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  1. I went to Las Vegas in October 2017 and went on their factory tour, I was extremely disappointed with the tour due to the fact they didn't even mention the Shelby GT once yet I had to hear about the GLH dodge. Finally we went out in the Shop area and there was a sign as big as a house and yet not one mention of the SGT, Finally I yapped in to the tour guide, I said :"look you have a sign as big as a house and yet you haven't mentioned the Shelby Gt once! Finally he appeased me and gave me the story, but doubt he would have if I didn't scream for it. The gift shop was another disappointment, NOT 1 Shelby GT shirt was to be found, not 1 hat , I did find the Snake associated with our cars but it just said Shelby. Im sick of this shit! They made a legitimate car there at Shelby and they need to actually make it part of Shelby!
  2. i also have the Certificate of Authenticity for both CSM numbers and the same VIN#
  3. I ordered a set for my SGT, only in all white, I will stripe it to match. I haven't seen anyone or this combo done yet though so it should be stand out!
  4. bought some power by ford badges today! now i'll have aspare set and prevent a clone!

  5. My divorce was ongoing for about 2 yrs, We were so close that she never came over for that amount of time. I bought my Shelby Gt in December 07 and she never even knew about it In our property stipulation we wrote it up as property was already split, I had a list of my other cars and toys and just happened to slide in 07 Ford vehicle into the mix. Boy will she be surprised when she sees me pull up in the Shelby !! :happy feet: :jackinbox: It is all law now, Nothing can change it !! I promise myself and all on this forum, that if i ever get married again, i promise to spend just as much on lawyer fees to get married as it cost to get divorced. Not that there is a lot of value to marriage anyways. For $30.00 they let anyone get married these days .( especially in Iowa) Chalk it up Boys we won!!! I'm buyin the beer!!
  6. That was what i was thinking !! If you know someone with a lathe, They could spin you an adapter. This is still on my to do list
  7. Hey all, sorry for my absence, but ive been busy Due to Locomotive engineer training, Divorce, Drag car and new golf car. Now that everything has settled down, i plan to spend a little more time on this site. Mark one up for the boys !! I got to keep my house, my toys, and came out well. I'll never sign up with the law again!! The Drag car, my dad built. It is capable of a low 8 ET. It is a new car still in testing. we kept our 351 dart block and got new un-restricted Yates heads and we moved to Alcohol for fuel this year. (this car scares me!!) I will let everyone know how we do once we get her dialed in The Golf car, I stole on Craigslist. It is an 05 Club car Precedent. Mods: silver le mans stripes, rocker stripes, headlight/taililight kit, rear passenger fold down seat, carbon fiber dash , and grant gt steering wheel and chrome column cover, and heavy duty leaf springs. We plan to use this car at the track, from pits to staging. Have a great day !!
  8. On December 1 07 I took delivery of 07sgt4648. a beautiful performance white Shelby GT. Due to snow and ice, my dad drove up to the dealership with his enclosed trailer. We dropped the the door into the dealership. thats where i took my first test drive (about 30 Feet) onto the trailer. Once i got her home and the garage door was shut. i went in the house, and then about thirty seconds later, opened the door to the garage and turned on the light. The exact words that came out of my mouth were "Hello Dolly"!! So i guess i technically named my car that day. her name is Dolly
  9. "OH my God" who's responsible for passing gay marriage in Iowa? Now my cabinet is all eyeballing each other. Get me that damn Chet Culver on the line!!!
  10. I must admit , i was exited when i saw this thread on the new posts. :happy feet: Only to be dissapointed, someone brought it back from the dead. I dont think this is in the making anymore. maybe we should just bury it for good.
  11. Very nice. That would look great in the garage or a special Shelby room in your house. nicely done !!
  12. The Black, The Black, of course another biased opinion. These CS69 wheels look great PERIOD. I recommend because they do give that nostalgic look of the magnum500 , and they are easy to clean. I think i was one of the first to put on black CS69 on a white SGT, and it was a great decision, ive never looked back, and am 100% positive it was the right decision. Good luck on your choice Ryan
  13. Im an arse man too, but i would probably have to put the arse on this car through a workout and get her back in shape !
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