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  1. Outstanding, see I knew when both parties put their respective ego's back in the closets that things would work out. Now the real question is, will Amy show up at the SAAC convention, or will she be hobknobing with the folks in California Mr S2.
  2. Amy, I'm going to respond a bit backwards, you were looking at your profile not mine as I live in NJ and travel between Boston and DC 90% of the time. Las Vegas would be a tough daily commute . Regarding Ron, yes, he is a moderator on many other forums and yes, he has started or produced the computer operating systems for many of them, but this does not make him biased. He rarely takes a side where things get heated up, and he is always a voice of reason, not a voice of venom. Double standards are just that, neither side wins, neither side loses, but both sides suffer terribly. But for one to make copies (per your own post) of posts seems a little overboard to me. I write on these forums, less and less mind you, but I do write on them and never considered what I was writing to be worthy of being copied and filed away for reasons unknown. Kind of scary to think that you must do so, or that you are obsessed in doing so, but then again, I watched a similar issue happen along with certain posts back when you worked for Mattel (I do own roughly 1,500 matchbox cars, give or take a 100 or so here and there ). Of course those were archived by someone else and used against you, so perhaps the justification is in your mind for doing so. Personally, I do not get involved with such political things. In fact the only reason why I spoke up here is because of my lurking here and elsewhere and being able to stay an unbiased and unpolitically motivated forum user. I'll borrow a line from another end user I watch on other forums (I do find it strange he is not here though, maybe he lurks as well), I call it like I see it. Sorry you will not be at SAAC, I could not make Mid Ohio due to business this year, maybe we'll catch up next year at an event or two, you can't miss me with my "I'm a Shelby too" T shirt that my daughter gave me a few years back. I wear it with pride at each event we attend. Until them, I'll be watching from the shadows Mr S2
  3. This is the type of attitude that I was talking about. It's not right, plain and simple for a moderator to be allowed to play such mind games. Again I'll suggest that if you care to play games, and you cannot be unbiased with your statements while holding a position of power on this site, you should step down and no longer be a moderator. Only then can you post the way you do sometimes. By the way, since you chastised me for never speaking about my car, I put 1,500 miles on my 07 this weekend, that's right, 1,500 miles. Mr S2
  4. Jeff, It is the poor attitude of those who moderate here that keeps me from participating. I am not saying that all of the moderators here are doing a bad job. I am however saying that when someone (ie: a regular end user of the forum) posts something, vs when a "moderator" (ie: someone who is not supposed to take sides, nor post with an attitude) posts something it holds a different weight and a different tone and is read differently by the other members and non members alike. In this case your personal attack of my post goes against the terms of use clause of this very forum. Your lack of respect for someone else's differing opinion or view seems to be your Achilles heal. Again if you (and Amy) were a regular (ie: non moderator) and you were making a statement, it would be one thing, but when a moderator (ie: a person with power over others on this forum) types out a response with venom, it's a whole other story. Once more I shall clarify. Ron (ie: computerworks) does not have a malicious bone in his body. He does not post to stir the pot, not here, not anywhere else I have ever seen his posts over the last 7 or so years. To clarify my statement as you pointed out and so personally attacked above, I have read the article in question, but not on this site as it was removed before I could do so again. Now, after you have read my response as I am sure you will, and before you decide to type out another heated and hate filled response, step back and reread your terms of use clause here, and how it is written to keep everyone from personally attacking anyone else, again the word respect is what I am getting at. if a moderator such as yourself cannot respect others, or if this post just up and disappears because it hit to close to home, then you have over stepped your bounds as a man of power on this forum. As far as Amy goes, I have only once said something not in the 100% kind manner, in fact it is that post above where I said it. I hold no ill will for Amy, I was pointing out a viewpoint from someone who usually does not get involved with putting people or their cars down. In fact I asked her is she was going to SAAC with some of the other Team Shelby members, as I'll be there with both my 07 and my 68 GT500 convertible and would love to meet her in person. Once again I shall go back to lurk mode Mr S2 PS: I choose to not brag about my cars, as I do not have to stroke my own ego to know that I made the right choices for myself.
  5. Amy, Did not see the article posted here that you removed so I cannot comment on it, although I have read it and did notice several historically inaccurate statements. As far as Ron is concerned, I lurk on several other sites in which he is either a member or a moderator and can say irrefutably that he is the last person who would either post to stir the pot, or post without having first checked his sources for accuracy. For you to label him as an instigator here, not only as a moderator, but as a corporate member of Shelby Inc is a true disservice. Again I am not taking sides here as I am just a car enthusiast like a large majority of the other late and early model Shelby owners, but I will point out your faults in this case of biased labeling of a long time Shelby owner and true enthusiast (IE: Ron/Computerworks). I've said my piece, will go back in to lurk mode once again. Sincerely, Mr S2 PS: Are you planning on going to the SAAC event in NJ this August with the rest of the Team Shelby group? Would like to have the opportunity to meet you one day as I like to put faces to names.
  6. I read on another cobra replica forum about these guys, especially Lubinski. Watch your wallets and your women on this one :jackinbox: MrS2
  7. Mr Excaliber, how do we know it was not Mr brock that exagerated things way back then? Mr S.
  8. And here I thought I was banned from lurking the past few days
  9. Hey maybe it's not THE Shelby name but mine instead :fool: Mr S.
  10. Personally I could care less about what is being said verses what is being offered. The poster is cool, plus, it's signed. If the seller wants to rant let him if I can get the post cheap because of it so be it. of course I wonder what a post like that would be worth signed by TWO guys with the last name Shelby Maybe turn it around and put it right back on Ebay for a bigger profit Mr S.
  11. computerworks, again I've followed your posts both here and on several other web sites you seem to be level headed and unbiased, I personally appreciate your input and responses here. What you write above makes sense to me. Plus, since this site is owned and operated by a corporate interest with ties to SAI and run as such, it would not be a smart idea for Amy or the moderators here to tolerate such issues. of course while I agree with what they are doing, it does smack of not allowing free speech to come in to play. Not knocking anyone as I do realize this is a private run but open to the general public forum and web site, so the rules in effect must be followed or you could be . Mr S.
  12. The problem as I see it is that SAAC did not have a contract in the beginning and that CS was thrilled that they would choose to create a club to immortalize him. Along the way I'm sure egos got bruised, bent, burned, but I do see that it was not until several years back when the prices of the Shelby marque cars started going up that CS got involved again. Spin it any way you like but the foray back into the world of building continuation series cars had to have been based on the almighty dollar, otherwise as CS had stated long in the past, he was amazed that anyone would want one of these "clapped out race cars". If you do a search of the web, youtube and such, you'll find where he states all of it, his own words out of his own mouth, so do not take my word on it but look it up for yourself, then try to rationalize what has happened to our hobby in the last 3-6 months. Mr S.
  13. Boy, some of you people really have an ax to grind. From what I've read in the publications, it seems to be more of a he said she said ediction with people such as us not knowing the whole story from either side. My only suggestion is to sit back and let the lawyers work things out as members of both Saac and Team Shelby are not doing the hobby any good with all of this innuendo and blatant misinformation. Mr S.
  14. Coldwater, Once more you start off on the right foot but right in the middle, now in red you go right back to that same rude and obnoxious attitude towards a new forum member. Maybe it is just the way I am reading it but it seems to me like once more I need to prove myself to you and the mods. Not a great way to add a member to your ranks is it. Look at it from my perspective and you will see just how badly your posts are, especially the ones aimed directly at me. Do I support SAAC, sure I do, do I support TS, sure I do as it is not about the people, but about the cars that gets me going. Late model or early young or old, it makes no difference to me because I am one of those car people who sets aside the politics and tries to cohabitate with all of the other car people. Answer me this, are you a car person too? If so, then why should you worry or care about what one corporation and to do with another corporation? Why can't you just let the lawyers sort it out and leave the real enthusiasts to enjoy their cars? Think about it before you type up a retort. Mr S.
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