contributor and supporter of this topic will that (2) your replies will be deleted. Not all of us support this kind of traffic and were relieved to see it go away and dismayed when it came back. And ignore ignores PEOPLE not TOPICS. Sometime a new Shelby web site will happen and this traffic won't be there. It is already not allowed in the facebook Shelby section, and facebook is built around this kind of nonsense. How about we keep the topic on subject and the forum on the topic of the vendor. If you want to say hello to each other, be a post whore to increase your post count, go somewhere where that kind of traffic is supported, or start your own forum. And leave this place to the subject at hand. Let's see how long this lasts.
  8. The horsepower of the car might at or near the top for a non-exotic,eg Ferrari or other supercars, in a standard rental fleet car. I expect they will get thrashed and more than a few wrecked before they get sold on the retail market.
  9. I have no real allegiance to the factory on batteries. In my case I was locked to an Optima - the Ford GT battery is a rebadged Optima, I wanted Ford but the dealer didn't have one so I just got the Optima equivalent. But in Vegas we go through batteries like some people go through underwear - my new Honda just got two years even parked inside.
  10. Yes and yes. my fird gt did the same thing. the battery was 7 years old but the tender indicated it wasn't topping off. the gt has a factory render that plugs in to the cigarette lighter and the tender held the emissions settings. Keeping one on the battery terminals with all the jostling around seemed problematic, so I'd wrap it on with electrical tape to be sure they don't pop off (or maybe your arrangement is on the screw terminals which may also be loose). Just be careful to keep the positive terminal well insulated so it doesn't short to ground with the tender attached.
  11. Strange, they list the Walmart store we shop at but I haven't seen it since the first time. I guess I'll have to expand my search. I have to go later this afternoon anyway so I'll take a look.
  12. Never saw it anywhere in Colorado and just once here in Vegas, but not for the past 3 or 4 years. I liked it the time I tried it.
  13. Congratulations!!! Sounds like an awesome purchase.
  14. I thought I was the only one that thought almost all of the last few years of performance cars (from everyone) all looked like the mouth of a dead catfish.
  15. I love that color combo. Is it a stock Ford color or a special for Sixt? I've seen their rental location in Vegas. It is across the street from the main rental car complex. Never heard of them before until today.
  16. Shelby American is in the business to build cars. Looks like they are doing that.
  17. Actually, all of them are obtainable at MSRP. That is the only way they are sold. What is unobtainable is the right to get one. The last round of lottery winners is already announced.
  18. I remember the Hitler parody video on the Challenger. Something about you can get an elephant to go fast but you can't get it to turn. Of course it was alot funnier in the video.
  19. The same comparison applies between a GT500 and GT350(R) (of any generation you choose). The GT500 was a straight line car, the GT350R for twisty road tracks. It also applied recently when Ford had both the GT500 and Boss302.
  20. I concur with Steve's comments and will add to them. The typical criticism here on Shelby pricing is that the critic fails to agree with the price:value proposition. I was criticized in 2008 by some friends and coworkers for the same perception of the Shelby GT over just a regular Mustang. The issue boils down to the individual perception of the delta between the base price and the outfitted price. Some people think the 2019 difference is too much. Fine. If you think that the difference of a modern GT-H is enough to justify the purchase of a Ford GT instead, hey, good choice. The same logic kept me out of the New Ford GT - I can't justify 600K+, with some over 750K, for a underperforming car as compared to the competition for less than half the price (yes, the benchmark McLaren 720s wins hands down, for many reasons besides price, most notable is not having to ship the car to Canada for even a medium service event.) Like I said, I think that offering them through the Ford dealer network (like Roush) is a good business move. As you know, one of the preferred NFGT dealers on the other forum had a new GT-H move in less than 10 days. Not bad for a spec car. And, mentioning it on the forum (where many have more money than brains and exhibit the behaviour of spontaneous purchases) didn't matter - it sold to a local buyer so their little bit of focused advertising didn't contribute. The bottom line for Shelby American's new offerings is that they selling all they can make, so while people here aren't buyers, there are plenty of them out there. The lack of buyers in this medium may perhaps be why many announcements happen first elsewhere. PS. Steve, I am horribly addicted to Coffee. And many years ago I started on Starbucks. It didn't take me too long to figure out that it was marginally over priced, but since there is one on every corner, convenient. And also realized that in comparison, the McDonalds coffee is an excellent value proposition, plus it's rich but not bitter (like Starbucks). Now that I'm not out and about I make mine at home, but I still stop for a Starbucks every once in a while.
  21. Some shows allow for-sale cars too.
  22. Some dealers referred to the Shelby GT as a GT350. The GT500 was in the showrooms, and they all remembered the GT350 from the 60s so mistakenly tagged the Shelby GT with the GT350 name.
  23. The Marti reports for the older vehicles contain a lot more information than the new ones. The ones I know that have gotten one for the new cars, with expectations set by the reports for the older vehicles, have been disappointed, mostly because it's not very much info for quite a bit of money.
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