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  1. Doesn’t the Ford GT use the same dial?
  2. That car is gonna be one helluva beast on the street and track. I want one.
  3. 08 and 09 models are identical except for the cool 40th anniversary badging. Neither one is worth more than the other.
  4. That’s not a 2013. It looks like a 2011-2012 model.
  5. The 08-09 KRs are still the best looking modern Mustangs.
  6. https://www.ebay.com/itm/223071413224
  7. I have one just like that somewhere. I’ll have to look for it though.
  8. I have decided to keep them for now. There is a lot cool stuff in these.
  9. Does anyone want to buy mine before they go on eBay?
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