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  1. The car idling and very light revs since my neighbors just recently left a note on my door with the noise rules of our neighborhood. lol Ok heres alittle update on the build. Been away for awhile. The car is running good. Drove it around alittle on the break in tune, but monday it goes back for the e85 tune and nitrous.
  2. Next week. Has to get a gas tune and driven alittle bit so the rings will seat then the e85 tune will be done. So hopefully Friday.
  3. I went to Gearheads all day yesterday and got the cobra a ported supercharger and heard my baby start. The video doesn't do it justice guys. This thing sounds like a top fuel drag car. It has no tune on it so that's why it couldn't idle and also it was a cold start.
  4. Could u not drop it off there and leave it then pick it up after he's done dynoing?? And that's ur wife?? Ur a lucky man sir!!
  5. Yea Ken?? Where's the dyno video?? And who's the chick in ur sig?? Holy crap!! Lol.
  6. Ok the car is at the shop!! i should have the numbers by acouple of weeks!!
  7. Ok pretty much everything is done!! The tow truck is coming thursday..
  8. Ok guys just got back from gearheads and decided i am going with them for the tuning and install. I was talking to travis and he really impressed me with his knowledge of our cars and his 2010 twin turbo e85 mustang he was building. He talked me into doing a return style fuel system with triple pumps and not to do the tru trac locking diff and just put some carbon clutches on the stock diff and it should hold just fine!! So she is going to be shipped to gear heads in prolly 3 days!!!
  9. Ok guys Im pretty much wrapping up this build!! I got 99% of the sensors back in only one left is the TPS sensor that i have to solder back together. and I have the covers, fan, overflow tank and intercooler tank on. Only problem i hit so far is i broke the fuel presser sensor screw off into the fuel rail so monday im going to drill that sucker out and helicoil it. after that ill put on the intake and ship her to HPP for the final parts (guages installed, 3.73 installed, detroit locker installed) and to get dyno'ed. Ill be done with her by wednesdsay by the latest so hopefully ill be about to post numbers in acouple of weeks!! Here's some pics i took tonight!!
  10. Ok the driveshaft is bolted up and also just got done with the bmr sway bar delete!! Heres basically what it deletes and i can tell how much lighter this thing is compared to the stock one!!
  11. Okay the fuel system is done (fuel rails, injectors, sensors, etc) I'm waiting on my BMR swaybar delete and i ordered the wrong spark plugs aparently MMR sent me the redesigned head that uses different threaded spark plugs, so i'm exchanging my brisk plugs for the ford racing HT0's. thats the only good plug i have found for the new head!! also my 3.73 gears came in and now that i think about it with how wild my cams are i prolly should of went with 4.10's so might be exchanging them too.. Hopefully car will be shipped off to HPP in acouple of weeks!!
  12. just ordered the brisk!! and ill tell you if there are good or not blue one!! thx
  13. lmao!! that the exact same thread i was looking at when i was like oh shit i need some good spark plugs!! lol
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